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  1. Thanks! I was afraid I would need to quit buying Artisan Guild files.
  2. There are several variations. Some cover them in almonds others make an open top / lattice top. I now took out a christmas style recipe and added orange zest and juice mixed with ricotta and egg whites and sugar on top of the apples. It's cooling off as we speak. Since it's 22:30 hours over here, we will have it tomorrow evening with our coffee. So you'll have to wait for the review
  3. Question. Artisan Guild is changing to Lynchee Files. I need to work in Chitubox, they say you can convert Lynchee Files into Chitubox files. Does this mean I need to download another program for it? Or can I do this with Chitubox or Windows 3D builder? ( those I have)
  4. I succesfully changed the FEP twice now with the help of a Youtube video. LCD screen will have to be changed in the future, I hope it will last a while, but it is a consumable. There are vids on that subject as well. I think the most important thing will be the storage space. Keep in mind that if you buy stuff on Myminifactory these will be stored in your library there ( create an account!) so you can download them any time. For other files you will need to store them and if you start collecting it can get a lot pretty quick. I think you will be fine with a cheaper laptop as long as it meets the requirements for chitubox and an external HD of 1 TB at least.
  5. I wanted the Marilith very badly and the Succubus and Valkyrie, those alone are worth it. Also love the wolves, tha angels and the bounty hunter. This month there will be a Little Red Riding Hood and a Female 40K Dark Elf, they look great. But I will probably drop it after that. Subscribed! Thanks for the info! I can use a nice gypsy girl!
  6. I'm non tech! Bought an Elegoo Mars Resin printer, it's almost plug and play to set up and get it working. There are a lot youtube videos out there about how to level it, maintenance and how you should place and remove supports, clean etc. As for your laptop/PC , you can download Chitubox for free. That's the program you will prepare your models in before printing. You can already download that and get some free STL files from several sites. That way you can see if it all works. You will need some storage place though, when you start printing you will find yourself buying and collecting files pretty soon. So a reasonable hard drive or an external hard drive will be mandatory.
  7. Awesome! I have that pack as well for my Shifting Sands project, this is inspiring! Great job!
  8. I like that! The longbow wasn't feared for nothing!
  9. Awesome! WOOF APPROVES! These look great, the pose of the dynamic one is awesome but I think the sitting dog has the best lava effect.
  10. I'm experimenting, using ricotta and oranges with eggwhites on top. Thx. He's doing better. More about it here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82521-brutus-the-boxer-glitterwolfs-pet/page/14/#comments Good luck with the surgery on Dixie!!! I will be crossing my fingers for you!
  11. I'm almost done working, I think I'm going to bake an apple pie after dinner. Just need to do something fun.
  12. I rarely follow any. At the moment I watch the youtube channels about 3D printing like 3D printingpro and the likes of that, I already notice that I'm watching those less now I feel that I understand what I need to do in Chitubox etc.
  13. Sorry, more story.. ************** A Succesful wish? Another day passed and Zafira looked at Suleiman who was now trapped inside the treasure room with her. We should try again, she said. Suleiman agreed, just think hard and discuss it with me before actually wishing, we don't want to starve in here, I really would like some kebab by now. They both thought about their situation and how to formulate a wish in such a matter the Djinn wouldn't trick them again. How about this? Zafira asked and told Suleiman what she wanted to wish for. Suleiman repeated the words and thought about it, I think it might work, just don't alter it. So we agree? Zafira asked? I'm going to wish for us to be back in your study, alive, healthy and safe? Sounds good to me Suleiman said. Zafira rubbed the lamp. YOUR WISH MISTRESS??? The Djinn asked with a faint smile. I wish that Suleiman and me are back in his studyroom at the palace, healthy, alive and safe, and with the most valuable piece of treasure from this room! Suleiman uttered, I told you not to alter anything. WISH GRANTED!!!! The Djinn said. A purple cloud engulfed them, they felt a strange sensation, and then the cloud dissolved. See? Zafira gloated, we're back and nothing bad happened! Suleiman looked around. We're back safe and sound that's true, but ehhh... But what? Zafira asked. How are we going to move THAT? Suleiman asked, pointing at the large golden statue blocking the door. Obviously worth a fortune but weighing a ton. Now we're trapped in my study you greedy little brat ! He yelled at Zafira. *************************************
  14. I like the new fairy folk, I can imagine all sorts of shenanigans.
  15. WOOF APPROVES! https://www.kathmanduandbeyond.com/kukur-tihar-nepalese-festival-celebrates-mans-best-friend/ In 2020 November 14th!
  16. I was born and raised in the city Rotterdam. Here is a piece of History, they managed to colour a film of the harbour in 1925. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v-6WufXQ7M&feature=emb_logo No idea where this is, found it on the internet, but as you can see, Hedge Dragons do exist! While taking a boat trip these poor people didn't notice Kaladrax swimming underneath...
  17. He's eating a little more now. Drinks well enough. Still sleeps a lot.
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