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  1. 16 minutes ago, BananeDC said:

    Thaks Glitterwolf !

    Are you serious concerning the Succubi ???


    I have no problem with them personally, it's just forum rules.

    If a mini shows nudity ( usually meaning the upper female parts and the lower parts for all genders) you have to link those pics instead of posting them direct

    I use Postimg, others use Imgur or Photobucket.

    If not, a Mod will remove the post eventually.



  2. 11 hours ago, Colonel Kane said:

    Here is the face of a diva. Won grand champion and now wants a carrot.





    The Diva looks very delicious charming!




    7 hours ago, Colonel Kane said:

    Pardon, it has been a long two days, I am tired and upset. I do not understand the question. I do apologize.


    Try to relax for a moment, it sounds like you need it.




    19 minutes ago, OneBoot said:

    Is there some kind of universal law that smoke detectors inevitably wait to have problems until after the sun's gone down? 


    Ours started chirping around 10:30pm. No problem I says, got another 9 volt right here, quick change and it's good, right? 




    About 10 mins later, starts chirping again. This time as I'm digging out a second battery (from an unopened pack this time), I notice it's not doing a normal single chirp, it's doing them in groups of 3. Weird, but whatever.


    (make a note of that, because it'll be important later)


    Second new battery in, maybe I need to reset it? I hold down the button, it chirps once and the light turns green. No more chirps. Fantastic. 


    15 mins later, I'm grumbling my way to the car to head over to the closest 24 hour grocery store and get a brand new battery, because the stupid thing won't shut up, even after I did a quick alarm test (sorry upstairs neighbors :unsure:) to see if that fixed it. 


    Battery acquired (also chocolate because I can tell I'm probably gonna need it), get home, shove it in the thingy. Glare at it for awhile promising certain death if it makes another sound. 


    Peace and quiet at last. 


    ...For about 30 minutes. 




    I finally turn to the internet, which informs me that 3 chirps means the detector has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. 




    I call the apartment's 24 hour maintenance line, and the gal that answers informs me that she'll let maintenance know. I say great, will it get fixed tonight or probably not until morning? She says it's not an emergency, so probably not until morning. I wait until after I hang up to scream (into a pillow) because it's not her fault our smoke detector has been possessed by malevolent spirits. 


    I send MrBoot to bed with earplugs, since he's coming down with a cold and needs sleep, while I try to find a way to muffle the evil thing. I finally grab one of our compression-style curtain rods, hold a folded towel over the little monster and tighten the rod into place.


    Except I didn't see that I was tightening it right over the test button and end up setting the blasted thing off again, right next to my head, and consequently my poor defenseless ears. 


    After frantically flailing the demon spawn off again (and adding another mental apology to the neighbors), I finally manage to arrange the rod and towel so the periodic chirping is at least a bit muffled. I then angry-munch through my snickers bar while I type it all up here and wait for the ringing in my ears to subside, because it was either that or take a baseball bat to the horrible little thing. 


    (in the background) *chirp! chirp! chirp!*


    ...it's gonna be a long night. <_<



    --OneBoot :D 



    Over here in the Netherlands these things behave just the same.

    I have had some nights where I was fighting with one of these stupid detectors, in our case it's the battery that needs to be replaced and the darn thing starts warning the entire neighbourhood.

    Usually when everybody is sound asleep and has to get up within three hours..



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  3. 2 hours ago, Corsair said:

    What a beautiful hike!


    Leave dem sheeps alone, you big, bad wolf!



    It was about lunchtime when we met them :devil:


    2 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I was going to playfully say, with how many "sheep" there are, it almost feels like a classic James Popsys video.... 


    Except a number of those are goats, aren't they?  Horned things that pester you if you don't have food... 


    Those other ones were big goats yes.

    Goats taste good as well, Indonesian Satey Kambing...hmmmmm

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  4. With the upcoming Bones V hereby my wishlist.


    • Anubi warriors , standard bearer, musician.
    • Mummy Warriors with halberds and shields.
    • General horses, wolves, boars, raptors, without riders.
    • Riders without mounts from different races.
    • Undead from different races.
    • Civilians from different races.
    • Carts, chariots, cannons, catapults, battering rams, siege towers.
    • Huts and tents
    • Megafauna ( Woolly Rhino, Cave Bears, Dire Stag, Glyptodon)
    • Sharks, Dolphins, Seals, Walrus, Whales etc.
    • Corpses and cadavers
    • Giant Insects, like beetles, wasps, ants etc think the size of the current giant scorpion.
    • Meso American warriors
    • Conquistadores
    • Fantasy Medieval Asian style warriors, samurai, ninja, oni, qualong warriors.
    • Mythological creatures from Asian, Middle Eastern , Meso American and African cultures.
    • More Animals from all sorts, domesticated and wild.
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