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  1. 2 hours ago, Venun said:

    Hi guys :) I've been painting for about 1,5 years atm, but basing is something I haven't properly done so far yet.

    I've usually smeared some texture paint on the base, covered it in a drybrush and called it done.


    I'm experimenting with new options atm, recently done a Magma base according to a youtube vid, which turned out good.

    However, I'm seeing many vids and many bases here with add on material. I'm guessing it's cork?

    Something to create the rocks you see them standing on, or the carpet under their feet, or the pitfall trap they're leaning on, any of this.


    What material is this? What material do you guys use to create your bases, and where do you get it from?

    If I search for hobby cork I just get this incredibly thin stuff used to make wallets and such out of.. not what I'm after :)


    Thanks ahead for your advices!



    One can use many things to make bases.


    • Thin cork sheets, stack pieces till satisfied, glue with PVA, add flock/paint/sand etc,.
    • Use green stuff/milliput/clay and apply a motif with a basing stamp or a roller pin
    • Apply PVA ( Houtlijm) and  apply any sort of flock. I even use tea sometimes.
    • Ready made resin bases.
    • Use special effect pastes, like AK Interactive or Vallejo terrain effects, Mud, Lava, Desert etc.

    If you look at my Lost World Thread, the last few pages I'm building a base for my Komodo Dragon, starting with cork, then Vallejo Desert Sand Paste and more..

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  2. 3 hours ago, TGP said:

    Question for:

    May 23rd ~ Do you use online (or computer based) random generator 

    scripts, programs, or apps to help build your RPG campaigns?  If you do, which ones?




    I don't play those.

    But I sometimes visit sites to see what silly werewolf/vampire/insert game character name I could get.

    When I play a PC RPG I always come up with a name myself.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Garbosch said:

    Often I have not enough time to give adive or critique in detail and so I left a Like. And from me I think other have the same problem with the time and they do also. But they have noticed or looked at my work and for me this is like money for the soul ::): Honey for the soul is when they left some kind words. I think both modes are important to raise or increase the motivation. Vhaidra has right, no feedback is really a problem. We both came from a board, where you can stand on your head and shuffle your feets, no feedback at all.


    @SisterMaryNapalm the next one is still white. That's what I mean with not enough time ::): I hope for the weekend to give him a few paints.


    All in all, it's a great Birthday Present, especially on that display base!

    Looking forward to see the rest painted.

    Good luck!


    @vhaidra I think you tried to summon me and sistermarynapalm. First type @ start typing the name and pay attention to the little pop up screen that will come with some names that look like that.

    Click on the name in that pop screen you want!

    The summoning name will turn up in a RED field.

    Only then you have summoned/mentioned someone succesfully. 




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  4. 27 minutes ago, vhaidra said:



    @Glitterwolf and SisterMaryNapalm: I really cannot imagine that one of you both really meant it as bad as it sounds. Seems there is a little bit tension in the air today. Best you shake hands and ignore the bad vibes. I see you both have got a different approaches when it comes to giving feedback and I find both ways of giving feedback constructive. This is the main thing which counts. We are all different and so we all have our own way to react onto things and to give feedback, as long as no one gets hurt and as long as feedback is constructive any way of giving feedback is cool. In other forums there is the problem that no one gives feedback at all: This is a problem!






    I apologize, I have had a huge headache today and have misread it.

    Please forget it.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, NebulousMissy said:

    Good news from yesterday. Amazingly good news.


    For those who remember the guy at my work who had the heart attack, who I had to do CPR on while most everyone else just watched...


    He's back at work. And he's still himself, with the addition of some stents. His memory of the event is missing but he's lost nothing else.


    That's great!

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Corsair said:

    That would be kind, thoughtful and the gentlemanly to do.....


    but it IS Pezler, so .......


    To those of you who haven't seen this or aren't sure what @vegascat and I mean..

    Poor @Pezler the Polychromatic...


    In those days my forumname was Xherman1964, Vegascat and me had an adventure....



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