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  1. Or the name of a Gothic Metal Band. As long as those were in the pre-stage it should be fine. You will need a follow up in a few years probably, prevention and all which is a good thing. I'm in the same boat, got a polyp removed in 2012, therefore another colonoscopy in 2018, removed a tiny polyp ( all innocent enough) so in a few years again. If nothing is found by then we can stop doing this. It's better to be vigilant and get these things removed before they can do real harm. Take care!
  2. Welcome to the forum! Good job on these, my first minis didn't look that good! Keep painting, read tips, look at youtube vids on the subject etc, ask for help and advice here when needed. Most important of all : HAVE FUN!
  3. Question 20 Feb. For those who use 3D Printers: Do you prefer Filament or Resin Printers? For those who don't, Which putty/clay etc, do you prefer for sculpting and/or texturing bases/terrain?
  4. Welcome to the Forum! How about these? Reaper Bronze Skin Triad,
  5. Another bunch of legal documents discussed, Notary will do the paperwork and then we can sign them. After I paid the bill of course.
  6. Wonderful! Great conversion/sculpt and the paint job is spot on!
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