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  1. I get that! If you ever want to try it, test it first on a simple base with some rocks that won't be a bother if it fails. Youtube is your friend here, watch topics about it.
  2. Greenstuffworld has this UV resin in a bottle ( small and medium) it's clear, you pour it after sealing the base. All you need to do is put in Sunlight for about 40 minutes or under an UV light and it hardens. No danger of overheating or anything. Maybe you could do a shallow pour of that to emulate ebb
  3. A few parts that I can use for other purposes, nothing more. I guess it spent all of it's loot on that fancy electricity.
  4. As for the leakage. Many people in the neighbourhood had the same problem. Flat roof and a clogged drainpipe. We were taken by surprise by the thunderstorm. They told me it's no use to repair something, because there is nothing to repair. Just make sure to keep those drainpipes clean. Lessons learned. My Brainweasels tell me it will happen every rainfall of course. Should that happen while the drains are clear than I will call the roofers. Seriously, I hurt my right hand pretty bad. Lots of minor cuts, cleaned those, but it feels as if my hand doesn't belong to my body at this point. I might have gone on for too long, wanted it to be done today, so I kept going from 9:00 hours till 20:30 hours Tomorrow rest day, friends are coming over, then Sunday/Monday I will cut down some shrubs/small tree and remove some stones so the carpenter can build the new Gazebo. Now hoping he actually shows up, he's been postponing a few times. I've made clear that I'm not amused by it.
  5. Behind the wood and the grey package on the lower left is the actual canvas roof. If all goes well there will be a new non-mimic Gazebo soon.
  6. First Notifications. Then Show Off and from there I work my way down.
  7. Patreon for about $10/€ 10 gives you a monthly set and the first month the welcome pack. A physical mini or two will be all you get for that money. And when you pay attention to the sales on MyMiniFactory you can get real bargains. For example Artisan Guild is going to add these to the welcome pack as soon as they reach 7000 patreons and the parrot at 6700! The welcome pack alone is already huge with 3 trolls, a pack donkey, 3 gargoyles, a bust, a campsite, a watchtower and pallisades and some smaller stuff. Can't wait for that parrot!!! 6664 backer at this point.
  8. WOOF's Log. TOP SECRET Date August 14 2020 OPERATION GAZEBO Operative: Glitterwolf. It is done! The battle was bloody and at one point I just knew I wasn't going to make it, luckily Agent Brutus distracted the Gazebo for a second by barking at it, I immediately struck with a sledgehammer. Screaming in agony the Gazebo died. I did it! I was victorious! My hands are full of blisters and wounds, I'm exhausted but the vile thing is down! Here is the spot where it used to stand. And below that the grisly remains of the enemy. Don't look if you're too sensitive, I could barely look at it.
  9. Wonderful! Especially considering the lower quality of this sculpt.
  10. Looks great! Nice to see some unusual vehicles.
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