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  1. I wouldn't count on it. It has been asked before, answer was usually pretty vague. I guess we will have to pay customs and VAT since it will now be sent from a Non EU country. I had hoped Reaper would have thought about it, Brexit has been looming for quite a time now. I love Reaper, but this makes the UK Hub pretty worthless to EU customers now.
  2. To make sure nobody eats it ever again? DOG MEAT! Hrmph...it was pointed out by our Royal Griffin @TGP that the intention is to destroy the source so nobody can eat it again. Therefore I add a loophole, when a doggy passes away the body is cremated. Nobody will eat dog meat again! No living dogs will be harmed! Should this not be allowed, then my choice is CHICORY! That stuff makes me barf.
  3. Awesome! Great conversion and well done1
  4. Castnplay offers a free Moose at Gumroad.
  5. Great dog! WOOF APPROVES!!! As for the base, it's fine, but you can always use some smaller rocks/flock or even water and it will be very versatile.
  6. I like him! That pose, he's on a mission! Determined, walking through the woods, he MUST get there in time, things need to be done! He looks great!
  7. I heard. Sad. 65, way too young.
  8. In the bar above your post, you'll find this. Click on it and the spoiler will be inserted into your post. No open it and paste what you want to hide inside it.
  9. EPIC is throwing in Amazones! AAAAARRROOOOO!!!!
  10. I can recreate most foods I eat in a restaurant at home after having tasted ad smelled it ( exception star chef's dishes) I'm very friendly and not too big, but I can take someone out in seconds if necessary. I love to ride fast vehicles to the max, the faster the better.
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