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  1. That's one amazing shield! Also love the facial expression.
  2. Thank you, and sorry for disturbing your afterlife plans😁
  3. I always print at an angle. In this case the presupported version and I checked for islands and added a few medium supports as well That is not the issue I actually cleaned/emptied the VAT between the walrus and that base, both got gaps. The FEP does have some cloudy spots, I have cleaned the LCD. Maybe it might help. Not home now, will be back wednesday.
  4. Great job! Slaanesh vibe from those colours, wonderful, my favorites Chaos Gods are Slaanesh and Nurgle.
  5. I like EPIC, having lots of their stuff indeed for the more rare types of minis, as for quality I really love Artisan Guild, ArchVillain Games and Lost Kingdom. But there so many good ones out there, OnePageRules got me a lot of Egyptian and Lizardmen stuff for ridicilous prices ( 70% off for patreons), the Lord of the Print and MiniMonsterMayhem stuff is super although some models are really big and may need cutting. I always hop from one to another, collecting is a part of the hobby for me. Thing I like most about the 3D Patreons are the awesome poses and rare creatures that they come up with. Stuff like the Pyramid Golem from AVG or the Fairy Dragon from EPIC, the Rakshasa from AG etc etc.. But I also still love the physical stuff from Reaper and old Grenadier/Ral Partha.
  6. Thank you both! It was sitting on my desk half painted for a long time, finally got the inspiration to finish it, glad you like it.
  7. Happy Birthday @Maredudd! Have a great day!
  8. I haven't printed this base before, but I had the same problem with a few other minis. Foggy parts on the FEP..Yes! I will change it. I usually only do that when it seems to be ( almost) damaged). I also noticed that my LCD screen had some dust/specs on it, cleaning it. I haven't time now to fix it, going on a small vacation for a few days, will tackle this when I get back. By the Tank Clean.. you mean I should remove the tank and have the machine "print" without the VAT /Resin? But won't the build plate then hit my LCD screen and damage it?
  9. Thanks! These sculpts are both from Werner Klocke, Freebooter minis, they complement each other well I think.
  10. I need your help people.. As some of you may have noticed I had some gaps in some of my prints. I figured it had something to do with using too hot water to clean. Turns out it doesn't. Today I printed a 75mm square base and it came out like this, with several gaps. All before cleaning or removing supports. In hindsight, my human sized minis all turn out great, the bigger minis/bases that need a printing time over 7 hours all had some gaps. I can repair it but what causes this? I did level the printer before printing this base, I have tested the LCD screen a few times which gives perfect squares every time. I print on a Basic Elegoo Mars using Elegoo Grey Resin. Here are my settings and a pic of the base. If anyone can give me some pointers what causes this and how to fix this I will be most grateful You will become an honororay member of WOOF if you fix this,..
  11. @Pegazus Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys, hope all goes well! Tomorrow my girl and me will go on a small vacation, we're going to a hotel in Zeeland ( Don't worry still in the Netherlands) for a few days and go see the beach etc. Oldest Vixen will babysit Brutus or vice versa. I worked on some projects today and finally finished this piece. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99052-love-is-eternal-by-glitterwolf/
  12. Thank you, glad you like it I can understand noticing the mask later, I painted it gold and nothing more, didn't want to distract too much from her face.
  13. Small progress on the Forest Witch and bases. Finished the Side project Love is Eternal. SHOW OFF HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99052-love-is-eternal-by-glitterwolf/
  14. I started this little side project in my Children of the Night WIP. Models are from Freebooter Miniatures ( Werne Klocke) the Crypt is from Minimonsters, Gravestone is from Greenstuffworld, the stairs are made of foam. WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/ ********************* Ahhh Love... When you find the right person it's forever. And by that I mean FOREVER!!!! Here's Mr. Mort, He's found his eternal love, and every year on the day they met he brings her a rose and ask her to be his girl once again. Her beautiful blond hair, her lovely smile, how could he resist? And every year, she plays along, holding him off for a short while and then agrees to be his girl, forever and ever. *********************
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