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  1. Right spent a large part of the day fighting my laptop. Had to reinstall windows, it has problems starting. It's slower than before all of a sudden after a crash this afternoon. Resetted it to factory settings while keeping my files...it works but I fear it might be a sign. 8yrs old.. I know quite the run but still...hope I can keep it working for a little longer. Just reinstalled firefox, mail, onedrive and some other stuff, more tomorrow.. I did manage dinner though, steak kebabs, veggies in tomatosauce and herbs, fresh applesauce with cinnamon and a potatoe from the oven with yoghurt
  2. As for rules. You take out of the box what you want. Then put in stuff of roughly the same value/ amount. There is no rule for brands/companies it should of course be mini related, fantasy, scifi,ateampunk even historical or terrain pieces and scenic bases. There is no separate mainland group. I sent a box out last year, it's now whit Kuroneko, Brexit stuff makes things harder. I won't participate anymore, I actually put a lot in the box I don't need anymore and I already have too much stuff, especially now I'm printing minis also. All I can say is that these boxes are us
  3. Thx, I hope you're having a great time as well.
  4. ON MyMiniFactory CastNPlay does a Scifi KS You can download a sample Space Marine on the page.
  5. Happy Birthday @Tone! Have a great day!
  6. MMM is going to do Yuan-Ti for July as well.
  7. Wow those look pretty good! AVG did a cool video, Spot the Reaper Miniatures in this Terrain Piece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b29bItTwt_k&feature=youtu.be#thumbnail
  8. I would not try that, resin becomes liquid so it will take little to creep between the tape and the FEP, if that happens and it hardens, it might cause damage with the next time you print and it gets squeezed onto the screen. I will replace a FEP, always keep spares, if you don't, order some and be patient. Damaging the screen is worse than having to wait a while for a new FEP.
  9. That looks promising! Heroes Infinite will do Silver Knights/Paladin types for next month, no concept art or renders yet.
  10. Happy Birthday @BlazingTornado !
  11. Tell him his he's too late..every...single...time...
  12. My girl and me went shopping and ordered a new dining table, delivery in 3 months! Lunch was had, finally we're able to visit a lunchroom again.
  13. Can't see that. Wow... You made his day with that, sometimes things happen for a reason I think. A little light in the darkness.
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