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  1. @Evilhalfling my sympathies! Cherish the memories and take some time to mourn. @ShadowRaven Take it easy, hope you'll be fine soon. @sumbloke I hope you'll be alright! Now for my battle with a leaking canopy, I'm losing the battle. I have found two spots that seemed to be the cause. The one on the corner is now sealed with rubber sealant and that one works, no more problems there. But the one at the middle window is still a problem. I removed all the old rubber/sealant and applied new rubber sealant, at first it
  2. Happy Birthday @Rhydur Meith! Have a great day!
  3. Answering this question.... Hey! I just did!
  4. I must say I don't get it either, looks good so far.
  5. WOOF approves! Even Undead Dogs need their walkies! Well done!
  6. I wish you well and hope it will all be just a common cold and over quickly. Sending good vibes to you!
  7. Looks good! I always imagined him to be a Chaos Warrior, but he could easily be an Orc or even a Vampire?
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