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  1. Great work on all! I love the Fungal Queen!
  2. More Aztecs...I know, Gorillas aren't supposed to be in the Americas, but I decided Rule of Cool! It's Fantasy after all.
  3. I do. We have several good ones in the Netherlands and I love to participate when watching them. I do well on History, Nature, Music, Cooking and most General Knowledge/Trivia
  4. JUNE: The roof of my office/hobby room/Brutus's lair will be done. Car needs a tire change and a check up. I need to make an appointment for the 5 year check on my colon. I hope to paint more.
  5. Seems I forgot to mention that I got this a while ago: Which brings me to this month's release I'll add as well.
  6. Happy Birthday @Joshinminn ! Have a great day!
  7. Happy Birthday @Auberon ! Have a great day!
  8. Great army! You might want to take a look at Lost Kingdom Miniatures for more evil dwarfs
  9. Maybe that friend can bring his usb cable from the phone? Together you can then simpy post the pics in your topic. But first resize the pics to under 4MB else they won't be posted. You can do this in any Photo Editor Program, or in Windows Paint for example.
  10. We need to be careful to stay away from a political discussion here. All I want to say about it, my main fear for AI development is that it can spread misinformation. He who controls the media controls us all. Misinformation deliberately send to people in power can result in war, the moment AI thinks that humans pose a threat it will manipulate us and sit back and watch us destroy each other.
  11. Hobby related, I did paint a reasonable amount of minis. Took a short vacation this Month and we hiked/shopped and went out dinner and visited a zoo. Even did some work around the house.
  12. Dark and Dangerous, I love it! We need to talk about that Vampire Killing...
  13. Thx! It's important to keep Dave at the front of the unit, he's quite trigger happy. Thanks! WOOF denies building an army to conquer the World.
  14. Thanks! I got files for the whole army from OnePageRules, normally I don't really paint scifi much, but these are so much fun to do.
  15. I painted some WOOF Recruits! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/103099-woofs-wasteland-warriors-jackals-by-glitterwolf/ WOOF FOOD LOG: Lunch Yesterday: Bread from the Oven Chicken ( seasoned in texmex spices) Tomatos and Cheese) DInner Shakshuka and Bread Lunch today, Grilled Avocado wrapped in Bacon
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