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  1. AG will do big stuff in every release, they already started that, so that replaces the old Epic Boss stuff. FREE on MMF:
  2. Happy Birthday @corbie! Have a great day!
  3. We have the Zandhagedis and the Hazelworm in the Netherlands. The last one is a legless lizard, no snake! If I find that cup I will set the lizard free if the environment is suitable else I might build it a terrarium.
  4. Yellow, one of the difficult colours to get right. You pulled it off, awesome!
  5. Ready to pound his enemies to dust! Great job!
  6. Great work my favorites are the lady in purple dress and the mother with the baby.
  7. Given the price difference between patreon and retail you should join then.
  8. Got my printer fixed, LCD needed replacing, after installing one that was cracked ( I may have handled that one too roughly) I got a good one in Testing it all lead to printing this. AG Svartwood Troll and a Txarli Factory Base 50mm. The Horde will grow!
  9. Printed a 50mm square base and an Artisan Guild Troll to see if bigger stuff also prints well. Answer: Yes, it works!!
  10. I almost forgot to make lunch today, so when my girl got home from her shift ( first work day after vacation for her) I whipped this up with ingredients we had.
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