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  1. Looks good, I don't have those particular colours though. I do have a lot of Scale 75 and Vallejo and Reaper paints. I do have the Vampire Skin triad, the Stone Grey Triad. Need to see what compares to these.
  2. Gumroad Castn'Play will lead you to all their free stuff. You can get this croc and one Swamp Zombie from that set.
  3. Which colours would be best to paint a mini with silvergrey hair like this? How would one approach this?
  4. I do love the adorable croc with all those vines/shrooms etc. Will paint it soon. He's not that big, default print will fit on a standard cavalry base. If you want an imposing monster print it larger.
  5. Pfffff haven been working from home, today back at work and I'm already tired of some people... 3,5 years to retirement..
  6. Good work on that wood grain, if you hadn't told me I would have sworn it was sculpted.
  7. I've seen their Undead and I like those.
  8. Nice orange! Reminds me of certain Posion Dart Frogs.
  9. Leftovers? MMWHWHHUUUAAAAHHHAAARROOOOOO!!!!! ***Brps!***
  10. I think that you could use a very very thing wash or even a glaze of a colour over the white, just to give a hint of the colour. That way it will not be as dominant.
  11. Finally they made masks mandatory in the Netherlands for public places. We're heading for a working vaccin, it is expected to be able to vaccinate the first people somewhere in January. Furthermore, no more than 2 people from different households outside. Keep distance. Bars/Restaurants etc stil closed. No events. Fireworks during Newyears Eve are now forbidden ( of course with the open EU borders people will buy illegal and heavy fireworks from Poland and Germany making things only worse) We are doing fine, we are careful, hope it will be enough.
  12. Have you levelled the printing bed? Could be an issue. Also when using a new type of resin, check the recommended settings for that resin. I know @Jasper_the_2nd had troubles with a resin that was the same brand but a different colour and it failed until he adjusted his settings.
  13. Indeed! Over 80 models this month. Mummies/Spiders/Fishmen/Snakemen/Flying Monsters, huge Demons.. I will not even use them for a Mythos setting, I will put a lot of those in my Undead and Stygian armies in different settings.
  14. First of all, she looks great! You did a wonderful job. Since you asked for some feedback. It would look even better on a little base with some flock/sand. And it could be the light from the camera washing it out, but it looks like the green could use a little more highlight. But that's stretching it, she looks great!
  15. Happy Birthday @Egg of Coot ! Have a great day!
  16. Happy Birthday @Last Knight ! Have a great one!
  17. I hope you will recover fully, in the meantime I hope people will understand. Take care!
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