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  1. @Crowley Do you have something that was lucy's? A blanket or whatever that still has her scent? Give that to Alice. At a certain point the scent will fade and Alice will understand that Lucy'won't be back, in the meantime it might comfort her. Good luck!
  2. Welcome to the Forum! The Wizard looks great, I like those colours. Good job on the face!
  3. New song from Dutch Band Within Temptation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2HSprjvygY
  4. I like it! You could use GW Warmaster rules as well I guess.
  5. Do you have acces to a 3D printer by chance? There are many files that might suit you.
  6. Good work! The dark brown/gold combi works well!
  7. Very cool! The pirate is my favorite.
  8. Good job! I love the shaman with the stag helmet!
  9. Great bunch of minis! The two first ones are my favorites followed by the dual wielder ( great gem). BONUS POINTS for painting WOLVES!
  10. Question November 25th. What kind of gift certificates/vouchers do you prefer? ( A free dinner in a restaurant, an amount to spend in a clothing store, DIY store? etc.etc.)
  11. Must be in the name, calling someone Devil might instigate some bad behaviour.
  12. The devil caps are awesome! I like their creepy poses.
  13. Super! Love them, especially the dancer!
  14. Pfftff, Oldest Vixen teaches Synchronised Swimming to young girls. One of them has a brother age 13. That poor boy was in an accident last week, he was on his bike and got hit by a car. We just heard that the boy passed away due to his injuries. To make things even better...his dad has recently found out that he has rectal cancer in a late stage. Nice going Universe!
  15. I have noticed how several Dutch webstores raised their prices the last two weeks and now give "discounts" for Black Friday at the original prices.
  16. The Kingcharles suffers from chronic headaches due to their small skull. In the Netherlands breeders have been summoned to reverse this practice and stop breeding for smaller skulls. They need to improve again. Same for Bulldogs, the snouts need to get a little wider/bigger so they can breath better again. Bulldogs do have great loveable characters.
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