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  1. Happy Birthday @Adept Legacy! Have a great one!
  2. Happy Birthday @GrozYeti! Have a great day!
  3. I agree, those generators look great! and I like that Supervillain with the cyborg parts.
  4. Docking tails was a common practice in the past, my other Boxers had docked tails. It is now prohibited by law to do so in the Netherlands since 2001 I believe.. Some countries still do it. I like the complete tail, of course when Brutus get's excited one needs to be careful, it does feel like a whip when he wags it at full speed! Legal status Today, many countries ban cropping and docking because they consider the practices unnecessary, painful, cruel or mutilation. In Europe, the cropping of ears is prohibited in all countries that have ratified the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals. Some countries that ratified the convention made exceptions for tail docking.
  5. One can't argue about taste, I just don't like seafood/fish although on rare occasions I eat it. But THIS? Nope nope nope nope.... You know what? Let @PaganMegan send me that casserole you all ignored! Maybe it'll wash away the image of eels in jelly staring at me...
  6. That my girl somehow thinks I'm worth it... The Vixens Brutus My Friends And the crazy bunch of forumites I interact with here.
  7. One of my favorite vampires. She looks great!
  8. Looks pretty brutal!
  9. I think the chariot with horses and crew are complete. Rare find. Getting the remaining figs would be quest in itself. Most sellers try to get ridiculous prices for them
  10. Oohh I love that one, great find to get a complete set! Good job!
  11. @malefactus that's quite the haul! Looking forward to see these come alive in your World.
  12. @Citrine @Green Eyed Monsty I wish you both strength with this situation. It's a terrible disease and it's like losing someone piece by piece. Hang in there!
  13. I love Undead minis and these are great! They all look great but my favorites are the female Vampire and the Mummy Queen
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