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  1. 7 minutes ago, Hibou said:

    I am running a dungeons and dragon campaign for my friend and his two grade school age daughters.  I have been looking around for whimsical even silly miniatures to populate the campaign world.   I have already bought a few like Jason Wiebe’s sabertooth pug and the bones flail snail as well as the Grymkin Piggybacks from Privateer Press

    What are your favorite whimsical or silly miniatures?


    Do you have acces to a 3D printer by chance?

    There are many files that might suit you.

  2. Pfftff, Oldest Vixen teaches Synchronised Swimming to young girls.

    One of them has a brother age 13.

    That poor boy was in an accident last week, he was on his bike and got hit by a car.

    We just heard that the boy passed away due to his injuries.


    To make things even better...his dad has recently found out that he has rectal cancer in a late stage.

    Nice going Universe! :grr:

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Zink said:


    My sister has a king charles spaniel and it's a nice little dog. Don't know how purebred it is and wasn't aware of issues with them. Her son has a french bulldog and it's kind of a freak and I did know that they've got a ton of issues with breeding and general health. I've said a bunch of times I don't know why you'd specially design something like that bulldog (totally not to my taste even before issues) but he loves them. This is his second one. All of our dogs were lovable mongrels like me!


    The Kingcharles suffers from chronic headaches due to their small skull.

    In the Netherlands breeders have been summoned to reverse this practice and stop breeding for smaller skulls.

    They need to improve again.

    Same for Bulldogs, the snouts need to get a little wider/bigger so they can breath better again.


    Bulldogs do have great loveable characters.


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