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  1. Good point! I will stay if the Ogres win or the Bugbear/Gobbos, it seems they will be Roman themed and that's something I like. I just don't need generic Dwarves, Halflings/Gnomes, more Elves...
  2. Welcome to the Forum. Bones and Metal are separate lines! A mini might be released in either both or just the one material. Bones Black made it's appearence during the Kickstarter Bones IV, and even then not all were made of B.B. some were just grey Bones. So far what I know about the subject. @Reaper_Jon will probably have a better answer for you.
  3. Good job especially the blond hair and that helmet!
  4. Question November 11th. If you're feeling down what's the best way to get you out of it?
  5. They look good for Elves. I'm still in debate if I will stay on AG now. I do not like Elves ( except for the Dark ones, I love Evil minis) if I stay on for the month I will get the Ashen Alfar Demon as a reward, so that's tempting. The Gnomes/Halflings lost the Poll by 1% so I guess they will be up in January unless something cool will win then. If the Halflings make it, I will certainly drop AG for that month. Still thinking about it, I've only seen one sketch for the Demon, not even sure if it will be cool or just okay,. I will stick around for EPIC.
  6. For me I always get happy when listening to Motörhead's - The Game or Overkill. I get really sad when listening to Christina Aguilera's Hurt, because it reminds me of my Father's passing away.
  7. ****Shhhssss! He's hunting!**** The question remains, what or who? Good work!
  8. But bigger is also more unforgiving! Good job!
  9. Somehow I get a "Punk Rocker Biker Gang" vibe out of these!
  10. Thank you all!! She was a lot of fun to print and paint! More Desert themed minis coming soon.
  11. Awesome! The beast looks like he's laughing! FREE AT LAST!!! BOW TO ME MORTALS!!!! Love the story!
  12. QUESTION NOVEMBER 10th. What song makes you really happy and what song makes you really sad?
  13. Finished the Sphinx Eternal from Archvillain Miniatures. SHOW OFF: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93653-sphynx-eternal-by-glitterwolf/
  14. Archvillain Miniatures 3D file, printed on my Elegoo Mars. Temple is from Archvillain Egyptian Bases pack. The other two ruin pieces are from Greenstuffworld Egyptian Ruins. Sand is Vallejo Desert Sand. Part of my Shifting Sands Project. WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79372-shifting-sands-glitterwolf-paints-egyptian-undead/page/18/#comments The Crusaders thought they were winning, the unholy forces of the ancient Undead were almost defeated and they could taste victory. Too late Grandmaster Joseph noticed the Priest on a large sanddune behind the Undead's ranks, he was performing some unholy ritual for sure! Joseph spurred his Knights on, but he was too late, the Priest uttered the final words of power and then the creature appeared. It swooped down from the sky, it's metallic wings reflecting the sunlight and blinding his men, and then it landed amidst his Army, footmen were trampled, it's cruel blades hacked through the ranks of his Knights. A heavy tail knocked Grandmaster Joseph from his steed. Lying on his back he looked into the Sun, a final prayer on his lips when he saw the creature approaching, a glimps of what was once a woman's face and then all went black.
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