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  1. Printed two 50mm Stoney Bases from Txarli Factory, they will do fine for the Bear Vanguard. I prefer square bases over round ones.
  2. The girl in question received her minis, she thanked me and promised me to send some pics when she paints them. She was happy with it. Mission Accomplished.
  3. Happy Birthday @Zethia! Have a great day!
  4. Happy Birthday @Rastl! Have a great day!
  5. Happy Birthday @ladytaryn! Have a great day!
  6. Happy Birthday @Arydis! Have a great day!
  7. We went on a little hike again yesterday. Just 7km met some locals but they were too busy grazing.. Had some late lunch/early dinner then at a little restaurant there.
  8. Awesome! Good job! Visit the 3D Printing section on the Forum, lots of help and advice there.
  9. Currently printing two 50mm Stoney Bases from Txarli Factory, I will add some snow etc. so these will be suitable for the Bear Vanguard.
  10. I printed a few of their conifer bases. They do have those magnet slots, I guess like Auberon mentioned for transport or storage on magnetic sheets.
  11. Now those are a different kind of snowmen! Great idea! Well done!
  12. May 5th. Liberation Day in the Netherlands. A bit of mixed feelings for me since it's also the date my Mother passed away in 2007.
  13. The Crunchy Shell kind filled with Ground Beef, Mais, Salad, Kidney Beans, Chopped Tomato and Onion and Chilisauce with Grated Cheese.
  14. My problem is display. I paint for fun and display. My solution...HERESY!!! After a while I will sell some of my painted stuff to make room for new ones. Some will always stay with me of course... As for unpainted stuff, a few drawers and boxes full of stuff and an external 2 TB harddrive for 3D files.. If I could print all the files I have and combine them with my physical stuff I would drown in minis..
  15. Thanks. It feels good to make someone a little happy every now and then.
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