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  1. But..but...she comes separate from that tomb, so I can also print her as a rider of one of my monsters!!! And I can quit anytime I want !!!! *** Storms off***
  2. Ooopsie...I really need to tone done next month. This month is destroying my wallet. Joined Great Grimoire as well, I mean who could resist such a vampire...
  3. Question October 5th. Do you think Halloween Costumes should be about something scary or can it be anything?
  4. AVG and Titanforge released another Patreon only Diorama Set:
  5. Even then you won't be able to cover it all. I live in the Netherlands for example, we get our stuff through the UK. Since Brexit they have a huge problem finding enough drivers to move stuff among other things. So it is out of your hands. I'm still waiting for Bones V ( Wave 5) The UK has problems distributing goods and fuel.
  6. Today is October 4th. World Animal Day. So my girl made a little something for Brutus, you can hide treats inside which he needs to search for. He likes it, while searching he makes sounds like a vacuum cleaner...😊
  7. Well I happen to have this ( printed and painted the Queen ( seem my shifting sands project) She comes in this version and as a a topless version, and the set includes the braziers/snake statues and altar) Artisan Guild - Queen Sthenaria https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94788-queen-sthenaria-by-glitterwolf/ You can get her on Myminifactory ( 3d Files)
  8. There are a lot of 3d files out there that can be printed. Wadjet? I've seen a lot of Apophis minis/files? Maybe they can be of use? If you have access to a 3d printer, one can scale down or up these minis to fit your scale.
  9. I have been feeding the squirrels and birds that visit our garden. Sometimes I'm late putting nuts on the feeders, I've had squirrels who looked at it, looked through the window at me and then at the feeder. Somehow I end up putting nuts on that feeder then.... I wonder... And why the heck am I actually paying good hobby money to buy nuts???
  10. My favorite Cryptid is Mokele Mbembe ( the African Nessie) Could it be real? Probably not since a huge sauropod would have been discovered by now, especially since even the most remote tribe might have a cellphone these days.. But one can hope, right?
  11. That's pretty cool! Looks great!
  12. Good one! Would definitely give treats!
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