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  1. So I finished the Bones version of Vanja. I also tried a few backdrops ( just printouts from the internet). Hope you like her. EDIT: forgot to mention this earlier, don't know if it shows well in the pics. The armor is red mixed with silver to get a metallic look, later i added more silver for the highlight parts. And with a more neutral back drop. I'm new to this...must make a lightbox soon. These were made in the garden.
  2. Super idea. Well painted and executed
  3. Hilarious, good piece full of humour. I like it.
  4. Super. I would base him inside a giant oyster...Pearl Dragon
  5. Great Idea. The Ultimate demonic dragon beast
  6. Very good. A tiny suggestion, paint the beak of the raven in a lighter tone, somewhat grey instead of black, and drybush the black feathers with that tone. He will have more depth. I love the possum.
  7. Today I received my order all the way from the USA to the Netherlands. Brown Liner ( I got a lot of Bones on my shelves) 60141: Lady Moray, Bard 14474: Marilith 03676: Giant Snake 03060: Kierra Darkdreamer Happy happy joy joy
  8. Nice. I didn't know there were Krakenriders available. Looks good.
  9. Wonderful. I would lioke to see a step by step how you paint your cockpits, great work.
  10. Well, it is an opportunity to show him off again...It is a nice mini. I did the swamp theme, but he is a barbarian, snow or rocky environment could be fun too.
  11. Looks good. I admit, i downloaded some nice pics from the internet, some just colours some landscapes. I want to give this a try too. My self made lightbox was destroyed during moving. Soon I'll make a new one. I just use a cardboard box, put alufoil on the sides ( the matt side). Point my daylight lamp towards it. Should be better then what iḿ doing now, ( taking pics on the garden table during daylight...) So any topics like this got my interest.
  12. A Skeleton, Prime white, wash brown, paint weapons, done... Or an orc, nice greens, some dirty equipment. Most important thing, just have fun. You'll improve with every mini you paint. Don't worry too much, technique will come with practice.
  13. Bow before beauty !!! Great job.
  14. I love conversions. Great to see how someone creates a fantasy/scifi world. Keep going
  15. I guess you can fix a lot with a nice wash and some sand on the base. I wish I had taken pics of the minis I painted when I started the hobby. Blobs of Humbrol paint at first.
  16. Painted very well. I also love the drool you made on the purple worm. Good basing, very nice.
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