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  1. Great corset. The Denim look really works.
  2. Ok I have a confession to make. By asking you for your lists, I got to know companies I have never heard of. This is one of them. I will look into those. To tell the truth, I could propably name another 20 companies I like. Mithril, Resina Planet, Tales Of War, Guild of Harmony etc etc... I might have a slight addiction for minis..
  3. Happy Birthday. May your paint never dry before you're done.
  4. Many of us paint mini's from different companies. Some of these companies are now out of production while others still excist. New companies rise and fall. Just for fun, What is your Top Ten? This may include OOP companies and you can use a shared place if you want ( two companies shared first place if you cant choose for example). Again this is just for fun. Feel free to make a separate list for fantasy / scifi or historical if you want. My favorite list for now: I'll start from the lowest ranking ( 10) 10 - Wyrd 9- Metal Magic 8- Ral Partha 7- Grenadier 6- Crocodile Games 5- Rackham ( Confrontation) 4- Freebooter 3- Otherworld 2- Dark Sword 1- Reaper
  5. As a Bundle - Kickstarter Bones II 300 euro _ 334 dollar. As a single mini ( sort of) Ral Partha Chess Playing Dragon set. 75 euro _ 84 Dollar
  6. I think you're on the right track with the base colours. This is going to be good.
  7. Looks more like toys then paintable mini's to me. overpriced too. Maybe in the future when this technique gets better, we will see either cheap tabletop stuff or real paintable detailed minis.
  8. Those are brilliant. I love the style of your wacky insane fungi. The eyes crack me up every time I see these. Super.
  9. He looks great. If you could turn the pics it would be better to look at.
  10. Nice progress on the shark. Curious to see how you will paint the eye of the shoggoth
  11. Flying over target now DO you got a clear visual? Yes, Target Insight. At your call. LIKEBOMBS AWAY.. Target HIT. Great job, return to base.
  12. Ver y good job so far. This is coming along nicely dear chap. "sips tea and gets some biscuits"
  13. I wouldn't worry to much about the texture underneath the wounds. these are fresh wounds so some blood would cover up any inconsistencies.
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