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  1. Pfff That is perfect skin. I love it. ( and somehow hate that I can't reproduce this, one day one day !!!). Great work. Please recepy, WIP, Youtube step by step... help us to achieve this level ...
  2. Yellow is one of the more difficult colours to pull off. I think you did very well there. Maybe you suffer from "it has to be perfect syndrome" when we paint we tend to see all the flaws. Others might percieve the mini as great. As in this case I think it is. I wouldn't touch it anymore. ( or you would elaborate on a freehand on the cape, but that is optional). As it stands it is a great mini.
  3. Well more to look into then. A part of this hobby I like. A bit of research, the quest to find the Holy Grail lost mini, buy it. And then put in the to do box to forget about it for a decade, then paint it quickly to get it done. Aaahhh miniature painting Should anyone find the box artwork or pics from the contents. Please post them. Grenadier seem to have had a historical line too, discontinued. They even had a Jesus of Nazareth. No idea how he was depicted. EDIT: On Lostminiwiki there are pics of some of the sets. Still looking for the Nomads of Gorr and The Space Gua
  4. I can't found the box art for nomads of Gorr and / or the Space guardian. Do you have any idea what the models looked like? Is the guardian on her reptile? Like the artworkd from Boris. There seem to be different versions for Nomad artwork, so I'm curious how they looked like. So far I couldn"t find it.
  5. Mouseling superheroes. Mighty Mouse of course. Maybe Batmouse, Supermouse, Wonder Mouse, Dr. Strangemouse etc
  6. Cool. He looks great. Although I got the feeling the head could be a bit bigger in conjuction with the body? The Idea is great. Looks a bit like a Mastiff / Bull terrier kinda guy
  7. Ok so I went googling.. There are: The Space Guardian. Primeval Princess The Nomads of Gor The Magic Goes Away Demon in The Mirror Gracus the Centurion The Centurion is on Ebay now, expensive, but it is a vignette wit the the centurion, cleopatra like woman with 2 consorts. I hate you Doc, there goes my wallet.
  8. Excellent work. I followed the WIP, Netty came out great.
  9. Great, classic minis. Well done, love the shaugin
  10. I still have the Grenadier Swamp Dragon, Platinum Dragon still in the box. Also The enormous Asian Dragon, The Imperial Dragon of the Eleven Celestial Dynasties. In Box. The Undead War Mammoth in box. And without box: The Undead Rhino Captive Carrier, The Undead War Elephant and the WInd Dragon. Working on a regiment of Undead warriors mostly grenadier too. I think these are old, but still among the best mini's available,
  11. I just stumbled on this thread, since I'm an old geezer I love the minis from my youth. Still collect and have many Grenadier mini's. I have never seen the Boris Vallejo artwork minis though. Would love to get my hands on that princess with the lizzards. ( sounded wrong somehow..). But is this still available , does it show up on ebay every now and then? I have never seen it before, Are there others in this line?
  12. And that's another mini I wasn't that interested in, till I saw a good paintjob. Oh well, money is meant to be spent right? Good Job.
  13. Looks very good, It could be just a bit better with a dark wash over the armour, could be the photo of course. Overall good job.
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