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  1. Dutch Erwtensoep also called Snert. Look it up...
  2. Like most people here it depends on the situation. I can be pretty extrovert with my "own" people ( Other Military Personell/ Family and Friends/ People I know I share the same interests with) but with complete strangers I'm still more introvert. Also...I always need to recoup some energy after a "busy" Birthday/Party/Gathering etc...
  3. All these home repairs/ maintenance stuff is tiresome. I'll be glad when I'm done with this week, then I can go back to work to get some rest.
  4. I love scale 75 paints I use both the bottles and the tubes from them. Their metallics are the best!
  5. Hrmpf groundwater pump might need to be replaced. Suction works, the pipe is full of water right up to the connection with the pump but the pump just doesn't distributes the water to the sprinklers. Oh well, going to test the theory with another pump. Let's hope it will be the case then we can solve this.
  6. Right, an robotic explorer that can break through the ice and see if there's an ocean ( and what is in there) on Europa and Titan. What makes you think I didn't already citizen? ALL HAIL WOOF!! Now salute the black flag with the white paw!
  7. Oohhh dimetrodon! My favorite prehistoric ( and pre-dinosaur) animal
  8. Superb! You're definitely one of the better painters around here!
  9. I use Elegoo Grey and Anycubic Grey for my Resin Also tried Wanhao.
  10. Took this week off so I can actually work in and around the house. Still working on the basement stairs and walls. Already used the waterstop cement, applied epoxy. It's drying and then I will be able to apply another water resistant coating. Will also apply new antislip strips for that stairs, the old ones are pretty worn. Tomorrow my Brother In Law will come over to help fix our groundwater pump, the new filter/suction thingie finally arrived. All in all no hobby time for me this week it seems.
  11. Happy Birthday @Generic Fighter! Have a great day!
  12. Happy Birthday @Bob Hazlewood! Have a great day!
  13. Well, still busy with home repairs/maintenance... I doubt I will be able to hobby during this Month. I actually took this week off so I can do all the necessary boring adult stuff
  14. I get that! When painting I also make up background stories, totally understand the moving on part.
  15. I like the different fleshtones! Good job!
  16. Bones, I use a very sharp exacto knife for mold lines, but that's it. I accept that the older Bones ( White) aren't as detailed as metal or resin minis so be it. As for the newer USA Bones ( Grey) I have little experience with those since I almost completely switched to 3D Printing aside from the minis I already have in my collection.
  17. Happy Birthday @bailey03! Have a great day!
  18. I like to paint my Anubi wit greys/purples/blues or blacks. Not just black all the time. And yes, Egyptian should have tanned skin or olive skin for example.
  19. That looks great! Love me some Egyptian Stuff!
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