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  1. Well I thought so, thank you for confirming. I do have two spares and found some Youtube vids on the subject, will tackle the replacement tomorrow or Thursday depending on my time. These Vids look helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8xDvq3QbVw&list=PLvI90K-6J317Bp2ftI3XlC56m4UExCN9M&index=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x5KbFi14ms&list=PLvI90K-6J317Bp2ftI3XlC56m4UExCN9M&index=4 Let's hope this non tech Wolf will be able to pull it off without killing the printer
  2. Happy Birthday @Shadowphaze! Have a great day!
  3. @Illithar @KruleBear I got home today. Turns out the Elegoo Mars ( not the Pro or 2...just the first type) does NOT have a tank clean function. I can only use the Exposure Test that needs to form a rectangle. So first I cleaned my LCD. Then I replaced my FEP. I ran the Exposure test and it shows the rectangle but I notice two small black spots in it. Is this a sign I need to replace the LCD now? I did have gaps running through a big base and some gaps in the walrus before. The 28/32mm Minis I printed before those were fine.
  4. I agree for animals, nature is the best reference.
  5. Love it, my favorite part is the familiar!
  6. They are coming along great! Ready to purge evil. so keep them away from my undead shall we?
  7. Thank you! I figured it would be a nice change from my usual gore and horrors...
  8. Good job, the armor looks great! He will return with his shield, not on it.
  9. I applied Kapton Tapevat my first use, I came prepared for that. I'm not very technical though and a bit scared I might break a connection or something like that when I need to replace stuff. Will watch the vids. Thanks I still hope cleaning will do the truck. But if necessary to replace the screen I will have to give it a try. I will test it this way when I get back wednesday. Thanks for the advice!
  10. I'd bring my Vixens, oldest one will stare down any opponent while youngest one will smile at the guards and is able to walk away with loot, guards will just laugh and wave goodbye. As for the target that will be a secret. We walked past a Mall so the vixens got distracted also somehow my wallet was empty after that moment...strange huh...
  11. Ah thx, and then you can see it if a part doesn't light up? So if that's the case I will have to replace the lcd..
  12. I get a bit of Celtic vibe from them, looking great!
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