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  1. I got some unfinished stuff on my desk which I like to get done or at least some of it. Artisan Guild - Yoshigruzu on Warugo Artisan Guild -Goraku Oni Mage Artisan Guild - Oni Grunt Artisan Guild - Queen Sthenaria Artisan Guild -Gryphkin Infiltrators 3x Artisan Guild -Gryphina Lost Kingdoms - Cuetzpal Statue Tabletop World - Townhouse Amini3d- Mummy Sorceress Amini3D - Mummy MMM-Earth Worm Artisan Guild -Campfire Artisan Guild - Elena the Bold Heroes Infinite - Senliah the Seductress Epic Miniatures - Female Spectre Epic Miniatures -Serpent Summoner Heroes Infinite - Kerilith the Lair Guardian Artisan Guild -Nanaari the Wise Woman on Zeek Artisan Guild - Zeek
  2. FREE on GUMROAD. CastnPlay adds one FREE mini from their set to GUMROAD every Month! Likewise Artisan Guild does this on Thingiverse!
  3. Me as well. This confirms my feelings. I will drop AG in January. Maybe after this one...
  4. Happy Birthday @Neolis! Have a great day!
  5. Cool, I love Grenadier miniatures, that Giant is a classic!
  6. Sorry to hear that. I hope they will need you again very soon. And...start looking around!
  7. Great conversion! Well done! BONUS POINTS for painting a WOLF!
  8. Question November 30th. If you could replace the actual Snow with something else. What would fall out of the Sky instead then? Thank you all! This was my last question for November 2020. December will be covered by our Quisitor @Werkrobotwerk ! I thank you all for participating. Serious answers, silly answers, all great! Hope you enjoyed this round. Want to be a Quisitor? Talk to @TaleSpinner we can use some new blood.
  9. You could stock up on the files for the future.
  10. I agree, the white eyes look menacing! Good paintjob!
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