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  1. Poor Snek went a little too far when shedding his skin! Awessssome!
  2. I love it! That looks great!
  3. They look great! Last pic: Bruce? Is that you?
  4. Hmmm, a broken foot can be disguised. Think about the base. A puddle of mud? Sand? Snow? One can easily "sink" a bit into that...obscuring the lost foot.
  5. I actually like that sort of thing. Good luck Brother Wolf! On my side, still working from home. It has it's benefits ( being able to hobby, walk Brutus in between and such) It has it's downsides ( the days are beginning to be the same over and over again, the World gets smaller and my mood is not improving) New measures will be announced tonight. Fighting to stay cheerful which not always works.
  6. That would not work for me now. I just went through my stuff and put everything on Ebay that I know I won't paint and sorted all else in boxes and such what I hope to paint one day. The girls use blankets and a Brutus... I just wait till Brutus decides he can spare half an hour to keep me warm before returning to the girls. I'm 56 almost 57...how dare you insinuate that I engage in childish behaviour! *** Puts fingers in ears*** I can't hear you!!! Nana nana nanahhh!!!! Okay, maybe sometimes... Puts his hands over Brutus his ears, pretend that Brutus is a motorcycle and makes Vroom Vroom noises. Somehow Brutus is used to this... I have maybe played warhammer twice or three times in my whole life. I game on the PC and only paint for fun and display. In the past I bought a Warhammer Starter box or two and maybe a 40K and Warmaster box but that's it. I rather buy single models I like and I'm very selective about that. *** Backs Kickstarter with dozens of models*** ***Downloads whole patreon sets of 3D models*** Nope..not even in purple...
  7. Congrats! Do check the contents! I've seen another backer who said he missed all right arms from a unit.
  8. If you need a new project and you're done doing fabulous colourful stuff, go with Necrons or a Chaos Horde?
  9. I get that.. I have recently gone through my stuff and threw a lot in a Box of Goodwill ( EU version) and now I've put up a bunch on Ebay. Sometimes it's a good thing to cull the hoard. I have started several ongoing projects with my favorite themes/settings. That way when I look at a mini I think, in which one will it fit? And then I get ideas and paint it. I have to admit I still have minis that I really think I will paint some day and keep around, that I bought decades ago... All part of the hobby. Try not to think that you have a hoard you must paint. You have a private stash from which you choose from to paint what you want!
  10. If you search for Myconid Fantasy Artwork yoi'll find a lot of cool pics.
  11. @Auberon those look great! Yeah I tend to break some tiny stuff every now and then as well, luckily superglue works well.
  12. @bojesphob congrats on the sale and the acquisition of a printer! Have fun and don't forget to watch youtube videos about supports/settings/cleaning and such. 3Dprintingpro is a good one but there are more. I learned a lot from watching those before tinkering with it.
  13. Oooohhhhh Shiny!!!! In other news. PRINTYOURMONSTERS is not going to do their new KS on Kickstarter! They will use MMF for it!!! Rocks and Plants 2 will be there soon!
  14. Happy Birthday @snk666 ! Have a great one!
  15. Good work, the light grey is my favorite!
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