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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. I've been busy taking inventory of my 3D files and Minis for the past few days. Not finished yet. WHO BOUGHT ALL THIS STUFF???
  2. EPIC has revealed more for December. These lovely Arachnids are also part of the set.
  3. They look great! Hmmm, you have a point!
  4. Best Camouflage ever! Guardsman :Sir! I see a Transport coming this way! Commissar: No worries, it's one of ours, See? It clearly is a Rhino transporter, it even says NOT ORKS! Strange sense of humor these Space Marines have.. Guardsman: I dunno Sir, it looks kinda strange, I don't trust it! Commissar: Do I have to execute you for cowardice Guardsman? That is a Space Marine Rhino! Guardsman: That is a Space Marine Rhino Sir! Nothing to worry about!
  5. I love it! Always loved the Napoleonic Uniforms and this is a great conversion to Fantasy/Steampunk, it's great.
  6. Of course you do! Hang in there, enjoy your time with Alice and the Hamsterling. Look into the future where the Hamsterling will be of an age where he can enjoy playing with his new puppy you'll be getting him for his birthday/Christmas or whatever excuse you need to introduce a pup to the family again. Sooo, what time shall I come over? Isn't there a law against that sort of thing? At least an investigation where one would obtain the resources?
  7. Question November 26th. If there would be only one Season, which on would you prefer? ( Summer/Winter/Autumn/Spring...just in case one would go for hunting season or something like that)
  8. @Crowley Do you have something that was lucy's? A blanket or whatever that still has her scent? Give that to Alice. At a certain point the scent will fade and Alice will understand that Lucy'won't be back, in the meantime it might comfort her. Good luck!
  9. Welcome to the Forum! The Wizard looks great, I like those colours. Good job on the face!
  10. New song from Dutch Band Within Temptation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2HSprjvygY
  11. I like it! You could use GW Warmaster rules as well I guess.
  12. Do you have acces to a 3D printer by chance? There are many files that might suit you.
  13. Good work! The dark brown/gold combi works well!
  14. Very cool! The pirate is my favorite.
  15. Good job! I love the shaman with the stag helmet!
  16. Great bunch of minis! The two first ones are my favorites followed by the dual wielder ( great gem). BONUS POINTS for painting WOLVES!
  17. Question November 25th. What kind of gift certificates/vouchers do you prefer? ( A free dinner in a restaurant, an amount to spend in a clothing store, DIY store? etc.etc.)
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