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  1. Well ehhh... I do have even more coaches and war wagons for the Undead. Rest assured I will print and paint as many as I can given time. I also have an Empire War Wagon from Highlands now, but...it might just get an Undead crew.
  2. The Sequel to "The Hills have Eyes" be ready for: "The Wetlands have Eyes"!
  3. I would like to be part of it seems like fun. No objection to play an extra or victim, no objection to be a monster or killer in the movie either.
  4. I don't want to be a snitch but WOOF agents have intercepted this memo that goes around at M.E.O.W. ! Be warned.
  5. Happy Birthday @sappet102! have a great day oh builder of marvellous foam buildings!
  6. Happy Birthday @mousekiller! Have a great day! And keep painting those wonderful armies!
  7. Question Oct. 7th. If you could be an actor or extra in a horror movie, would you do it and what role would you like to play? ( could be any new or old movie, maybe they make a remake or sequel..)
  8. The Highland Miniatures Set also will come with an undead coach, two options for printing,
  9. Highlands added an Indead Chariot/Coach to the October Set. Two options..
  10. Oh I hear you! I have been working on my armies for years as well. Looking forward to some group shots!
  11. I like the contrast with the clothes. As for dark skin, there are many variations so even the really dark chocolate like colour is realistic. Just look at pictures of real people, so many variations in skintones.
  12. I'm really enjoying this thread. You know I love the Undead and Horror themed armies, this is very cool!
  13. I will deny biting those heads off first before I devour the rest of the cat licorice!
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