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  1. I've been to a few Tiger Meets, lots of fun was had and lots of booze was sampled...
  2. Well as some of you know my Unit went through a reorganization. I will keep my position till I retire, only last year I may have to do something else but that will be arranged for me. Since we're now officially a new Unit I got a new badge. The Dutch Lion on our new symbol. Wouldn't feel strange to use this as a symbol for an evil faction in a scifi game either..
  3. By now you know I like to tell stories and make up a background. Derived from the official background for the Jackals, a little more depth to who they are and what's happening there. All with my own interpretation. ************************************ Race: Jackals Planet: Adusta Sector: Sirius. Planet Type: Arid but a resource of rare minerals. Grh'uff loved the stories the Shamans told about his race's history and their planet. The Jackals ( as they called themselves) had always been a nomadic people, different tribes wandered the planet and traded scraps and food with each other. Usually things were rather peaceful and disputes were settled by the Shamans and Chiefs. Sometimes they found things that might have belonged to a long lost civilization that had lived there long before them. All in all it wasn't a bad life. Then, it must have been during Grh'uff's great-great grandparent's lifetime, something happened that changed their lives forever. One scavenging party found a crashed ship proving they were not alone in this Universe! As the story goes, the party entered the ship and started salvaging all they could, the strange thing about it, there was no food or water aboard. Suddenly something they believed was part of the ship started to move, it became "alive" or something like that, a metal construct that immediately attacked the scavenging party. It took a long time and the lives of two brothers before they had destroyed the thing. The spoils were traded and shared with other tribes, Shamans and Chiefs investigated the parts and some visited the crash site to see for themselves. Wise men and women of the tribes could figure out how some of the stuff worked and this spurred a technological evolution for the Jackals. Over the following years they found more crashed ships. The shaman figured out that their planet must be hard to reach, but for some reason strangers kept trying to come to their planet. The first ships they encountered were again from these mechanical beings, but one time they found another. A strange vessel and when the Jackals opened it they found big reptilian creatures in spacesuits in there. They were properly dead though, so the Jackals not only found new technology and parts but also delicious meat. The Jackals erected towns and cities around and from these ship parts. It was decided that the mechanical beings were hostile and should be treated as such if any of them were still functional. Wise men and women concluded that the Repitlians also needed to be considered enemies, besides, why waste good food if it landed on your planet right? Some decades later the Jackals witnessed a succesful landing of not just one but two small ships, both different in design. The one they were familiar with and their scouts who witnessed the landing knew it was trouble, the mechanical things had landed! But very quickly after that a second small vessel landed, now this type the Jackals had never seen before and to their suprise the beings that emerged from that ship attacked the mechanical beings. After a brutal fight the newcomers were victorious. Considering the enemy of your enemy might be a friend, one of the Jackals stepped forward, unarmed, paws in the air and barking for negotiations. The beings seemed to be surprised to see the brave scout, one of them approached him, unknow that the Jackal Trackers had their weapons aimed for him, but he was careful and offered the scout a small device, gesturing he should pin it on his oufit. The scout did so and suddenly he was able to understand the aliens and vice versa. They made themselves known as warriors of the Eternal Dynasty. From them the Jackals learned that the mechanical beings were from a faction called The Robot Legion and that the Lizards were called Saurians. Both were indeed dangerous the newcomers explained. A shaman was brought in for further negotiations. The Humans, as they called their race, explained that they were interested in certain minerals and that that was the reason the other beings had tried to land on Adusta as well. Adusta..they had given their planet a name... Anyway, they also warned that not all humans were peaceful like them and that there were other beings out there that might be hostile as well. They explained that it was hard to land on Adusta because there was a ring of debris and asteroids around it, but that a small and fast vessel could make use of some of the openings in that ring. The Jackals told their story and the leader of the Eternal Dynasty Warriors nodded, it seems you weren't aware of the distress signal the first Robot Legion Ship kept sending after crashing, he said. It still attracts them he explained. The Jackals and the Eternal Dynasty agreed upon trading certain minerals and technology, and some lucky Jackals were offered to travel along into Space with them. One might wonder how long this arrangement will last, but for now both parties are satisfied with it. Every now and then there are landings of others and these are quickly dealt with. The Jackals are thriving, they became the dominant species on Adusta,..... for now.... **************************************
  4. Dogs love baths when properly treated, it's the dreaded cats that will tear their owner apart when trying to bath them 🙂 See? Brutus Enjoying a sponge bath by Oldest Vixen
  5. WOOF hereby denies buying any supplies from ACME. Any resemblance with a certain cartoon are nothing more than a coincedence. *** SIR! The new shipment has arrived!***
  6. Ammut. Love those. Already have one from Lost Kingdoms and one from Claycyanide as well but those look different. I'm doomed...
  7. Next a Reaper Sample Paint. Scale 75 Field Gray. Reaper Aged Bone Triad. Working on 4 now since I have paint left on the palet.
  8. Scale 75 Birch as base for Feet/Hands/Tail Ends. Scale 75 Arabian Shadow for Basecoat rest of fur. So far for batch painting, with the mere base laid down I'm now going to pick one and see what I can do with these. I can already tell I like this Army.
  9. Having read all the advise/votes both here and in Random, I will go for the squares for now. I like to rank up my troops. Of course the occassional round base might appear, especially with stuff like objective markers, maybe I will turn such ones into a small diorama like @Corsair said. And now I'll start painting the first Jackal(s)..
  10. My Scifi Project: Intergalactic Journey: WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99265-intergalactic-journey-glitterwolf-paints-aliens-spacecraft-and-other-scifi-things/
  11. Thank you! There will be more like that in the future. And now..starting on the Jackals..
  12. Highlands does Dwarves in July. Crippled God Foundry Sea Creatures
  13. Different Resin means different settings most of the time. That said, I've had great results with the Elegoo Grey, then tried Wanhao which worked but I got more failures, so back to Elegoo. Since I paint everything I see no reason to try another type anymore.
  14. Record the conversation if it's only by phone. @TGP Congrats to Trumpet. Looks like a very wise dog!
  15. Uhh yeah I'll stick with OPR for a while... Uh oh...
  16. Ready to dish out some justice!
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