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  1. Final 56 hours! You can vote for one of these three to be included! Also Dead Camels!!!
  2. Wow it's really big! Need to print mine one day!
  3. https://3dprinterly.com/can-you-3d-print-in-a-cold-or-hot-room/
  4. Those riders look nice, not to sure about the infantry yet.
  5. Awesome! Great job on the visor part!
  6. Question November 18th. What three non-electric or non-automatic items would you take with you to a deserted island?
  7. While I appreciate this offer, I'll take my chances with the nephew...
  8. Darn! My laptop has a problem, the on/off button ( the plastic thingie) has been loose and I have used a pin to shift it a bit in order to make it work for a while now. It's getting harder. My nephew is pretty good with such stuff and I will bring the laptop to him upcoming weekend, I need it for work now. If he can fix it, hurrah! If he can't I suspect I need to buy a new one. Not funny this is a pretty expensive gaming laptop, granted it's 7 years old, but aside from that elfing button it works like a charm! Not looking forward to having to spend another bunch of money, not after the last few months which were filled with VET bills, Car bills and several bills for maintenance and clogged drains etc etc... This is the culprit. It's been pressed too deep once I guess and is now a bit loose, making contact or not...
  9. Isn't that a side project from Nuclear Krill's Drummer?
  10. Awesome! Love this, since I also got a nautical themed project ( among all the other projects covering basically everything in fantasy except some halflings...) I will keep an eye on this!
  11. Pay off the House. Give the girls a reasonable amount to get started ( house/car/etc) Travel more ( after COVID of course) Thinking of eye surgery to replace the lenses so I can see 20/20 again. Raise a personal army to conquer the World Donate to organisations to preserve wildlife/oceans/forests etc. As for the rest I would continue to live more or less like I do now, just less stress because then I would know I could use the money for any problem that money can solve.( which is not all, I know)
  12. Hope the move will go smooth! Enjoy your new home.
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