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  1. Happy Birthday @TripleH! Have a great day!
  2. Happy Birthday @Star in VA! Have a great day!
  3. Thank you, I appreciate it! Went to the vet. Brutus has a hot spot, due to the warm weather and some scratching the wound stays moist. So now I got an antibiotic for him.
  4. Yes!!! I use mainly coffeepads and sometimes instant with a flavour. Normally I order online from Denmark which is cheaper than buying it here.
  5. Happy Birthday @TheAuldGrump! Have a great day!
  6. Happy Birthday @Inarah! Have a great day!
  7. Well that was quite the day yesterday. One of my best friends got diagnosed with sarcoidosis My girl's brother got diagnosed with acoustic neuroma. To top things off I have found that I need to replace the joints of the basement stairs ( cement) groundwater is seeping through. Going to repair that. And Brutus got a minor wound on his shoulder, will have it checked out today by the Vet. So far a wonderful week...
  8. This! Just explain the problems and put it out there for someone who likes the challenge.
  9. Lovely creature! Looks great!
  10. Happy Birthday @Knighthart! Have a great day!
  11. I have a lot of things to do in/around the house. Not sure how much painting I can squeeze in but I would like to work on my Tomb Guards and maybe my Snake Demoness.
  12. Awesome! You really captured the horror of the Old Ones! Love the base!
  13. 9th - Morning Routine. Get up, Wash/Shower. Walk Brutus. Go to work or when having a day off, do the groceries, then have breakfast. 10th. Yes. They are both cute. 11th. Automobile - I hire someone. Home - I try to do things myself ( despite hating it) when necessary I hire someone.
  14. Great job on that Canopy!
  15. Happy Birthday @Laoke! Have a great day!
  16. Happy Birthday @knarthex Have a great day buddy!
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