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  1. I like it! Original, fun and cool! Go for it! Also, since you're not going to use realistic camo, how about painting some graffiti over the camo? The Gnolls need to let the others know it's them driving the looted vehicle, right? Mad Max/Gorkamorka can be good references. Ideas/ references for the graffiti idea ( should you like it...)
  2. Question November 17th. You won several millions in the lottery, enough to last you a lifetime. How will you live your life from now on/what will you do with the money?
  3. There is a recommended temperature range for rein printing, if things get too cold or too hot you will get failures. I stopped printing during the Summer because it just got too hot. So far the Mars has behaved pretty good, I did have a few failures and I did have some minis that got a little groove over time probably due to the shrinkage of the resin after curing combined with overexposure I guess, those were easy fixes though. In the future I can see myself buying a Saturn maybe,because of the bigger build volume and the 4K Monochrome Screen, but I will wait till those grid problems are solved. Will be at least another year before I can even think about that, maybe even longer.
  4. If AG will release the Ogres/Bugbears with an additional Gnome I can see myself staying there, if they release a full blown Gnome/Halfling theme, I will drop it for that month. I really like AG's style, been an Patreaon for seven months now, hope they can keep things original and cool. Christmas themes/Dark Christmas Themes, I can see how a bonus mini would be nice in December, but a whole theme is taking it too far. As things are , EPIC is doing fine, I'm waiting to see what else the theme will contain.
  5. The Large Cobra is the Bones King Cobra SKU: 44103 The statues, altar, braziers are all 3D printed files from Artisan Guild. on my Elegoo Mars The Treasures are a mix of Reaper Egyptian Treasure SKU: 03112 and some Resin treasures from Tabletopstudios/Minimonsters. The Temple is carved from AK Interactive Foam and the Glyphs are made with the Greenstuffworld Egyptian Rollerpin. Tufts from Vallejo. Used as a photbackdropboard. Mini makes a guest appearance.SKU 77339 Reaper Bones Avatar of Thoth
  6. I tend to do things as soon as possible, except some very annoying things, those are usually done just before the deadline.
  7. Hope you'll be able to fix this soon!
  8. The Naga Girls and the Lust Demoness do come in a topless version as well. A bit strange these don't.
  9. Usually I put a little blob of Greenstuff / Putty on the base and then glue the mini with superglue on the blob. Then hide with paint/flock/sand etc... If it's a bigger or fragile mini, I will also use a pin. ( most of the time I use a paperclip cut into pieces, drill holes and use putty and glue to put that in place.
  10. Thank you for commenting! Glad you like it!
  11. Question November 16th. If you have to do something you really don't like, do you prefer to postpone till you have to, or do it right away?
  12. Since his name is Pascal, look for a French Napolonic Uniform. Imperial Guard or Infantry of the Line would work.
  13. Invitations have been sent for the Stygian Party Event! No need to bring snacks...you ARE the snack!
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