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  1. Thank you! Painting them was bearable, I didn't thought it was pawsible to have so much fun with printed minis.
  2. There were several persons of interest that changed my life, sometimes in a good way sometimes in a bad way. It's an ongoing process called life.
  3. Great work, love that skintone. The base looks great as well.
  4. Since I only paint for fun and display it's alright, I only have broken some stuff during removing the supports. Once based and painted no problems.
  5. And even more.. Mnaged to break off a sattelite disc from the veteran, will need to glue that back when it's cured
  6. Reference Pics for the Jackal Force. African wild Dog/Australian Dingo/Fennec Fox/Dobermann/Jackal.
  7. I have that one bookmarked as well as others. My Jackal Force will be painted with Wild African Dogs / Australian Dingos as references, maybe throw in a Fennec Fox or something like that. Of course true Jackals/Coyotes/Wolves and even Dobermann Dogs come to mind. I will have me some fun.. DISCLAIMER WOOF is in no way upgrading it's forces with heavy weapons and big monsters. This blatant M.E.O.W. propaganda HAS to stop! WOOF will never push that red button... *** SIR, I just pushed the button*** YOU WHAT?
  8. Ok, let me explain: Make sure to watch it till the end! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL19uMsnpSU
  9. It was about 23 Celsius today and Sunny, so pleasant. At this moment it's 22:05 hours, so it's evening and slowly cooling off. I have been busy playing nurse for my girl while keeping my distance as well as possible while doing so.. Hope she'll feel better soon and that it won't get worse. Vixen and me, no symptoms so far, hope it stays that way. Have been printing a few minis for distraction.
  10. It worked. Assault Beast, 3 Nomads, a few Energey packs and Oil Drum and a Rocket/Backpack.
  11. Normally I stick to Fantasy but recently I acquired 3D files for a wonderful faction of Space Woofs. The Jackals from Onepagerules. Naturally I bought them all... Don't worry citizen, WOOF has no plans to conquer the Galaxy...honest... In the welcome pack of that patreon I also got several Robot Legion Troops and I got some free Alien Hive and Eternal Dynasty minis as well. Combined with a "few" other scifi minis and files I have, I decided it to be time to explore the Galaxy. This is not my first time though. Here are some minis I painted in the past that fit the bill. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/73384-the-elder-god-escapes-his-container-by-glitterwolf/ https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91382-survivor-dog-by-glitterwolf/ https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78572-50227-dee-dee-astro-girl-with-martian-mindworms-by-glitterwolf/ Enough of that... On to adventures in Space! I present the Jackals. First 3D prints are now curing. A Jackal Assault Beast. Three Jackal Nomads A few Power Packs, Backpack/Rocket pack and an Oil Drum. This will make a nice start. Since I don't play the game I will paint what I like and make up my own stories like you're used from me. Official background for the Jackals:
  12. Thx, yeah it was a bit too much. There is a topless version as well, but this is armored so armored it is. Her shoes are wild, yeah. but it fits her.
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