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  1. Looks great, awesome expression on that face!
  2. Sounds about right. I don't know if the FDM printers/slicing programs show the costs for a print? Chitubox does, so I'll have an estimate what a resin print costs. Then add a little for the use of the printer. Depending on the person you can go up to what a printed model should cost in retail. Keep in mind which files are copyrighted, for some you need a merchant tier in Patreon in order to sell a print legally.
  3. The eyes, depending on your skills ( it's a small mini) you could paint very thing black lines to create a grid. Or go demon eye, leave the yellow in the middle, paint the rest a dark orange, then a little red in the corners, in the middle a white and then a black slit pupil.
  4. You can always enter it in the next year contest. Don't hurry! You could create two dioramas that will fit together so you can make one big one or two smaller ones out of it. It takes a little planning about composition. But it might solve your dilemma. You have many options. What will be the setting? Will they drive around in a rural area, a desert or an urban area? A highway or an alley? Depending on the setting there are many cool modelling options ( walls with graffiti, running pedestrians, fleeing cows or cats, a running farmer, garbage cans, haystacks etc etc)
  5. Question November 23nd.. Would you rather have skin that changes color based on your emotions or tattoos appear all over your body depicting what you did yesterday?
  6. The gold trim on the green armor works very well. Good one!
  7. Well done! I like them both but the black one is my favorite. BONUS POINTS for painting WOLVES!!!!
  8. Happy Birthday @Alexanderwasden ! Have a great day!
  9. RNEstudio, that's where I saw her.
  10. The tongue out of the mouth pose would be awesome for this!
  11. Impressive dragon, coming along fine!
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