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  1. WEEKEND QUESTION/CHALLENGE Oct. 15 / Oct. 17. Draw/Print/Paint/Convert/Build something Halloween related. Can be a mini a painting, anything! Show it. If you can't, show something you already did earlier?
  2. The LEDs should last, right? I hope you can figure it out, else, isn't there some sort of repair service somehwere?
  3. Hm.. About half of the models printed perfectly the others partly or not. Something wrong with my supports I think. The good ones are curing, a few of the partial ones as well, I can use some of their parts. Another try tomorrow for the rest.
  4. Did you change resins? Another brand perhaps or even a different colour? This can lead to different settings!
  5. Hrmph! Still printing, but I already noticed that a few of the models aren't printing. Let's see how it turns out.
  6. I voted for the purple haired little minx! Don't forget her! She's got a gun you know!
  7. Currently printing some minis for a little idea I have. Will take almost 4 hours, hope they all come out well. There are other scary things out there besides the Undead, sometimes where you least expect it.
  8. They look like they mean business! These are Baaaaaahhaaad Guys!
  9. It has been a while since I printed, still trying to paint my backlog. But... I had this idea which I personally think is pretty cool so I fired up the Old Elegoo Mars and within 4 hours we will know if I succeeded in printing the components for my idea. Stay tuned.
  10. To quote Britney Spears..." Oops I did it again" For being a Patreon I got a 70% discount on this Halloween Special from AVG on MMF.
  11. Could not resist, I got a 70% Discount on this Halloween Mini from AVG on MMF since I'm a Patreon this Month. So for €3,24 I got this.
  12. Uh Oh... AVG mailed me and gave me a 70% off discount on the Halloween Model on MMF. So ehhh.. Did I buy it?
  13. Great Grimoire added this beauty to the October Set.
  14. I think he looks good as is. If you want the runes to glow more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQZPRzQQqIM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSHgAsoH5Qs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGxjc7cdwms
  15. Question Oct. 14th. Do you play Halloween themed games during the holidays?
  16. And more from Highlands, this guy looks pretty familiar!
  17. EPIC Miniatures preview for November. Orcs.
  18. Did you test the screen? Does it show something odd? One stupid question maybe, but it happened to me when I changed a FEP for the first time. Most FEP Films are protected by a layer of protective sheet on BOTH sides!!! I thought it was just one and printed a few times with one of those sheets still attached.
  19. Hi there, I used to go by the name Xherman1964, changed it to Glitterwolf after a problem with my account. This problem also causes my history to be wrong, I joined in 2013 not in 2015 like it says now. I believe we have met in a few threads back then. Anyway, Welcome back and I do hope you have fun. A few things changed, the most important one, no more politics/sensitive topics.. Glad you're here, the more the merrier!
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