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  1. You might want to read up on the material then. There are mugs that you can print which are meant for fun and to place an actual mug in.. Not sure if it would be a good idea to drink from a printed mug, will resin or filament interact with tea/coffee/soda etc???
  2. Thanks to Epic Miniatures Patreon there will be a lot of Undead soon
  3. So many projects, so little time. I got some files that will be used in this porject sometime soon.
  4. The bikers look great! One minor nitpicking note...paint the rims of the bases, it's distracting! Love the vibrant colours!
  5. Aannd it got silent again. The communications on this KS is really bad. Hoping the files will be delivered soon enough.
  6. Pfff. This is taking too long! Should have been delivered in March, now we're heading towards a Brexit, they said they were shipping, so I hope my stuff wil get here in time. This will be the last physical KS I'll back. STL from now own so I'll have less to stress about.
  7. EPIC will do Lovecraft in December. And here I thought I didn't need these..
  8. Would this be allowed? The King Cobra is from Reaper and the Large Egyptian Treasure to it's right as well. Also two Khopesh swords from the Reaper Nefsokar weapon Pack. But all the rest is 3D printed Artisan Guild stuff and some treasure from other companies.. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93681-temple-of-apophis-by-glitterwolf/
  9. I usually just use my hands, I also have the GW miniholder @Cranky Dog showed. Sometimes I pin a mini on a cork, but overall I still use my hands...
  10. Complete insanity! If one is going to "you know" then transition of a virus will happen if one carries it. No matter how much "other" body parts one protects.. Oh well...
  11. Thanks for serving Beagle! Show us what you paint!
  12. I just want to say that it's really paying off to browse through MMF/3D Cults/Thingieverse and search for free stuff. There is a LOT of great stuff for free there. When you're in MMF, click on a designer, then click objects, the free ones will appear as well then.
  13. Just as you're waking up from a good night's sleep you hear that whisper... *** Why didn't you get me? You got everything else...why? Don't you like me?****
  14. Finished my Temple of Apophis. The big Cobra is from Reaper, all the other snakes were printed, the smaller one are the scaled down versions of the larger ones. Also the Altar, the first steps and the braziers are all printed. All Artisan Guild. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93681-temple-of-apophis-by-glitterwolf/
  15. Which one did you get? Join us here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/forum/75-tips-and-advice-3-d-printing/
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