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  1. Happy Birthday @Pezler the Polychromatic!
  2. That might mean I will return to AG in October then! The latest releases weren't my thing but Gnolls/Werewolves/Canines etc...yup...
  3. Awesome! The Airfix 1/72 and 1/32 plastics were my first collection in my youth. At one point I think I had almost the whole 1/72 range from Airfix and a lot from Atlantic as well.
  4. I was born and raised in Rotterdam ( The Netherlands) For years the harbour was the largest in the World, nowadays it's the largest in Europe. Also: The Euromast.
  5. That sounds good. Hope it will work out for you!
  6. All 3D Files, there's a lot of cool stuff out there waiting to get printed. I might have collected....a ...few...
  7. Looks good. The background is a matter of taste/perception I think. I prefer a black background since the forum also has a white background..
  8. Thx Al, I sure did! Hope you're doing alright. Have you found a way to get to the North?
  9. It's not too bad. He got an ointment to help the wound heal.
  10. Good job! I like the vegetation.
  11. Welcome to the Forum! Enjoy your stay!
  12. Trip to the Vet this afternoon.. Brutus tore his thumbnail ( upper left paw) complete off when racing through the garden trying to chase something last wednesday. It bled and I took care of it, but last night he expressed pain when he laid down and somehow put pressure on it. I inspected the toe and it looks like there is a bit of inflammation going on. Better have it checked out.
  13. Ah, well I hope you will be able to access it again soon then. The Avatar is a nice step though, more recognisable.
  14. Once again I somehow decided that one can not have enough minis/files. So I got the CastNPlay Ancient Sands set on Patreon.
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