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  1. Got myself a new gaming/office chair. Best part, since I work from home a lot the Air Force paid for it!
  2. Still on antibiotics. December 3 anothe sample will be taken and we will know in a week from there if the treatment was succesful. For now he has been playing with his girlfriend Sjaantje the Boxer in her Garden. His Labrador Girl friend has visited us, she played Hide and Seek.
  3. Day one! My girl created a Speculaas/kruidnoten Cake. Also..Brutus played with his Boxer Girl friend in her garden
  4. Poor Lucy, Hang in there buddy! So happy to hear that DHL is performing poorply all over the globe instead of just in my country. I have had so many moments where I got the message that I wasn't home and I needed to reschedule or pick up my parcel at a depot, all of those moments I was home. Just yesterday I filed another complaint about such a thing Floor is Dutch BTW. Before she joined Nightwish she was the frontlady of After Forever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuFqy2EbKOk
  5. Well the first things look awesome! The hounds of Tindalos and the Demon are already cool. But check out the Night Gaunts! Especially the one on the ruin!! And what I like about the set so far, it's pretty useful and versatile enough to incorporate the models in other armies/projects. I mean those Night Gaunts are ending up in my Lords and Ladies of Death project fro sure, as are those masked murderers!! The Dwarven Maiden is good for a Norse Project (Hey, I have one!) The Dark Dragoon Lady can be part of any evil force.. Nodens? Hmm, Nautical ! Demons! Always have room for those!
  6. That's this little fellow. An older paint job, I hope I improved by now... But he was a joy to paint then. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60498-wizard-on-magic-carpet/&/topic/60498-wizard-on-magic-carpet/?hl=harlequinn
  7. Great job! I always love purples and the metals are superb!
  8. Those look pretty good! Can't wait to see them painted!
  9. WEEKEND CHALLENGE. November 20th / 22th. In these troubled times it's important to have FUN! So, do something for fun or treat yourself to something nice. Share pics! You Matter! Spoil yourself this weekend!
  10. We're working from home where and when possible. Wearing a mask in places where it's mandatory ( or where I decide to do it anyway) Avoiding unnecessary contact. Eat healthy, walk with the dog in the woods each day. What is getting me down is that I miss certain people, miss to be able to go out for dinner or travel. We are lucky though with a house large enough to give each other space and a big garden. Stay healthy and safe all.
  11. I know, but maybe something to consider for the end phase. It just struck me that wet looking jackets would suit them in their profession/area.
  12. If you make a net, cheat! Some fruits are in small plastic nets, something like that might help.
  13. Our base has exactly one flying whipped cream whisk. That one is used by a trauma team to assist with medical emergencies, who uses our airbase for that.
  14. Mine was door to door salesman of a funeral insurance. Learned a lot about people during those few months because I was invited in many homes. Learned even more about how insurance companies work ( and what kind of money driven hyenas some are, I'll spare you the details but there are some dark things behind the scenes.)
  15. Happy Birthday @willmontgomery ! Have a good one!
  16. Hmmm, depending on how serious funny you like him to be. I see him hunting for either insects or something aquatic so here are my suggestions. Take it or leave it as you please of course. Butterfly Net Boat Hook ( think what the Merrow from Reaper Bones has as a weapon) Fishing Rod Trident Lantern on a pole ( to light the way in the dark forest/swamp?)
  17. If that pile of bones is a separate piece it will also be very very useful for undead basing
  18. Good job! And be careful about taking sand from beaches, depending on the Nation you can even get arrested leading to a huge fine or even detention. I know the so called Pink Beach in Italy has such strict rules!!
  19. I agree! Awesome job on those cocoons! And I love the rangers, good job!
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