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  1. Which did lead to me getting a new mini. When I joined the Dragon Chicken wasn't part of the welcome pack, now it is! So I got it.
  2. I have a bamboo brushroll. I store that lying down.
  3. Being able to visit her every day is a good thing! Let's call that one a silver lining.
  4. Here's hoping that it your MIL will get through that!
  5. Thank you! She's a cool design isn't she? I loved printing and painting her.
  6. This little guy is FREE on MMF!!! And if you click on the creator, this one is also FREE
  7. We purchased a house and I got my own dedicated hobby room.
  8. WOOF Secret Service Dpt. Why are our secret bases on Openstreetmap?????
  9. They look the part! Still remind me of stuff like Labyrinth and also a Comic, Melissande, she's a young witch in training and encounters all sorts of magical beings. It's a light hearted funny comic.
  10. The Jurakin set has good presupports, the Ogres are a bit less reliable. DO check for Islands even with presupports, add a support if you see an island. If a very light support is used and you have doubts, add an extra one to be sure. I rather have a little more supports than a fail.
  11. QUESTION NOVEMBER 12th. 2020 has been rough, share a positive event / happy moment you had this year.
  12. I use Vallejo Desert Sand Paste for it. Here is an example how that looks https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93653-sphynx-eternal-by-glitterwolf/
  13. Nice! You could cover threading damage wih sand/flock, it will be very believable for such a creature!
  14. Usually doing something I really like like hobbying, walking with Brutus. My girl also can get me out of it, although sometimes when I'm really down it's better to sleep it off..
  15. Painted a biggie! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93653-sphynx-eternal-by-glitterwolf/
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