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  1. TV/Movies: Star Trek, Catweazle, Star Wars ( Original Trilogy) Science/History : Prehistoric Life and Military History always had my interest and that hasn't changed. Torn Collarbone Concussion
  2. Congrats on the new familymember
  3. Haven't really set a goal. I would like to finish the Dark Souls Boradgame minis I'm painting for a friend of youngest Vixen's boyfriend. And I'm working on a Pack Dino a Town House a Lizardman Statue and more...
  4. Great job! Whales, Squids, pffff, time that these youngsters go to work instead of forming gangs!
  5. Currenlty still happy with the Mars, when it dies I can see a Jupiter ( or the next best thing) in my future.
  6. Happy Birthday @thorngrove! Have a great day!
  7. Happy Birthday @Dalth! Have a great one!
  8. Happy Birthday @aromaticpose ! Have a great day!
  9. Lost Kingdom Miniatures September Release. Highlands Miniatures First Unit for September RAVEN TWIN miniatures September Claycyanide September Bestiarum September
  10. Welcome to the Forum! Well done on these!
  11. Great job and the base is a very nice touch!
  12. I'm in the Royal Netherlands Air Force as many of you know. So yes, I'm a member of a Military Union and no...We are forbidden to go on strike. Also..we Dutch do not celebrate that day. A litter of Boxer Dog Puppies A Pile of Bacon A CD with unreleased music from Motorhead A Pile of Dark Chocolate My Girlfriend telling me to get over there.. ( In fact the last one alone would probably work)
  13. There are no mold lines, but you could see some spots caused by removing the supports, sometimes there might still be a support that they forgot to remove. So worth inspecting. A spot can be smoothed by soft sanding/cutting.
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