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  1. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Seems like you have a good attitude about it, which is very admirable.
  2. Hope things are going ok for you. How is the prognosis?
  3. A lot of people swear by Krylon. I had a bad experience with it though. Real bad. I have heard that montana gold is good http://www.cheapjoes.com/rd/13120_home_090...-gold-spray.asp (I haven't used it -- although I plan to try someday. Also never used that online seller).
  4. Those eyes! She looks totally psycho. Love it!
  5. Ow, a flying tendon would hurt. Ha! I guess there aren't many nerves in tendons, because it didn't hurt much. The 8 weeks of no weight bearing after the surgery was a pain though.
  6. Wow. Get well soon! One of the milestones for getting old is when you realize that you can hurt yourself by falling. I snapped a tendon in my ankle a while ago, and that was when it hit me.
  7. I like the bold shading on the face. It gives him a very stern look.
  8. Here is mine. Thanks for looking!
  9. @Rastl_Deeperdown You're kicking some serious butt. Way to go! Halloween contest piece Will photograph tomorrow if able. Ork big mech Trollbloods Rat Ogres
  10. I had a jar of that. I probably only used it once. I don't recall a smell.
  11. Yes. Maybe they already have this though? I haven't seen one.
  12. Not sure if I'd go for it myself, but I have often wondered if multi-packs of good brushes (2-3) might sell better if the unit price of the brushes were better.
  13. My list, most of which is utter fantasy is this: Halloween contest piece - (not army/speed, but what the heck) Ork big mech Trollbloods Rat Ogres A few "larger" minis.
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