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  1. I appreciate the info! OTOH, the two numbers in the middle of a six character code is not obvious. I recall looking at those and wondering, but then I saw numbers > 12 so I discarded the possibility. A lot of people are not used to thinking in military time.
  2. Hi! If I'm not the first person to say this, then I'm sorry, but if you added the time to the title of the class then it would make purchasing tickets easier when purchasing them to know that we're not buying tickets that overlap in time. The purchase page does not include the time of the class. Thanks! Bill Robertson
  3. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Seems like you have a good attitude about it, which is very admirable.
  4. Hope things are going ok for you. How is the prognosis?
  5. A lot of people swear by Krylon. I had a bad experience with it though. Real bad. I have heard that montana gold is good http://www.cheapjoes.com/rd/13120_home_090...-gold-spray.asp (I haven't used it -- although I plan to try someday. Also never used that online seller).
  6. Those eyes! She looks totally psycho. Love it!
  7. Ow, a flying tendon would hurt. Ha! I guess there aren't many nerves in tendons, because it didn't hurt much. The 8 weeks of no weight bearing after the surgery was a pain though.
  8. Wow. Get well soon! One of the milestones for getting old is when you realize that you can hurt yourself by falling. I snapped a tendon in my ankle a while ago, and that was when it hit me.
  9. I like the bold shading on the face. It gives him a very stern look.
  10. Here is mine. Thanks for looking!
  11. @Rastl_Deeperdown You're kicking some serious butt. Way to go! Halloween contest piece Will photograph tomorrow if able. Ork big mech Trollbloods Rat Ogres
  12. I had a jar of that. I probably only used it once. I don't recall a smell.
  13. Yes. Maybe they already have this though? I haven't seen one.
  14. Not sure if I'd go for it myself, but I have often wondered if multi-packs of good brushes (2-3) might sell better if the unit price of the brushes were better.
  15. My list, most of which is utter fantasy is this: Halloween contest piece - (not army/speed, but what the heck) Ork big mech Trollbloods Rat Ogres A few "larger" minis.
  16. Wow, I could only get through about a minute and a half of it.
  17. Are we supposed to sign up? Or just post a photo when done?
  18. FTFY You got 3 done! Be happy about that! Thanks for the perspective. I painted one miniature in September.
  19. Wow. The colors, the pose, the wings. Its all so cool.
  20. I haven't used MSP, but I would occasionally have a bottle of Vallejo that had a "hunk of goo" in it and it would constantly clog like you're saying. If I could fish that out of the bottle, it helped a lot. The trick was to take the cap off before turning the bottle right side up, so the goo would remain in the neck and could be worked out.
  21. Good point about the pants color. Thanks.
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