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  1. 50mm moulds .. a bit too small for my Arcadia Quest project (65-70mm squares), a pity these are a lot smaller than the previous ones! Are there any plays to add some forest grounds or tree trunks like models?
  2. This game just comes way too late. If I didn't already have my Dark Elves to play with I would actually be interested, being a GoT fan. I also wonder if there's still room for a playerbase for this game. These days the market is really saturated with so (too) many wargames already.
  3. Just got my Bones III and can't wait for IV!! This time I'll pledge for a little more ...
  4. I have Blood Rage and I really like both the minis and gameplay. Also my job earns me more than enough to buy one game a month .. so no doubts here!
  5. I am definitely going to back this game! You get so many minis for the money ... if you want some ancient themed ones this gives you a lot for the base KS pledge. But also lots of generic monsters: giants, scorpions, spiders, a lion, eagle, minotaur and there will be a griffon as well. I also like the manticore add-on. For a KS price it's decent but if you'd have to buy it from a manufacturer you'd pay at least twice that price. What gameplay is concerned I like it that you can play 1 vs 1 and also 2 teams of 2 against each other. So you can also play it without having to invite friends, which is very nice.
  6. They're looking into the option to make open stairs instead, that would fit minis .. So keep posted!
  7. Agreed, I was actually looking forward to have at least 1 mounted bear for my maiden army! And here she is! The Battleborn is also very nice and impressively looking but a bit out of my league. If there is one thing I miss in this kickstarter it's regular cavalry. All these mounted units are so very big (and thus expensive)!
  8. Why disappointing? It's weekend, pledged normally slow down quite a bit then. But I won't get angry if you'd show us some more bears or yaks!
  9. I wonder when these minis will be available in the Impact shop. There's definitely a few I'd like to add to my chibi collection!! Especially the beetle, scorpion and other swarms!
  10. I pledge for some wights .. and i get undead cheerleaders for free? Plain weird!!
  11. I like some models ... but $36 shipping (or is it $28?) for $32 pledge is not really very attractive ..
  12. Definitely! My Shieldmaiden army won't stay bearless (nor Yakless)! Most confess that I wonder if this campaign wouldn't have been even more succesful if there would have been more sculpted or rendered Shieldmaiden minis available to showcase. Sometimes it's hard to envisage how these Shieldmaiden armies are going to look like once they are desiged, cast, painted and put in some appropriate scenery.
  13. Definitely in for the rangers! A female Norse army .. what's not to like?
  14. This KS is looking very dangerous!! Did I already tell I have very little castle stuff, yet?
  15. Well to be honest, I find the minis are a weird combination. Unless you're a collector, who needs a sci fi mini, a bikini wearing barbarian and such? Just my personal opinion but I think it would have been a lot better (and get a lot more pledges) if the styles would have been more similar. Because of the small amount of minis, shipping costs are already high and with minis among them that I don't want/like it's not even an option for me anymore.
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