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  1. Great thread, I need to do this as well. I have about 20 minis in various states of primer and paint that i just need to knock out and get done in the next year so i can dedicate my time to my Bones 3 Kickstarter hoards. I especially need to finish the last 4 of 5 heros for my Dragons dont Share... I'm having some trouble getting motivated to finish them. I need some inspiration
  2. I think I am going through withdrawal already..... I woke this morning to come check the progress and the forums and there is very little additional posting since the close of the KS. I didn't read it during the campaign because there was so much other stuff going on, Does anyone have the link to the story that the one poster was writing as the campaign went along, I would love to go back and read it. <<<<<Runs out to check mailbox>>>>>> Back to painting my 20 minis..... THanks
  3. This was awesome.....It was my first Bones KS and I loved it. I only pledged $350 during the campaign because I was trying to be fiscally responsible, but I know I will be adding things on when the manager opens up again. Love the frost giants and the Fire giant and Solar. Probably gonna get extra fence and some extra weapons,,,, not even sure what else at this point. Mail carrier is gonna get a hernia delivering all this stuff, good thing its bones and not metal..... Thank you Reaper for the wild ride especially the last few hours.... And thank you for the wonderful product.
  4. Love the Fire Giant Jailor... and that Solar .... Throws Credit Card at computer.....
  5. Probably holding the frost giantess until the very end.....
  6. Well just in....All female monster and hero goals for the next 5 hours.....
  7. We're getting so close. Have to go get my oil changed in about an hour hope we hit before that, don't want to make a scene in public when it hits.
  8. Yeah, me too. I'm in for FOUR of that one. YEah the only one that I may get multiples of is the first one. the others are cool, but I dont think I would use more
  9. Very Cool Sculpt and art work, I am not sure if i will buy though. I don't think my group has any sea faring adventures planned. I hope it does spur a lot of activity though, I want to see part 3 of the graveyard and everything else. I love this Kickstarter so far, even the parts I am not personally buying.
  10. we've thought about Hirst arts, but I don't like how fragile they are. And how expensive. And the work that goes into making them. And then trying to store these expensive fragile things XD it just doesn't fit in with how we store our gaming items and how we play our games. Something more durable and lighter and cheaper would be useful to us. But i can understand how those who have the means and walls already wouldn't be as excited about Bones walls This is actually why I backed the Battle Systems Fantasy terrain Kickstarter last year, which shold be shipping in the next week or so.....
  11. Yep, Its Friday moring and almost the end of the campaign, I am watching and the numbers are starting to tick up already this morning.... What does rReaper have instore for us over the next 24 plus hours? I really can't wait to see what else is coming. Im really hoping for the female Frost Giant, Mr and Mrs Bones and the Halfling farmers and cart and animals that were previewed in the RCON showcase pictures.
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