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    Are there panels?

    Does ReaperCon host any panel discussions or Q&A type events (vs classes), on subjects that are informative or interesting but not directly related to techniques?
  2. lazylich

    Is there an age limit for ReaperCon?

    Sounds like a clear case of self defense then.
  3. lazylich

    Are there panels?

    What, you mean, like, just walk up and, uh, talk to people? What did I get myself into
  4. lazylich

    Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    The Blue Angels are flying around Seattle right now (Seafair practice) but the smoke from fires in BC is so bad you basically can't see them. I suppose Navy pilots are trained to fly in any conditions...
  5. I presume a large part of Reaper's selection criteria is what they want in their product lineup in 2 years for retail buyers, including those than are looking for that perfect mini for their game that they buy only a handful of a year. They are making a deal with the devil (that's all of us) to pay for their molds. It's probably inevitable that the core and expansions have minis that aren't terribly appealing to a lot of 4-time backers but which Reaper really wants in their line.
  6. Ohh right I forgot about the hatchlings.
  7. Well, the inbetweens don't post about it, unless its time to post about not posting about it (moi). I might be misremembering but didn't one of the previous core sets have an unnamed silver dragon added as a stretch goal? It wasn't nearly as big as others but I don't think Gauth is actually the first core set dragon. (edit) I was wrong it was actually in an expansion set I got in B2.
  8. There is an official thread for suggestions that is more likely to get attention. I would also like to see a wider variety of folklore figures, Russian and otherwise.
  9. Gonna call it the trioculopod until I hear otherwise. Don't normally go for scifi addons but getting that at retail. I will find or invent a use for it somehow.
  10. 20% is a little lower that I would have guessed, but I'm not super surprised either. I know a couple of other Bones backers who backed once, got more minis than they will ever paint, and have moved on. One case, he stopped playing RPGs so hasn't been motivated, and another is back into Warhammer and painting those instead. Those on the forums I think have a somewhat skewed idea of what's normal because we surround ourselves with other enthusiasts...
  11. It occurs to me Reaper hasn't posted an update on its past Kickstarters about Bones 4. I assume that's because they want to message the last deliveries of Bones 3 properly. But I imagine B4 will get a nice bump when they are able to do that, there's probably a lot of backers that don't regularly follow the forum or the Reaper site.
  12. Also, $666K well played sir.
  13. So, I changed my Kickstarter email after Bones 3 fulfilled, because I've been trying to switch to a new one (the old one is literally 25 years old and buried in spam). I would have locked in Secret Weapon with an account under the old address, but Bones 4 will close with my new address. Should I be creating a new pledge manager account, or is there something I need to do to change my email on the existing account? (I don't actually remember if I've had to create separate accounts for every KS or not.)
  14. I'm picturing Bryan sitting at his computer with a couple dozen browser tabs open, just waiting to click 'Submit' on each update.
  15. That crab rules. (And it does in fact look like it ends during Labor Day weekend i.e. PAX and DragonCon.)
  16. lazylich


    I am, but I don't know anybody.... In years past, I don't remember seeing a lot of mini related content/events. Paint and take and maybe a couple painting demos? Or am I just clueless?
  17. lazylich

    Fog Monster: Mini Fog Machines For TableTop Games.

    Wouldn't you prefer water anyway to avoid gunking up your terrain & minis with glycerin or oil or whatever else was used? (I've never used one so I don't know how much condenses.)
  18. There were some ratfolk models in Bones 2, in case you hadn't come across them. However, if those don't work for you, I would agree with more ratfolk minis, I always have them in my campaigns. Edit: ah yeah those are the same rats then. More rats!
  19. lazylich

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    I dunno, I'd like having more than one style or pose of some monsters, partly because the game itself has different variations (all those beholder subtypes), partly because tastes vary, and partly because you want more than one (say, owlbears) in an encounter, so different poses are nice. This isn't true for all monsters, but for the more iconic ones, it would be nice to have more variety. Since styles change (and models get larger) over time, I personally would prefer new sculpts over converting older ones, but I can imagine a lot of long-time fans disagreeing with me on that...
  20. lazylich

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Reaper should make a chibi Sir Forscale just for trolling purposes.
  21. lazylich

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    In years past you guys have had a pretty good appearance at PAX Prime, are you staying back for B4's sake this year? Is it actually going to end sometime around the weekend? (I'll be at DragonCon instead of PAX this year, but the hype at the end is kinda fun.) If it's longer than 30 days I'd be curious to know what the reasoning was at some point, considering B3 was relatively short and seemed to do well enough.
  22. lazylich

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Just gonna point out that there's gonna be a total solar eclipse during KS4, and there ought to be something appropriate for it. [gif snip]
  23. lazylich

    Challenges to mixing with "CMYK"

    Thanks for posting that. In addition to getting some insight into paints, I have a little background with digital printing so its sort of theoretically interesting, too. In digital printing at least, printers aren't always relying on the transparency of the dye, they place dots precisely to create patterns to get an "average" color instead of mixing the inks themselves. Wax printers, laser printer toner (plastic microspheres) and so on are more opaque than dye and rely on halftoning to get higher values. Or to put it more simply, printers do a bunch of tricks to mitigate the limitations of CMYK inks. As a result 4-color digital printing has a relatively narrow gamut. Good photo printers get their results by using more than four colors - Canon has a popular professional printer that relies on 12 different inks. I'm a relative beginner to painting, so I personally appreciate having the full range of Reaper colors available. :)
  24. lazylich

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    One moment of weakness, months of torturous temptation.