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  1. YES, the beading up was my problem. I will definitely check out the "Brown Liner," that sounds ideal. I also saw in other tutorials that using the dark color as a base helps bring out the details so you can actually see what you're trying to paint :-) I've been varying the finish on different parts of my models. Matte for skin and old cloth; gloss for pretty hair and fancy clothes. I'm a huge sucker for gloss, and I've been doing different shimmer/iridescent/metallic/glitter effects too. Those are super fun looking in person but I can't photograph them for the life of me (although I'm gene
  2. re: Arydis. Yeah, a 2nd model is probably the practical solution here. Bones models are so inexpensive, and the design constraint is tricky.
  3. Re: Sabith: Thanks for the link to the eyes tutorial. That looks quite useful. Re: Reaper Jack. Thinner paint, good tip. I'm using fairly heavy-bodied artist acrylics (since I felt silly buying little $3 bottles of model acrylics when I already own a couple banker's boxes full of regular acrylics). Multiple coats is a really good idea. I'm used to painting larger stuff (haha, basically everything in the world is larger than these little guys!!)
  4. Here is my first-ever mini! I have a lot to learn, especially about eyes. And about how to get better detail using a phone camera. I whittled the staff down to make a sword.
  5. Re: Arydis Magnets are a great idea! How do you embed the magnet in the "naked" mini to make it unobtrusive? I'm starting with the "Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage" mini. (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/77193/latest/77193). She has a staff and another accessory (scroll?) on her belt, which are going to be a bit tricky to sculpt around. (The mini hasn't shipped yet so I haven't had a chance to really think about it in 3-D yet). I'm not averse to just cutting off that extra accessory, whatever it is, because it's not important to my conception of the character. BTW your Aviriel m
  6. Hello collective wisdom of the message boards: I am about to begin a campaign through the arctic, and I wanted to give my character mini a warm winter cloak made of Green Stuff. I want to be able to take the cloak off when she's in Diplomat Mode instead of Explorer Mode. I could just make 2 separate minis, but it seemed kind of fun to make a removable accessory, if that's possible. Does anyone have experience here? My first instinct was to cover the mini with seran wrap and sculpt over that, then hope the cloak was bendy enough to snap on and off after curing. This is my first time using G
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