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  1. Manvsmini, the pose does look nice even if it is probably not usable on your standard board setup. Very spread out. I am very curious to see how the size compares to Maal.
  2. Not too familiar with all the rules so I am not going to name the other brand. But there is a new Tiamat mini being made. It is $400 + dollars. Seems ridiculous when you can get this amazing Bones 5 headed dragon Maal Drakar for $150. Just want to hear people's thoughts on comparing from what is known? Are you excited? Would you purchase? Is the Bones all you need? How does the size stack up? I have Maal Drakar but never had a chance to put him/her together.
  3. The only giant I had from the first set is the fire giant bodyguard and he is for sure a short large figure. Since KS2, I got the hill giants and they are easily huge size characters and so are the new giants of KS3. Truth is you really can not mix them together without a back story for while the same giant is so short or tall (depending on the norm of your gaming world.)
  4. I think it is interesting that 5e made giants larger but did away with the colossal category as some of the new miniatures fall into or come close to the colossal size. While Nathavarr from dragons dont share is the upper limits of gargantuan, T'raukzul and Ma'al would surely be colossal.
  5. I just received my box of KS3 and noticed many of the new monsters seem larger on average over the previous sets. I was curious for those using the D&D/Pathfinder size categories, what would you consider some of the middle to larger monsters of KS3? For example T'raukzul, would you consider him gargantuan or colossal? What about Ma'al the Dragon Tyrant? Some of the new giants like the new fire giants vs the old seem to have gone into a new size category, or do you disagree? Just a fun thread for some mini discussions.
  6. You did an amazing job on this one. The back story is great and justifies the non common color scheme. I do not think many owners thought for this dragon to be anything other than the dragon god/goddess (and typical dragon types that go along with it).
  7. Nice job. Cannot wait to see the finished product.
  8. Nice paint job so far. I just got my box in yesterday and opened today. Though I did not order every dragon in KS3, I knew when I seen T'Raukzul, I had to get him because I seen photos of the metal version before and he was pretty big. I was so surprised when I seen how large he was in person, I thought he was Ma'al at first. If a person is at all familiar with D&D/Pathfinder, it is know that the Red dragon is typically known as the largest of the evil dragons and that is what big T is modelled after. Also in D&D lore, the evil dragon goddess is a 5 headed dragon but with the body of a Red dragon and from what I gather, only slightly larger than the largest of Red dragons. So in size comparison, it matches up about right with Ma'al. I think some people are also liking T'Raukzul more so than Ma'al because it is much more common to see a Red dragon over a dragon god in a table top rpg. Cant wait to see your finished dragon.
  9. What glue? Epoxy should not have any issue with water Super glue
  10. My kickstarter 3 list was now able to be purchased but at a price of $100 over what it was before. Oh well, there is a high price for greatness.
  11. As the title says, which is your fav dragon from reaper? That you own that is. Mine is Nathavar from DDS2 because he is my largest dragon and though there exist Kaladrax I could have bought or even Nethyrmaul, they are dead dragons. Second in line is my Nathrax because I think his pose is simply amazing and so animated.
  12. Sorry for those asking for pictures, I do not have any and this site is not picture posting friendly as far as straight uploads. My large minis are not in my only AC room but room temp has been about 85 to 75 on average lately. I have not painted them so maybe ai could heat them up in water to repose, but they are glued together and I am not sure if heating them will make limbs fall off.
  13. The miniatures page wont access on my phone right now so I might be off with the names but Cynder and deathsleet. Also Nathavar (DDS2) use to stand a little more upright with his tail dragging on the ground, now his tail is about an inch off the ground. He is slightly leaned forward, but his legs are strong so it seems to have stopped. My large minis are stored on top of a shelf with basic room temperature. No direct sun light.
  14. A few of my dragons that I have based (unpainted) have started to bend downward. Particularly the tall upright dragons standing on 2 legs. Some have even gotten to the point of their heads touching the floor. Bones material conforms to gravity overtime. Have any of you had this happen? What do you do about it?
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