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  1. You might try a little bit of a more striking highlight on the skin.
  2. Ok, I know this is really late, and the pic is about 5 years old, but...
  3. Looks good, now I would just need to get an army it would be appropriate to have those kinds of bases for.
  4. Ok, I have tried to submit a Picture to the Warlords site, but have an issue. The pic is a .jpg and it keeps telling me that it is not. I have tried changing it to a .jpeg and a .jpe, but it still won't work.
  5. SWEET! I will submit a pic I have then.
  6. No, it is not common. I have allways heard and use the common ones. Simle Green, Pine Sol, Break Fluid, etc...
  7. HUH? Where the heck is this feature? I would love to see it. I can't find Denver area players.
  8. Yeah, bad idea! If your wife is anything like mine, then I know what would happen to me. Not pretty. Tell you what, get a player in SA's address and mail them before you leave.
  9. I belive that would be Mock Dragon Soup.
  10. Hey, you all need to schedule and run something up here in Denver at GenghisCon. It is about 1800 people each year and we have a lot of good mini gamers. I just don't have the ability to do demos for another company or I would.
  11. Ok, explain this. DO I just mail in the one from th fig, or can I get them with other PoP's too?
  12. It has been too cold here to Dullcoat, but the is the plan once it warms up a little.
  13. WooHoo, was planning on a big Warlord purchase next week anyway.
  14. Is this fig out already? If yes, I will have to run to my FLGS and grab one.
  15. Thanks! I nearly wet myself laughing!
  16. Wish I had these kinds of problems on MY figs!
  17. Well, I just started painting again for the first time in like almost a year! So, here is what I have done. It is a Warmachine Gobber. Be honest.
  18. No Bryan, THAT is not what makes you wierd. It helps, but is not the responsible party.
  19. Please be telling me the colors and technique used to get the Velvet cape look. Please?
  20. "Shut up you munch!" <slap> "Huh huh."
  21. I do my Gems almost the same way as you it looks like. The one diffrence I can really see is I use a brush on glss varnish after the spray coats go on.
  22. Nice one man. Glad to see you keep improving.
  23. Thin MDF [Micro-Dense Fiber] it is available at most DIY stores and makes a great base for modular terrain. I usually make mine on 2 foot squares so It transports and stores easy.
  24. Be careful with the GW bases. Some are too small, make sure you get the 25mm, not the 20mm ones!
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