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  1. My "Opponents near to you" list is western NY and PA. Boston Mass is as close as Rochester for me. How can I find players in Taxchewsetts?

    HUH? Where the heck is this feature? I would love to see it. I can't find Denver area players.



  2. done im my best Beavis impersonation (which is really quite good-if you are a connoissure of such things you would appreciate my capture of this adorable scamps unigue gravelly-yet-childishly innocent vocals):


    "Hark the Harold angels sing

    glory to the new born king!

    Yeah heh heh that new born king guy is pretty cool. Whoa, hey look Butthead itsthat angel, Harold! Hey Harold, its me, Beavis!. Hey uh, hows it going! M heh heh."

    "Shut up you munch!" <slap>

    "Huh huh."

  3. Ok, well I gots 2 measure up a 4x4 sheet of sometype of wood to put this on, whats the best kind of wood for the job?

    Thin MDF [Micro-Dense Fiber] it is available at most DIY stores and makes a great base for modular terrain.


    I usually make mine on 2 foot squares so It transports and stores easy.

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