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  1. I accept BidPay, MO, Paypal and Check. Everything but Paypal, I hold for 10-12 business days to clear into my account before I send the item.
  2. *cough* Dwarves */cough* Sorry, must have a Frosh in my throat!
  3. Add me to the list and let me know what I need to do
  4. Ok, I am running a SG-1 RPG [using the AEG system] on Role Play Online and am looking for players.
  5. For Flesh, I use GW Flesh Wash with some Dwarf Flesh addedto the mix in the bottle. Works really well. It is whatmakes my skin tones soft and natural [in my opinon].
  6. Woo Hoo! The art for exaulted is great! I would love to get figs of some of the charactrers and will gladly use them in my Warbands!
  7. I have to agree here. I know of many really neet systems that have flopped because the rules came out with little or no figs at all.
  8. Very good idea. I have my Gauth unmounted yet, but plan on using the CD base for him. AOL Free minute CD's do have some uses after all. I have my 25mm scale Dictator from Hellion on a CD.
  9. OMG! Warl Hellborewill be a must have on my x-mas list! Neet sculpt Mr. Jackson!
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3155295220 It is back up on ebay!
  11. Dwarven Mountain Goat Riders! or Bear Riders would be nice.
  12. Hey Randy. I have been using B Soda for a long time and have never had a problem with it reacting to plastic, resin or metal of any kind. It doesn't yellow either.
  13. Dwarves! Lots and lots of Dwarves!
  14. Pewter has a very low melting point [240°C]. White Metal [what most miniatures are cast in] has a low melting point [185-275°C] as well.
  15. Baking soda. I use it on my snow bases and it looks really good! You do have to cover it wih a watered down white glue after it initially dries in order to keep it all on the base though.
  16. Well, I see that Reaper is going to be making the official Exaulted figs for the cool White Wolf game. My Warlord question is this: Will the Exaulted Figs [since they are Reaper made] be usable as Warlord Figures in oficial tournament?!?!?!?!?!
  17. To attach the crystals, I would use super glue [the thick gel kind] or a 2 part epoxy putty. Oh, and do it after you paint, but before you paint the base. I personally would add it before even primering and would re-paint the crystal my self.
  18. Austrailian Rules Blood Bowl would be more violent and fun!
  19. Having played several games recently, I found that people were only confused by how to move/shoot/melee for about 2 turns tops before they have it down. We have been playing the way abngi stated. It is the way it made the most sense after the first few fumbled games in the begining.
  20. I have to say, it looks like someone has a bunch of Hirst Arts molds and has made the most of them. I love them, but don't have the time to build. Don't suppose you could send me a dungion just cause your cool that way? :p
  21. :love: I love you ReaperIvy! You make my life complete! She who brings us wonderful news! :love:
  22. Ok, we tried the gladiator thing and everyone had a blast with it. This could be a lot of fun and I just wnat to see the advancement rules even more now.
  23. When can we expect to see another version come out, or is it in the near final stages?
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