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  1. Exploding Ninja Gerbils and Sumo Rhinos! :O
  2. ...just spent so much time on a fig, that even though it was not 'right' you just gave up and clear coated it? Or am I the only one?
  3. [computerized Gauntlet voice] Lee needs more Dwarves badly! [/computerized Gauntlet voice] :laugh:
  4. How about the fig: Margara, Dwarf Runecaster Mage ? Any idea when I can get that one?
  5. I use little Model RR Graveyard Headstones for my fallen guys in a lot scenario.
  6. Hmmm, I still think It should not be neccissary for me to shell out more money to make my army look like one group. :(
  7. :p I hate to say "DUH!", but... :oo:
  8. I have to say my only complaint is that I have bought 3 Dwarf Warlord figs and none have the same base. I am a unifomity freek when it comes to a skirmish army [or a big army for that matter]. So now I have to get the same kind or flock over the detail on all of them. Are the diffrent bases going to be available to purchase as a set? [ie: Can I buy a blister or small bag of all just cobblestone Warlord bases?]
  9. I haven't done it a while but I remember the cutting discs not cutting it! :oo: But, the heavy duty sanding drums work wonderfully! I think I've also used the Fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel to good effect. But, for sanding down to the feet, I definately recommend the sanding drums. Remember, when sanding or cutting the feet free, always wear a filter mask and inhailing pewter dust is not healthy!
  10. I have heard that to do snow on bases a lot of people use baking soda. This seems odd to me, but not unreasonable. Anyone have any experiance with it? ???
  11. Terrain is a big undertaking, colors for terrain are hard to judge with out trying it out. you can always repaint your treeain, so play with it and find a combo that works [on a small pice] then apply what you like to the rest. I think Paper mache is a bad idea if you want to get a good amount of use out of it. I prefer to make my terrain as veritile as possable. Evey hill I own, looks good no mater what scale I am using it at.
  12. You can also get the Metal Medium that they sell. You mix it with the color of red you want. and "poof" instant red metalic. Great stuff and it will not change the base color hardly at all.
  13. I have the whole set of all 60 on the way from the War Store. They have the set for $145 or right around there. that is about $2.50 a bottle.
  14. Wax? Wow! I would say no to doing that, but then again, they used to use little bb guns to shoot at each others figs in some really old Tin Soldier games from a long time ago.
  15. Please let us know how it turns out. I am very currious.
  16. Just a tip: Citadel Spray White Primer [which is nice, but way too dang expensive] is the exact same formula as Krylon Flat White Spray Paint. If you prefer black, there are equivalent quality Flat Blacks on the market.
  17. Oven cleaner toakes all the plastic off too. This will ruin and plastic figs you have. A safer [not as toxic and won't melt your plastics] method is Brake Fluid. Soak in BF for about 1-2 hours [over night if you wish] and then run under warm water with a soft toothbrush and you have a clean fig, even plastics. I have accidenty left plastic figs in BF for 3 weeks and had no warping or damage.
  18. If the bases are Resin, you can drill and pin easy, no hasstle at all. If metal you can as well. I suspect since they are epicast, that they are resin though.
  19. So, GOO has anounced that Reaper is doing figs for Silver Age Sentinals RPG. This is cool, and Sandera Garrity is sculpting them. The only problem I have is the paint jobs on the samples in Game Trader do not do them Justice! When are these going to be come available?
  20. The pretextured stuff is only about $2.00 or so a sheet and can do up to 80 or so 1"x1" bases. Less of corse if your wanting to do larger bases and only about 65-70 for round bases. They take about 30-70 seconds a base and you don't get plasticard bits superglued to you
  21. Gobbo


    I was talking about book case style shelves, but your right about transport. I find I can stand all the same size buildings at the bottom of a big rubermaid container and put hills and stuff on top. they really do fit there well.
  22. How about they make an SUP roll and if they succed they make it out. If they fail, they die?
  23. Gobbo


    I just stack them all in a container like the one you use, or on a shelf. I have 3 shelves in my basement that are just for terrain. you can get the build yourself ones for pertty cheap at Target or Wal-mart.
  24. I have some hurst molds, and used resin in one. It is possable to do, but it is really hard on the molds. you get a lot fewer castings out of them if you use them to cast in resin.
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