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  1. Great Ideas everyone! Lets keep working on this. I have a lot of friends that want to do city battles. I think that infantry in a collapsing building should be handled the same as Infantry in an APC. The hits are applied forst to the building and any beyond what is needed to destroy the building are applied as evenly as possable between all infantry in the building. Move all infantry stands that survive to the outside edges of the building. For fighting in a building, give infantry the same rules as if they were in light woods. I do agree with the rules for Soft/hard targets in the rules.
  2. Phil Reed has on his site a couple PDF's you can download these from his site.
  3. You can find a product by Plastistruct for model RR. It comes in sheets of pre-textured cobble stone, bricks, and all kinds of other textuers. cut to size of base, glue in place and paint. It really can be that easy.
  4. I may give that a go. I'll let you know if it works for me or not!
  5. Actually, you can get the reaper high side bases and glue the figure in and then fill the rest of the hole with 'Lite Interior Spakle' or wood filler [i prefer the spakle]. Then you can detail your base as you see fit.
  6. And do not get the light little epxensive clippers for this, get the heavier ones that have a little heavier metal in them. You can ruin an expensive set of clipper on your first cut if you arn't careful!
  7. If you use a GW style raised [slota] base, you can connect the LED to a watch battery underneath the base.
  8. I rarely water them down. I like GW inks, but have found I like the Valejo stuff better. It seems to have a good color with out liaving to much on the raised areas. Lately I have been painting with out inks and just blending up from the darkest color to the lightest.
  9. I can see them and it looks like you are single handedly keeping GW in business from all the figs in the back ground :p I would go for a bone color for it. I think it will look nicer.
  10. Micheal's is like Hobby Lobby and some other local 'craft' stores that might be more familiar to your area. They do have an online store. You can follow This Link to get there.
  11. I tried fiol before, but it bends too easy and the paint chips and flakes off all the time. I have been useing paper, but I can't get it to "flow" into folds very easy.
  12. Actually I like the smaller .005 Micron. It sometimes takes 2 passes to get the ink flow right, but they are great for tattoos, and small details too.
  13. I have a 30'x30' area of floor to play it on!
  14. What does everyone here use for banners and how do you paint them up?
  15. Great Tips Mengu! I will definately be trying this! I am looking to do a sword for a D&D character I play in Living Greyhawk!
  16. Tell us more. I am interested in this! I would love to do a vehicle in that pattern.
  17. Another tip, keep your tools wet too, and if they are metal, keep then clean and polished with a dremal buffer. This keeps the GS from sticking to it.
  18. I am a woodland and urban camo man my self. I like the look of standard woodland BDU's
  19. It is kind of hard to describe, it is lighter than black ink and makes some great weapon and armor wash, but is also good for 'dirtying' up a fig so it looks like it has a worn weatherd apperance. I use it on leather alot for that 'old leather' look.
  20. Just a hint on greenstuff, keep your fingers wet, and try to handle it as little as possable. Remember, if you can cut it down to size after it is dry, do so! You get a smother finish that way.
  21. Hmmm, interesting, and here I have been throwing them away all this time! :(
  22. It does not change the color at all. I have not seen any diffrence other than it becomes metalic. I love this stuff. That and the "smoke" transparent color they have. It is awsome as will.
  23. I see the use of silica gel pellets, I have no idea what these are. does anyone have a pic of a base with these so I can see if I need them?
  24. There is a Product from Valejo Paints, it is called Metalic Medium. It is a non-color medium that changes any color you add it to into a metalic paint. It is really neat and you can come up with some great custom colors.
  25. :laugh: I can see it now, the intire employment for McDonalds all working just to pay for CAV :p
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