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  1. I have a Psyros Conversion started, but can't find a main gun. I have started with a Syntha Fig from Void and added GW Tyranid Arms from a Lichtor [sp?]. I then used large plasma guns from the Syntha and shoulder mounted them, I just can't find a good main gun that isn't too big or too small. :(
  2. Not a bad I dea, but I like to do mods, so I probably will anyway. :)
  3. Gobbo

    Cav boneyard?

    Incomplete ones? If you are missing bits, just email them, they have replaced the one bad bit I had. You should be able to give them a list and they will probably replace them for you. I know they did for me. Mine was a Rhino body that was split across one side.
  4. If you like Valejo paints you might want to try Albino Rhino They have all Valejo Paints at $2 a bottle!
  5. FLGS just got them in and I have 2 now! I love these things. I can't wait untill there are enough to play 28mm CAV!
  6. Gobbo

    Cav boneyard?

    Thank. I am doing a lot of conversion work and need some bits :) Whats with the rings under some peoples avatars?
  7. Gobbo

    Cav boneyard?

    Wanting to get some bits, but CAV is not listed under boneyard on reaper site. Is this comming soon?
  8. Gobbo


    Only problem here is I have a dial up modem and it takes 20 min to download it! :p
  9. Gobbo

    Cav ab data files

    Are the new data files for CAV out yet. My local store has them, but I can't find them at all. :(
  10. I use Light Interior Spackle. It is cheap and once it dries and you paint and flock, it is nice and smooth or as rough as you want it to be. Make sure you get the Light version though, the regular spackle craks and is too heavy when it dries. While is is wet, it has the consistancy of frosting.
  11. I on occasion have used Railroad Weathering pastels on vehicles, like tanks and stuff, but find I don't like them for figs. :(
  12. Thanks All, I will give these a try. I am desperately trying to finish my WFB army for a tournament in December. :)
  13. #### you John! I love your stuff, and as I already own 2 of your Dictators, I will have to get a couple of these as well. I am looking forward to being able to run a 1/60th scale game at a con! Just need you to crank out at least 5 more designs before June! Please give me the following in 1/60th ASAP: Rhino Gladiator Soverign Panther Lance Thank you I will expect to see the prototypes in 3-5 days. :p I wish!
  14. I have to say for tournaments, I plan to use the following CAV section Rhino x 1, Soverign x 1, Gladiator x 1, and Dictator x 1. Good solid heavy section with lots of firepower and range. It also has the ability [depending on points for tournament] to have armor upgraded or "Wisso" upgrade on one.
  15. Gobbo


    How do I get on the automatic mailing list to recive these? I can't get them on time, by the time my FLGS gets them in everyone is talking about the next issue. I just got #9 yesterday!
  16. When can we expect this one to be on sale?
  17. I am working on some great figs, but am tired of Browns/Blacks/Greys for hair. How can I get a good blond that looks blonde and not yellow?
  18. Well, I just bought my first set of Vajllejo paints and must say, Smoke and Metal Medium Rock and the rest of the paints are awsome too!
  19. I start with a Black Primer. This is followed by a Dark brown [leaving black in the recesses], then a base color over that of Ivory or antique White and a final highlight of white to rap it all up, you can also do a wash of a chesnut or light brown befor the final highlight if you want a dirtier look.
  20. If you like the look of the buildings, but don't want to play with casting them your self, check this site out, He casts all the stuff you need and even sells in Kit form. http://www.miniaturesetc.com/ He made 100 castings of the Small Brick mold for me so I can make a Warmaster scale Castle for siege games. :)
  21. Helps if I actually post the site huh? http://miniature-painting.net/guides_brushes.html
  22. I too will chime in here. I use a wet pallet. It is a wonderful thing, I have mixed custom colors and they have remained wet and usable for weeks at a time! For blending, I use the Future Floor Polish method, It works wonderfully with out having to try to wet-blend on the figure! Brushes, Check out this site, I have the link posted on another topic too, but I will not buy a brush that I am not happy with and have not spent less than $2.00 a brush, but will never again purchase a GW brush. My painting has improved 100 fold over the last year, and it is due to good quality brushes and good miniature paints, the pigment on the craft paints is not a fine enough grain and fills detail in my opinion. I love Valejo paints and wish Reaper paints were not quite so granular. :)
  23. For brush info, go to: http://miniature-painting.net/guides_brushes.html This is an extensive guide to brushes and thier care! I love this site!
  24. WOW! I have had a lot of paint in my posession over the years, but never have I found moldy paint! First I have heard of it! Maybe Reaper will replace it.
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