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    Lady Tam, it has been a bit since the Con. How was CAV? Did you go out and blow $100's on it? Did you [gasp] hate it? Let us know! :p
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound snotty. I hate email and forums sometimes, because you can miss interpret 'tone' and meaning. I was just saying, as a COG member, I contacted them and was told it is acceptable to be a Psyros Hive. I don't see much of a problem with swaping out weapons as long as it is the pre published weapons and they are modeled with the new systems. If Reaper will allow you on an individual basis to dissalow something they have set as tournament legal, thats fine. I will play with what is available. It is just that I have worked for a few companies in the past that do not give thier reps that kind of freedom and I was a little shocked at the way it was stated is all. Again, no harm, no foul! I am really glad I have gotten back into CAV now that the JOR is out and finally hav efreinds who are wanting to play! :cool:
  3. Gobbo

    Can i buy just bits?

    Is there any chance that 'bits' will become available [like just the legs or arms of a specific mech] for purchase seperately? As a Psyros Hive member of COG, I need to build my figs and I need some guns and legs with out the bodys to build them.
  4. Gobbo

    Cav data cards

    Well, dang! I wish the BL members I know we have here in Denver would run some of those official type game things! :P
  5. Well, First, as an official COg member, you should have to allow me to play my faction. It seems silly for me to be able to be a Psyros in COG, but not get to play them in tournaments. I thought thats what COG was all about?! In the JOR it states that, "You can only use published CAV, vehicles, and aircraft/gunship data cards." [makes the psyros in the JOR legal] It then goes on to say, "By useing the parts from published System & Weapon Modifications lists, you may alter the modular components and Weapon Systems." The problem I am having is that The Psyros from the JOR do not have Point Costs listed for the Modular parts. This means I can not change the modular parts on them and they there for are not at all like the descriptions in the Fluff. :)
  6. Hmmm, they don't seem to be modifiable. They don't list weapon costs so I can remove and modify. They also seem very expensive for what you get for them. ???
  7. :) I did not notice these, but now that they are pointed out, YEAH! Now, if I modify these I can basically do any combo of weapons/systems I want and they are still tournament legal right?
  8. Gobbo

    Psyros and cog

    I have registered with COG and am a Psyros Hive. I need more information on when the figs are comming out, what I can do to play Psyros until then, and how they are organzed. Plus just anything more than what is in the CAV and JOR. I would like to know how to organize my sections [if they don't use the standard 4 units per]. and is there anyway for me to purchase 'bits' [like scorpion legs] with out buying a bunch of figs?
  9. Gobbo

    Cav data cards

    ? Special Edition Dictators? Where do I get some of those? ???
  10. When can I get one? I want it NOW!
  11. Gobbo

    New figs

    When may we expect the next batch of new figures? I want more tanks and more of the new CAV. I wan a Mastadon! Oh, and more tanks. So, when will we see them. Did I mension I want more tanks?
  12. I would have to agree here. I think it is beter to thin on the pallet in general. I use a wet pallet so I can keep using the colors from the pallet over and over [this is really great for custom colors!].
  13. Gobbo

    Cav jor questions

    One more I forgot at the time: 5] How do I determine the diffrence in a Primary and secondary weapon? There seems to be no diffrence, but there has to be something I missed.
  14. Gobbo

    Cav jor questions

    Ok, a few questions about CAV design from the JOR. 1] How do I determine the power requirements for a weapon? I don't see it listed in the pre-built weapons or the design your own. Did I miss something? 2] Can we get a step by step example of CAV building? Please?! It is a bit confusing and tok me 4 hours before I gave up and came here to look for help. 3] Is tonnage only for "flavor" now? 4] When will we see the design rules and new CAV costs for Army Builder?
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