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  1. I have done many WIPs and tutorials over the years to help others learn the process of sculpting. As these are now hard to find, I'll post a few of them here. The BMPC Sculpt-along especially has a lot of the basic information. - BMPC Sculpt-Along - Making of the Catoblepas - Boxer Rebellion - Guinea Pigmies - Ittie Bittie Kitties - Basilisk - Dragon-kin - Trogs - Making of the Reaper Chaos Toads - Beholder (my first full sculpt) There are many others, but this give a good sample of technique and discussion. I should also note that, though this may look daunting being full figures, the techniques are the same for doing bases and conversions. Bear in mind, that I actually started sculpting by making bases for my painting first for years, before I ever decided to try a full sculpt.
  2. As Corsair said, GS = Greenstuff = Kneadatite Putty. It is an epoxy resin putty. You can get it on Amazon. Before digital came along, most minis were (and many still are) sculpted in GS. It self cures in about an hour or two. It cures to the consistency of hard rubber. Apoxie Sculpt is another epoxy putty with some different qualities than Green Stuff. It cures rock hard and tools better than GS alone. I personally do not like working in Apoxie Sculpt alone as it is very soft. A 1:1 mix with GS though makes a perfect putty for many applications. It is more toolable and harder curing that GS alone and more sculptable than Apoxie alone. With both of the above, use Vaseline or water to lubricate your tools. Sculpey works too, especially Super Sculpey but typically need to be baked. Another brand (preferred by many figure sculptors), is FIMO. These are polymer clays. They do not stick to things are well as the epoxy putties. I'm not an expert at using these clays as I was always a GS sculptor. @Rainbow Sculptor can give you some pointers though if you need it. I will say that for basic bases and gap filling, GS and Apoxie Sculpt will serve you better as they stick well to the model and do not require heat to fully setup.
  3. I really love the rich deep browns you achieved on her. Just fantastically executed all around. Thank you for giving her life! Andy
  4. Your water texture is really well done. Maybe could have added a few splashes around the base of the shipwreck, but all in all it looks good. The wood base is a bit softer on the details (and looks a bit hazardous if it was real). I think you pushed the detail in too far and did not back smooth to get crisp edges. Try using a mix of GS and Apoxie sculpt; it allows for sharp edges more easily. That said it does look good, I'd just personally want sharper edges/details. Thanks for showing us. (Oh and I moved this here to help get more feed back and views).
  5. I did a Dark Sword last year, but yeah, I usually like to try to paint something I sculpted for Reaper. I may not get a Sophie, but it's nice to be in the running.
  6. Too much OSL. No time for that. I wish I could paint one of the sculpts I did for B6. I could pound out the flumph pretty fast, but Proctor says they don't count as Reaper figures until Reaper releases them.
  7. I'm in the same boat. Dark Sword is keeping me so busy sculpting this year that I'm not sure when I am going to find the time to actually paint something. Maybe, I'll do another meerkat.
  8. Backed and FB posted. I can't wait to get the book. I run a weekly game with my coworkers, but my after work sculpting session often doesn't allow for as much game prep time as I would like, so I will definitely put it to use.
  9. @PammyD2 Food at a con, yeah, that will sell well, but the Hotel has serious rules about outside food and the Con, so I doubt it would be allowed. That said, vendors tend to be at their booths the whole Con, so unless you have someone to spell you, you likely wouldn't be doing much else. In other news, all four of my classes got accepted. I'm doing the same slate as last year as they all filled pretty fast and were fairly popular (I think they were some of the only GS classes at all last year). My classes are: - Miniature Barber (Adding hair, fur, feathers, and scales to a mini with GS) - Forged in Putty (Making weapons and hard objects from GS) - Sculpting Nature (My very beginner class teaching the basics of GS sculpting in an iterative fashion) - Move those Joints (Reposing and re-sculpting minis into the new pose) I'm doing 2 on Thursday, 1 on Friday, and 1 on Saturday. I have yet to begin to paint a mini for the Open. I had BIG plans this year, but with sculpting 5 dragons in 3 months last winter, then the sculpts I did for Bones 6 and beyond, Gus's graduation and party (this week and next), and now a HUGE new sculpt I am doing for Dark Sword; I'm not sure that I am going to get anything done. 🙄 So, essentially, it is going exactly like every other prior year; I'll probably start something much smaller than I want to do and pound it out a couple weeks before the Con. That said I am also moving Gus to college in August, so...maybe not. What will be, will be.
  10. I like it a lot. The only complaint I have is that the trays are a bit rough and don't always slide in and out as smoothly as I'd like, but I have a 1st generation one, and I have heard that they have addressed those issues in the new versions.
  11. Mostly it is just Canada Geese. Here at work there is a resident pair that set up on a pond we have. They poop everywhere and attack people trying to eat lunch on the patio or walk on the trail around the pond. I have strong urges to go goose hunting there with a katana.
  12. I'm a fan of "Forged in Fire" and "Chopped". I would like to see that format in a mini sculpting show, "Sculpted in Putty" or maybe "Sculpted in Pixels". Been thinking of how we could adapt this and run it as a ReaperCon show that I could pitch to Ron as an event.
  13. Squeeeeeee....one of my babies in the wild!!! Well done, I love the color scheme. I hope the encounter is great!
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