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  1. No, it's actually a little side project for the steam punk line.
  2. <insert maniacal laugh> Pretty much all my projects are in that state. I ended up in the hospital and on bed rest for about 10 days a couple weeks ago, so ALL my projects suffered and got pushed back. Current list of 1/2 done projects that need finishing ASAP: - Printing and fixes for Dark Sword, et. al. - Fixes and reprint on some of the drakes for casting - Sculpting of the wings to make the drakes into dragons - New sculpting project for Dark Sword - Sculpting project for Dragon Bait - My son's and his fiancé's wedding rings (wedding is on July 30) - Prep for
  3. Beautifully done! Maybe the jar contains the souls of the evil beings he has vanquished.
  4. It would be pretty cool to paint the ship up in herp friendly paint and do an enclosure for your beardy with a pirate ship half buried in the sand (though I suspect the masts would get bendy under the basking lamps). (I want a beardy so bad but my wife is not having it.)
  5. My Son's Bachelor party is on the second weekend of July. It is a campaign I am running for him featuring kobold pirates. With my luck I'll get the ship the Monday after the party.
  6. These are very well done, but that is not why I am commenting on them; what I want to point out, is how these models are truely a product of the new printer era. These COULD NOT exist in a casting environment. You would never be able to cast these, but you can print them. Very cool.
  7. I like how the question was more which would we want to deal with, but we all turned it into a food thing. Typical for us.
  8. Either; both are tasty. As for the "Did the Sun Rise?" question: technically it did not. It stayed in the same spot in relation to earth as it always does. We did however successfully complete another daily planetary rotation.
  9. Well done! Thank you! I love that you did it as a Grey! I have plans for a grey and Death sculpts, but have as of yet not had any time to execute said plans.
  10. I'd ignore it. QR codes are pretty nice though, from an information developer standpoint. For instance, on all Toro products these days, we put a QR code (the funky square with all the little squares that look like old TV static) on the serial decal. Have a question and don't want to go searching for your Op Manual? Just aim the photo app of your phone or tablet at it and it will auto take you to the product information page on our website, where you can open a copy of the OM as either an interactive HTML web page or a PDF, your choice. Or you can go straight to the parts catalog an look
  11. No, last thing I need right now is a mass of carbs, coated in a layer of fat, and then coated in another layer of carbs with more carbs sprinkled on top for good measure. Nothing really NEEDs a day. I am actually really getting tired of everything and everybody needing a day, week, month, etc. Just stop. Starlings that made a nest in my bathroom vent. I am pretty sure that my house will forever have the mummified corpses of a nest of baby starlings in the ceiling of our kitchen. Graboid followed by Shai-Halud. The latter is rea
  12. Guess I know what I'm casting in my silver foundry next.
  13. Depends on what they did to deserve it; I mean I have access to a copy of the Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary which could be lethal (if I could even throw it).
  14. I have found a lot of songs by first loving the Weird Al, Pentatonix, or Home Free version first. In the case of the last two, I often like their versions better. Weird Al, though I often like his version better, it is for a different reason. ;)
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