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  1. TaleSpinner


    What was the profile of your scales? Mine are little columns that are embedded into the base mesh and each other. I'll have to check them though; thanks.
  2. TaleSpinner


    Good question, it's been on the top of my mind, actually. In this case I wan't a bit more uniformity than I otherwise can get, but yes, I am taking steps. First, it is a single IMM brush, so I still have to put each scale in. As I do so, I am sizing them by eyeball. That should give some variance. Finally, after all is done, I plan to go back and beat them up and "adjust" things.We'll see how this works and if I like the results. One issue I had with the scales on the Blue drake, is that they feel a bit too free form to me. Snakes and other reptiles aren't quite THAT variable in scale pattern. That is what I am trying to solve with this.
  3. TaleSpinner


    I worked on the tail at lunch today. First, I added a ton of detail to the ventral scales (which are now done). Then I added a row of my new IMM brush, Keeled_Scale that I sculpted. So far I really like the IMM brush. For those not into ZBrush, and IMM brush is a brush that holds one of more models that you have created (scale in this case) and inserts them onto another mesh (tail in this case).
  4. Aww, thanks! Be careful what you wish for, I may just show up someday with a bunch of dog minis and some treats for Brutus.
  5. Sandra Garrity, Tom Mier, and Werner Klocke. Those are the only ones of my sculpting idols that I have not met and befriended yet.
  6. Right?! I haven't had time to print any from the last two I bought.
  7. According to my scale, sit and eat, apparently. Already got one. Guitar, I have always wanted to be able to accompany myself while singing. Morning Off, I dislike wearing things on my feet.
  8. TaleSpinner


    Back fin has been roughed in and then I posed it:
  9. TaleSpinner


    Standard brush with Alpha 24. Use a bigger brush to make the texture deeper. It prints pretty good. I use it with alternating Alt key to really punch the texture. Here, I only wanted a hint of texture in the final and this one is considerably bigger than the others, being a large creature. I still may go in a deepen it again later. Use Masks to keep the big brushes from ruining surfaces you don't want textured. By the way, I made an IMM brush for the scales. Thanks for the direction.
  10. TaleSpinner


    More work on the head:
  11. Can you leave our friends behind?
  12. Yes, often. I also sometimes dance when people are watching to the great embarrassment of my wife and children. When the music moves me, I've got to move.
  13. Both are fantastic. I love all the little details; that's a lot of work. My only critique is that the Emir's club doesn't actually look like he could grab it as there is no hilt area that his hands could wrap around. consider reworking the area between the top band and 3rd band into an actual hilt made to fit his hands. She makes me think of the Nadrak women from David Eddings Belgariad. You've upped your game!
  14. I'd say reading, but I actually learned to read before elementary school, so I'll say writing. Considering that I made a career out of writing, that would seem to be the most apropos.
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