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  1. Added the following: Color Theory All About Color: Christine Van Patten's excellent running guide to color theory; a must read.
  2. I started painting the Reaper Moor Troll as a get-the-rust-off project before painting my ReaperCon entry. That never happened. So I started painting it afterward. I am shooting for somewhere a bit above table-top. First, I primed it with Brown Liner and topped it with Troll Hide (LOL). Then I started highlighting and shading it by hand. This is how far I am now: I am trying to get this to a "good enough" point to use it as my "finished" model for Aaron Lovejoy's Airbrush 104 class in the end
  3. For the ReaperCon MSP Open this year, I painted the master copy of the White Drake I sculpted for Dark Sword (it will be released for sale in 2022). I decided to do him in glacial coloration inspired by a glacier I saw while on a cruise in AK. For the Sculpting story, click here. For the Painting WIP, click here. Oh, and I won a gold medal for him in the Open category. (Bear in mind that that is a 1" base)
  4. Wash and treat as you would any resin figure. Remember that resin dust is toxic, so use a respirator when sanding. Green stuff and/or Apoxie sculpt work great for gap filing. Prime as you would a metal or resin figure. I use Stynylrez through my airbrush and it works great.
  5. (Note: I had posted the following a week ago, but in the wrong place and that is now gone, so here's a repost.) I loved everything about the Con this year, save for one thing that I'll get to later: First the good points: - Loved the classroom setups. The new TVs and cameras made sculpting classes far more feasible than the old "huddle round and hope you can see what I am doing." I can now double my class sizes. - Loved the trading post, made getting stuff more accessible to everyone and not just the groups who know each other and pool our resources. - Loved the Vendo
  6. Fantastic! You interpreted the teeth and habits the same way I did. I love what you did with it and can't wait to see the fancy version someday!
  7. Ended up sculpting a rock base for it, as I didn't have time to do the ice one the way I wanted to. Here is the photo that was used for it at the Con; I'll get better photos and more angle posted in Show-off later: Hmm, the darks are a bit washed out in that photo. The contrast is really a lot better IRL.
  8. August 26: What would be the title of your memoir?
  9. I never use presupported figures. They are usually supported to achieve goals that are different than mine. It only take a few minutes to support a mini and I need to setup the plate anyway.
  10. Added shadows and highlights to the belly scales. (Thanks @Corporea for the advice on using purple for the deep shadow.) Then I shaded the dorsal scales in purple too. I'll be highlighting those tonight. I also painted the ice berg base coat. I will be going for this aesthetic, but with snow on top:
  11. August 25: What’s your favorite family tradition?
  12. August 24: What's the silliest argument you've ever been in?
  13. I will have a few copies that people can see, but I doubt they will be available for sale until the end of the year at the earliest. Jim always gets every model professionally painted before release, and that process hasn't even started yet.
  14. At the ReaperCon artist table while actively sculpting fur.
  15. Oh, and I forgot, my color choices were influenced by the glacier I visited in Alaska a few years ago:
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