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  1. Avoidance I'm not so sure, but given that flumphs are also in Pathfinder, they are likely in the Open Source portion of the SRD. Very well done. It is right in line with what I was considering. Would have to put more tentacle and have them cross for proper metal/plastic flow though. All that said, I am slammed right now, so... <shrug>
  2. TaleSpinner

    Warm-up exercises before sculpting

    Mine is doing the opposite. I get it when my elbow is unsupported. Providing support for my elbow seems to elevate the issue somewhat, but also usually results in me having to hunch forward to see (I'll probably nee to rebuild my studio ergonomics, but won't until I know for sure what is going on. We'll see what the doctor has to say.
  3. TaleSpinner

    Warm-up exercises before sculpting

    Doctor appointment has been made. I sculpted at lunch today and it got really bad, painful even. I had to stop and shake it out every 5 to 10 minutes. This is very annoying, especially with the amount of sculpts I have on the docket right now.
  4. TaleSpinner

    Warm-up exercises before sculpting

    Honestly, I have no issue at work typing/mousing all day (this is where @Rainbow Sculptor is going to tell me to embrace the Z). It happens mostly when I sculpt, paint, or make jewelry. I recently figured out that it is not as bad if I have something to rest my elbow on. I really think the issue is my shoulder joint. I have double-jointed (shallow cupped) shoulders and have dislocated that shoulder many, many times when fencing, so that is likely coming back to haunt me. Occasionally, if I would do a hard right parry just a bit wrong while lunging, my arm would keep going at the end of the lunge and pop right out of the shoulder cup. Hurt like hell, but I could always just grab the now limp arm and swing it up and back into place with a bit of a pop and keep going. @emmagine: I'm sure it is the ulnar, thanks. My pinky gets warm and tingly when the other two feel deadened. My issue with sculpting is that I need the sculpt about 3 to 4 inches from my eyes. I am very careful not to hunch too much so I need to raise the sculpt up. This puts all the weight of my arm and tools on that shoulder. I'm not entirely sure how to fix this. Back to the original topic which I realize now that I totally misunderstood (sorry @CivilDungeoneer); no I don't do any sculpting art exercises either. Frankly, I sculpt everyday and really don't have time to spend on non-productive motions. I guess the action of roughing in a section of putty and bringing it to shape is my workout.
  5. Sculpting a flumph is not the issue. Sculpting it so that it looks good and yet has fewer than 3 to 4 parts is the issue. We'll see; I have a lot on the plate right now.
  6. Funny, I was just considering knocking one or two of these out the other day, but couldn't think of a way to make the danglely bits castable and yet still flumph-like.
  7. TaleSpinner

    Rigel sculpts a Plug-Ugly Pulp Crook

    I agree. I'm looking forward to the next one.
  8. TaleSpinner

    Double Barrel Critiques

  9. TaleSpinner

    Warm-up exercises before sculpting

    No, but I probably should. I have been having a fairly serious issue that I suspect could be a repetitive stress injury. Essentially, after several minutes of sculpting (and truth be told, anything that uses my right hand gripped for longer than a few minutes) the middle and ring finger on my right hand begins tingling and go numb. I notice that it is worse if my elbow is unsupported. There is a popping feeling in my right shoulder when I stretch and I suspect the problem is coming from there. I'm not sure what to do about it.
  10. TaleSpinner

    Double Barrel Critiques

  11. TaleSpinner

    Rigel sculpts a Plug-Ugly Pulp Crook

    Yes! Lots of improvements. You really took the critiques to heart. Sorry, my response took so long; I was in the Boundary Waters all last week.
  12. Thanks. This, and all the other mentions in this thread really made my day. Could someone please tell those damn onion ninjas to go away!
  13. TaleSpinner

    Sculpting a Rubeosaurus

    You are getting better at smooth. Will there be another detail layer on this?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU3JLm1u5Oc
  15. 1. Trolls. Much to my player's chagrin, I have a love and a fascination with trolls. I even have several custom species of troll in my world and a whole unique backstory behind them. 2. Dragons, same thing as with trolls 3. Anything scalely or otherwise draconicaly derived