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  1. That is a good deal! I paid about $80 in shipping for the one I ordered.
  2. It is something that does happen from time to time in casts. I'd contact Reaper for a replacement if it is noticeable after priming.
  3. Sorry, this is just for things in the the Sculpting, Conversions, and Terrain sub-forum. NOTHING is being deleted. I am simply sorting posts from here into the appropriate Show-off, WIP, or Tips sections of this sub-forum. Your projects all went to WIPs (which is where the majority of the posts in this section go). As for why, there are all sorts of golden nuggets of advice in this topic buried under years of WIPS. One of the main reasons we are doing this is to give us sculptors, builders, and converters a place with all the same content buckets as the painters have. Thus we now have places to go to look for specific types of information, like advice and tips, show-off for finished pieces, and WIPs for long running projects like your Last Hurrah Project. Essentially, y'all just grew out of what one thread could realistically and functionally hold. As for the birthday thing, well I can't really speak to that much not being in on that decision. I believe it was done because a lot of people were frustrated with the constant clutter of daily birthday posts in the Randomness thread (it has been a long time complaint). The addition of the Social category made it an obvious candidate for inclusion there, but I can see how the move was disruptive to people's daily forum checks. It is one of those things where for everyone made happy another is unhappy with the change.
  4. ReaperCon Myles's college graduation and wedding
  5. This topic was placed here during the reorg temporarily while we Mods (me) get time to sort the topics in it into the new buckets. There are a lot of topics to go through. I have notices that people like @malefactus have been double posting in two spots due to the confusion this has caused; I am sorry to have been the cause of that. I have begun the moving process, so if your post seems to have vanished, look in the appropriate sup-topic. If I chose the wrong sub-topic for your post; let me know and I will move it. Eventually this sub-topic will go away all together. Also, please do not make anything new in this sub-topic. Thanks, Andy
  6. I like pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds. We used to carve pumpkins, but we realized early in our marriage that my wife is allergic to pumpkins. The allergy has gotten considerably worse in recent years. The last time she got a bit of pumpkin in her mouth it got close to an anaphylaxis event, so pumpkins do not come anywhere near our home these days.
  7. You need to get @PaganMegan the new High Definition, Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, since she is printing small minis. The details are unbelievable. I can't wait until the one we have on order arrives.
  8. I can also confirm that the files I sent to Reaper were scaled to a 75mm Base. Here is the complete creation story, where you can read that it was always meant for a 3 in base. I am glad that you like it.
  9. I wondered if that was today's inspiration.
  10. I learned years ago that dust sticks to paint and makes one have to strip what could just be finished, so chalk it up to optimism.
  11. More fur work. Just have the tail left now. I think I like it.
  12. I give you The Display Cases of Shame:
  13. Well, this is tedious and time consuming, but it is coming along: Fur in Z-Brush is definitely slower than by hand; I'd be done with all the hair by now if I was doing this in GS.
  14. Adding fur to the back of the Red. The lower parts are done. The upper section is just after I used masks and inflate balloon to pull out a section and separate it from the body. Next, I'll be pulling out the fur tufts with Snake Hooks and then adding the fur details with Orb Crack 3. Snake Hook step done:
  15. I used t watch a lot of At the Bench with Andrew Barry, but haven't for a while now, since I am no longer a beginner at jewelry and don't need the instructions as much any more; but I do pop back if I am struggling. Same goes for Michael Pavlovich's series on learning Z-Brush.
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