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  1. I accomplished the following: - Rebuilt the lower pond in the back yard into a 2000+ gallon Koi pond - Invented a new jewelry concept and cast a prototype that I hope to produce for sale at ReaperCon - Learned to enamel gold and silver - Finished the last of the dragons for Dark Sword (except for the final fit up and sizing; it is printing now) - Finished the first of three new minis for Reaper - Developed a dog manakin structure in Nomad (will make sculpting dogs easier in the future) - Finish up the last DS dragon - Go camping with my boys - Develop a new class for ReaperCon - Submit my classes for ReaperCon - A bunch of jewelry projects I want to finish - Finish the last two Reaper Minis I currently have on my plate - Finish the new patio I am building for my wife next to the new Koi pond
  2. Stylenrez white and black. I use my air brush to prime in black, than add white from above to get a zenithal shading of the model.
  3. No, not typically. I go to the FLGS usually to meet Jim of Dark Sword Miniatures to deliver prints and sculpts to him, and to do sculpting fixes for him. We meet up about once a month. Occasionally, I pick something up that catches my eye, but not often. I do bring my boys with who typically spend considerable money on MTG, so I don't feel guilty either. I typically work from home on Mondays and Fridays, any day with bad weather or road conditions, any day with house appointments or expensive packages coming, and when I am sick enough that I don't want to expose my co-workers, but not sick enough to take a sick day. Obsessively. Both bored and stress relief. Preference is anything crunchy and salty. I gave up between meal snacks in February as part of Lent and to lose weight. So far, I am still doing good on this, but it take daily recommitment to make it stick. I REALLY get the urge for popcorn before bed at night. Sculpt minis or make jewelry.
  4. Modern cars. It seems like some computer controlled thing is always failing, or even just a sensor. But because of the complexity and computer control, you can't really work on them yourself anymore.
  5. Depends on what it is. Food that can store like freezer meat and dry goods I do bulk. Most other things I buy as needed. Miniatures are definitely a bulk item.
  6. I wore pants...most of the day. Outdoor activities: Well the pond project is nearly done now. Here is what it used to be: The back wall fell due to the breaking of a structural support part, so I had to strip down the whole lower pond. Figured that while I was doing that I'd make it bigger and add a skimmer pool (cleans leaves and stuff out of the pond; you can see it in these shots as the deep hole to the left). Working progress shots: Current state: The surface area of the lower pond is now about 4-5 times larger than the old one. The volume went from about 300-400 gallons to around 1700-2000. It is now big enough to get full sized water lilies and koi. I still have to get a few more boulders, add the plants, spread black dirt around it, and plant grass. I also will be taking the large mound of soil to the right and making that into a patio later this summer. Hobby Check-in: I have been furiously working on finishing the last dragon for Dark Sword's dragon of the month series that will come out next Autumn. I need to have it done this month. I am almost done with the main sculpting, but the engineering is going to take a bit.
  7. Many times: - Multiple electric fence hits while running a trap line in farm country as a kid - Various high voltage low amperage experiments in Physics classes - A nerve conductivity test in 2018 - Somewhere between 35 and 45 cardioversions (lost count) between 2003 and 2023 for various atrial fibrillation related fixes and surgeries
  8. They are all there now. I thought he only did the white because it was on the featured page, but the rest are in Visions of Fantasy.
  9. The drakes I started sculpting here over 2 years ago are finally hitting the Dark Sword store shelves. These are the smaller, wingless versions of the chromatic dragons that Dark Sword is also releasing at this time, in the form I originally conceived of them as. These will all be metal and will only be the 5 chromatic drakes. The first up is my personal favorite, the White drake. Erin Hartwell painted the production models for DS on these. and a scale shot of all 5 (I do not know when the other 4 will be up for sale): Here is my take on the white one that I did for ReaperCon 2021:
  10. Dark Sword just released 2 more. All paint jobs by Aaron Lovejoy. Silver: I have a hard time choosing my favorite of these, but this one is in the top 3 for sure. (I'm not sure that I like how Aaron interpreted the chin horn, makes it look a bit bucktoothed, but the rest is amazing.) Blue: This is the first one I sculpted in the line. The cocked head doesn't photograph well, but looks great in person or on the table.
  11. Early. Always have been. I love mornings. I typically get up at 5 am and start work at 6. Even on weekends I am usually up between 6-7. I also tend to take a nap at around 3 pm every day and go to bed at around 10 pm. Aliens: Probably, actually highly likely. Whether they have or can visit us, that is debatable. I have often wondered if UFO's are simply humans from another reality or from the future that are observing us. I kind-of like the idea of time traveling historians from the future. Yes, especially in years gone by. As a teen I ignored my bullies by reading books. Currently, I have little time for actual reading as I work full time during the day and run my sculpting business in the evenings. That said I still consume books via Audible while I am sculpting. The exception to this is when a new book in a series I love (like the Dresden Files) comes out, I will schedule time to read it with my eyes first. I typically stick to Fantasy, with a dabble here and there into Sci Fi and classics. I am also a huge EA Poe fan and regularly reread his short stories when I visit my family's cabin each year. We pass the time during bad weather with me reading them to everyone. I am currently listening my way through The Last Empire by Brandon Sanderson as I work on the last dragon for Dark Sword's dragon of the month series.
  12. Yes I want in. 1. Lakeville, MN, USA 2. Not up for international 3. No on starter.
  13. Oh, I almost forgot, I am also going to Boston for a conference in 3 weeks. I'm both excited and dreading it as it should be a good convention for my industry, but I have to speak at it, twice.
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