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  1. Yeah, as much as I can. I have to work today, but I am a panelist on the second Sculptor panel at 3:30 CST today. I will also be teaching an intro to 3d Resin printing class tomorrow at 10 CST. Other than that, I will likely be in and out, jawing with people. I still haven't decided if I am going to paint, or sculpt during those parts.
  2. Use one of these: Description in Amazon: Universal Cleaning Basket, Fine Mesh | CLN-650.10 It fits the basket fine, but you need to bend the clips up or remove them. I have one for cleaning tiny jewelry parts in the ultra-sonic cleaner (I don't really use it in my Wash and Cure because I always wash the whole plate and remove the minis after washing).
  3. No idea. I don't really go out of my way to get them, so, I guess, whatever I would have gotten from attending ReaperCon since 2013.
  4. Yep, after being sent home last year, I wear mostly sweat shorts and t-shirts everyday now.
  5. Yes, we are working out details and adjustments for printing and casting now.
  6. Yeah, hidden cost of 3d printing is a good enough PC to handle 3D files. I didn't really think of this, since I already need such a PC to make said files.
  7. And you don't need to wear gloves nearly as often once you get one. I think I have paid for half of mine in nitrile glove savings alone.
  8. I LOVE my Anycubic Wash and Cure. I have the first version. I have heard that the new one is even better, with better controls and stronger cure LEDs. It is one of those devices that you will wonder how you got along without it. Takes up a square foot of space. It is about 16 inches tall, but you need space above it to lift off the cover. Only con is that it defaults to cure, so you need to remember to switch to wash or you will cure your wash liquid.
  9. Yeah. It is a support issue. I almost never use pre-supports. The support requirements vary from printer to printer. What prints great on my SM4K wouldn't even get off the bed of the Photon S. The SM4K needs far less and smaller supports than the Photon did. As a result pre-supported files will likely fail on occasion as they cannot be tailored to your machine. Best to experiment and learn what support strategy works best on your printer and then support them yourself. I'm constantly testing new support strategies and concepts for supporting different figures. Once you have supported 50+ figs or so, you get pretty good at it and fast too.
  10. OK, so I decided that I would really push the SM4K and see if I could push the detail beyond what it could do. So I took the red drake I sculpted for Dark Sword and shrunk it down from about 5 inches in length to about 1 to 1.5 inches, and printed that. I fully expected to lose a lot of detail...NOPE. Everything printed perfectly! I can't believe it. This would not have been possible on the Photon S. Scale reference (look how much sharper the detail is than that Bones mini): I might shrink it in half again and see what happens.
  11. Friday, February 26: If you were a wrestler or other dramatic character, what would be your entrance theme song?
  12. Just get a rough cedar board, small scrap is fine. Keep it where you want that scent. When the scent fades, whittle a few strips off of it with a sharp knife and the scent will fill the room again. Chips you whittle off make good fire starters when camping or in a charcoal grill for adding smoke flavor.
  13. Weirdly enough; I AM starting to equate that smell with goodness and things I love.
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