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  1. TaleSpinner

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    I like her. Perfect for a dio with a dragon or giant.
  2. Impressive how that base is coming together. From the beginning of the previous post to the end, I wouldn't have realized it was the same structure. You really transformed it.
  3. TaleSpinner

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    I'm down for that. Whoo, baby!!!!!
  4. TaleSpinner

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    Dang, I could totally teach that. I'm quite good at that. Unfortunately, I didn't see this until after I submitted my class list. If no one does it this year, I'll create this as a new one for next year.
  5. TaleSpinner

    03884: Komodo Dragon

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I have been told that I am often too realistic/museum quality for this industry. IT is nice to know that I'm not the only one who likes realism in my fantasy.
  6. TaleSpinner

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I strongly suspect that the factory was trying to get a few extra runs a day in and were separating the molds too soon. I get similar issues with my wax injection molds if I try to open them before the wax has fully solidified. Could even be caused by the mold heating up after a certain number of runs such that the plastic is not solidifying as fast as it was a few runs earlier. I've run into this with wax molding as well. Typically I can shoot about 5 copies and then need to let the mold cool for 15 minutes or so.
  7. TaleSpinner

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I may be a bit biased here for some reason, but I'd think twice before lumping this onto the backs of sculptors. In the case you mention, it is clear that the sculptor (Jason?) did sculpt the hands in detail as you can see in the render: Those pictures are renders from the actual Z-Brush sculpts. The detail was there. I'd bet dollars to donuts that the sculptor is more upset about the mushy details than anyone. Further, in examining one of my own sculpts, I have found a few errors, mostly the details on the skulls I put on the base are mushy and filled in, and the claws on one of its hands are rounded off and blunt, instead of nice and pointy. Also the skull on his belt has a chunk missing. You can't blame that on me rushing a sculpt job in z-brush, since I sculpted the whole deal by hand, in putty, 6 months before the start of the KS. It is extremely frustrating to spend many, many hours on a sculpt, get it perfect, only to have something go wrong in casting. I suspect that the issues people are seeing with these are due to either incomplete venting on the mold or pulling the models before the plastic fully set, but that is just a guess (educated guess, but still a guess).
  8. Dunkleosteus, gorganops, and dimetrodon are all on my short list of things I want to sculpt. Now if I can just find a client who wants them so i can justify it. Wow, several of those pictures are the same as I used to sculpt him. I'm extremely excited that you are painting this one.
  9. TaleSpinner

    03884: Komodo Dragon

  10. TaleSpinner

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I’ve been doing this since 2014, and I still get nervous every year at class submission time.
  11. TaleSpinner

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I have had the classes I'm teaching approved. I also have my rust-off mini mostly painted and my actual entry chosen and am deflashing it.
  12. TaleSpinner

    Forumite Classes, 2019

    This is a topic for forumite teachers to list and discuss their classes. I was going to post this in the Classes I Would Take post, but it seemed better served as a new topic. Most of us now know what we will be teaching, though registration is likely a long way away. We'll leave scheduling and such out of this, but if you are a teacher and your classes have been approved, list your classes and a short description here, and I'll list them alphabetically by your forum name in this first post so the forumites have a quick reference to who on the forums if teaching, who they are IRL, and what they are teaching. Please follow the format I have below (or something close to it) so it is easy for me to list. If you'd rather just PM the info to me, that's fine too. Everyone else should feel free to ask questions. Please @ the teacher in question so they are aware that you have a question. Forumite Teacher Class List for 2019 Kuro Cleanbrush (Ian Markon) Total Metal!!!: A Complete NMM Bootcamp (4-hour class, Friday) Type: Painting Level: Intermediate (you really need to be able to blend) Format: Hands-on (I do a step, you do a step, I do a step, you do a step...) Synopsis: In this double-length, hands-on class, I will teach you the basics of painting NMM. In the time we have, we will cover some general theory of NMM as we practice the principles on a mini. We will try to cover both steel/silver NMM and gold/bronze NMM. We will also cover a little bit about how to paint different geometries of metal objects as well as how to change the NMM to "polish" or "dull" it. This class is over lunch so that we can take a good break midway through, get some food, and (if people want to) squeeze in a few more minutes of practice as we eat, though I will not cover any new class material over lunch so that no one gets left behind if they need to step out for a more substantial break. Blending: Layering and Feathering (2 class sections, Thursday and Saturday) Type: Painting Level: Beginner to Intermediate Format: Hands-on (I do a step, you do a step, I do a step, you do a step...) Synopsis: In this hands-on class, I will teach you how to perform buttery-smooth blends through a method of layering and feathering over an opaque base coat. This is a comparatively brute-force blending method compared to glazing, wet blending, or etc., but it can reliably produce excellent results without the pressure of a ticking clock, and it is therefore my preferred method of blending. It can also be more forgiving, in some ways, than other blending methods, and it can be very formula-driven. These attributes make this method of blending a great first method to learn. (Note: My style of blending is very similar to Wren's [Rhonda Bender] style [since she taught me], so I would advise against taking both of our blending classes during the con as that could prove redundant to the student.) Faces and Eyes (Thursday) Type: Painting Level: Intermediate (you should know how to slap down a basecoat and have developed some brush control) Format: Hands-on (I do a step, you do a step, I do a step, you do a step...) Synopsis: In this hands-on class, I will teach you how to level-up the faces and, especially, the eyes of your minis. We will cover tricks to improve brush control to help tackle the eyes as well as general theory for making the eyes "pop". We will also cover general highlight/shadow placement on faces and (time allowing) the basics of how to give you minis expressions. TaleSpinner (Andrew Pieper) Sculpting Nature Type: Sculpting Level: Beginner to Intermediate Format: Demo and Hands-on Synopsis: This class will teach you the fundamentals of epoxy putty sculpting by having you follow along in the sculpting of a rock, a leaf, and a stump. Though simple, these three projects will give you the foundations to create nearly any sculpt by using the fundamentals learned in each to build more complex sculptures. How Not to Suck: Sculpting Edition Type: Sculpting Level: Beginner Format: Lecture Synopsis: This class is patterned after the now famous HTNS painting class. It is essentially an information dump of everything I wish I had known when I first started sculpting. It will cover everything a budding sculptor would want to know to get going. I include a lot of my own follies, mistakes, and "Ah ha!" moments gathered over the last nine years of my career as a freelance sculptor. Glazing: When, Why, and How Type: Painting Level: Intermediate (Beginner is OK too, but I do expect the students to understand basic paint thinning, mixing, and to have a good quality brush) Format: Demo and Hands-on Synopsis: This class will define glazing and discuss, demonstrate, and allow practice for several different applications; including layering, smoothing transitions, TMM, etc... The exact applications to be shown will be decided by the class during the opening discussion. I'm re-tooling this class this year to make it flow better (last year, we had issues with dry times, so I will be doing more basecoat prework on the minis this year). Tattoos, Spots, and Other Skin Effects Type: Painting Level: Intermediate (Beginner is OK too, but I do expect the students to understand basic paint thinning, mixing, and to have a good quality brush) Format: Demo and Hands-on Synopsis: This class will demonstrate how to use freehand techniques and glazes to make realistic looking tattoos, spots, blood veins, bruises, and other skin effects. The lessons learned in this class can also be applied to other subtle patterns such as fur patterns and brocade cloth.
  13. I thought that was the job of all the wolves.
  14. TaleSpinner

    Guinea Pigmies

    Lots of stuff done in the last week. Worked on the shield arm of the guy (sorry for the bad picture): Sculpted the face of the shaman and then finished his head once the putty on his ears cured. Sculpted the lady's coconuts, shield arm, feathers for the head dress, and then added them to her head. I'm trying to decide what more the head dress needs, if anything.