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  1. Mostly it is just Canada Geese. Here at work there is a resident pair that set up on a pond we have. They poop everywhere and attack people trying to eat lunch on the patio or walk on the trail around the pond. I have strong urges to go goose hunting there with a katana.
  2. I'm a fan of "Forged in Fire" and "Chopped". I would like to see that format in a mini sculpting show, "Sculpted in Putty" or maybe "Sculpted in Pixels". Been thinking of how we could adapt this and run it as a ReaperCon show that I could pitch to Ron as an event.
  3. Squeeeeeee....one of my babies in the wild!!! Well done, I love the color scheme. I hope the encounter is great!
  4. Typically, audio books, knarthax/TGP, or one of several other mini painting/sculpting groups I am a part of. ^This Sculpting: can't really say in detail; I have a REALLY cool project I am doing for Dark Sword. I can say that it is a dragon with a rider, but that is about it. This will be the first human I have sculpted in Z-Brush; should be fun. As for painting, I am currently, albeit slowly, painting a dwarven barbarian for my current D&D campaign: US Open Fencing Competition when it was held in the Twin Cities. Got my butt kicked, but it was fun to have such kicking done by the best in the country. Mostly nostalgia pieces from the 80's like "The Last Dragon" or "Blood Sport". Many. The best is a shade of off white similar to Creamy Ivory that covers better and is essentially perfect. I will be VERY sad when that bottle goes dry. To a point, and yes it is necessary.
  5. I have an A-Case and add magnets to my minis for transport (the shelves are steel).
  6. I've shown some of these, but figured I'd put all 3 released ones here for posterity. The other three didn't make it yet, but they are small so I assume they will end up in Bones USA or something. Giant Lizard More photos Flumph (flight stand will likely change) More photos: Bone Snapper And this one has not been posted by me yet and barely made it at the end... More photos:
  7. Well spotted. The lizard is a cross between a gorgonopsid (head and upright neck), a Komodo dragon (body plan and feet), a gila monster (bead scales), and a male iguana (dewlap), with a bit of my fancy thrown in to tie it all together. I did design the dewlap such that (if China keeps the parts the same as I did) you can easily leave it off (or heat it and rip it off if they super glue it in place), fill the slot with GS, then use 80 grit sand paper to texture the GS to match the surrounding. Viola, no dewlap. I'll likely make a tutorial of this in the sculpting section once the KS fulfills for those who don't like that feature. (hmmm...that would also be a good addition to one of my beginning sculpting classes at RCon.)
  8. Yep! It is the one I sculpted during RVE. Ron called me asking if it was still available, saying the he couldn't believe they were doing this. LOL. Pics: (Ignore the clear flight stand; that is just what I had; I don't know what reaper will use.) The Giant Lizard is mine as well, commissioned by Ron before Christmas. I had fun with that one (base is 50mm): So that's two of my 6 that have been revealed so far. Here's crossing my fingers that the rest make it too. I hope you like them. Andy
  9. Like: Sculpting: I love anatomy and posing. Printing: Supporting a model and support removal Assembly: Getting done with it. Painting: Freehand work, dark-lining, and highlighting/shading Dislike: Sculpting: Changes after details have been sculpted and engineering a multipart model for molding. Printing: Post-support-removal clean-up and failed prints. Assembly: Mold-line removal, especially in Bones. 😣 Painting: Fiddly bits that I don't really know what they are, the "White Dot from Hell," and the middle doldrums (aka: "The Ugly Stage").
  10. Winsor Newton Series 7 size 0 and 1 are my work horses doing almost everything. Airbrush: Badger Patriot 105, though I sometimes also break out the Sotar, but after taking Aaron Lovejoy's airbrushing class I find I have enough control with the Patriot for 90% of my needs.
  11. ^This I know I personally have sculpts done and sent that haven't even been hinted at (though I guess I just did, lol). 😉
  12. Been there, done that. Did a llama for a company several years back. They were doing a Mezoamerican KS. I can't even remember the name of the company. I never heard back from them; they paid, but totally ghosted me after that, and I never even got my agreed upon sculptor's copies. Ce la vie. Lizard Folk, but using lizards other than monitors for a base. I know there are some, but I need more. In my world there are all sorts of lizard folk from massive monitor based ones, to iguanids, agamas, geckos, etc... Maybe someday I will make them myself.
  13. I don't think I know anyone doing this long enough yet to know. I do know that the minis I printed in 2019 that have been sitting around un-protected in my dark basement are now quite brittle, but not unusably so.
  14. At 52, I likely would have enough for the rest of my life. Paint might start running thin in 20 years or so, but I'd just have to get creative and make my own at some point.
  15. Yes, always. I fasted and prayed on Good Friday. On Holy Saturday, we went to a Dim Sum brunch with my wife's brother and his family (it is a tradition we started about 25 years ago simply because we like the food and experience). Yesterday, we went to Easter mass together and then drove down to my inlaw's place where I spent the afternoon cooking for everyone. It was nice, but exhausting.
  16. I still want to sculpt Eddie someday, but...IP.
  17. Several years ago Ron H and I were talking about what I needed to do to improve as a sculptor. He'd said that I was an excellent museum quality sculptor, but needed to add more fantasy to my sculpts. Then he got called away and did not elaborate. Later that day, I was musing on what it means to "add more fantasy" and one of the other sculptors (can't remember who at the moment) leaned over and said, "You don't have a shaker of skulls? Just get a shaker full of skulls and shake a few over your minis; poof, instant fantasy." I'm pretty sure they were joking...pretty sure.
  18. Might and Magic VI-VII back in the day. Don't really have time anymore for video games, except for exercise using my Oculus Quest. There I play a melee fighting game called "Until You Fall". Quite good and really gives you a workout.
  19. I mumbled to myself when i got that email "I do not need another 3D printer." My wife looked up and in a flat tone said, "No, you DO NOT."
  20. Not yet, but I REALLY want to sculpt Nate Ruess of the band FUN as a Sidhe Lord (though I suspect that he won't take it too kindly if I out his true identity). Oh, and I have often used Taylor Swift as a face model for some of my female sculpts. She has a great face for sculpture.
  21. NO! (With the caveat that all miniature weapons are "oversized" from reality, but comically oversized ones I hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns.) This one just drives me nuts; there has to be 40 lb of steel in that thing:
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