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  1. Have you ever made minis yourself? Yes Hand Sculpted minis Yes, though my hand is no longer happy about doing it. I do do enough hand-sculpting still to keep my skills up. Tin Soldiers No, unless you count casting my own sculpts in my lost-wax foundry Highly involved conversions; Yes Resculpts Sure Zbrush use Daily; current project: Resin printing Yes, I print both my own sculpts and do the master printing for Dark Sword Miniatures
  2. YES!!! First, TX for ReaperCon. Then FL for my nephew's wedding. Then AZ or WA for a vacation (still deciding) Then we shall see as time goes on.
  3. Oops! Thanks. Well my Amazon Super glue 6-pack order just arrived last night. UPS says the goodies will be here on Friday.
  4. I'm Wave 1 too and still no email. I figure it will happen when it happens. I just hope there isn't a "We lost your order" glitch or something. I am locked and loaded (locked it the day they said we could).
  5. I think the scale creep was a part of the growth of the hobby we have seen in the last 15+ years. The older 80's and 90's minis were just a tad too small to be approachable for painting. A 30 to 35mm human mini can have a LOT more detail. GS
  6. I'm right there with you Siri. Now that the Bachelor party is over (it was an amazing adventure/day, BTW), I no longer really need the ship. I only really hope I get my order in time to have the option to paint my spider for ReaperCon.
  7. Different company. I have yet to receive any Bones VI sculpting commissions. If I had, I wouldn't be able to show them here or anywhere; THAT right is Ron's and Ron's alone! ;) Usually, you can tell when I am working on Bones sculpts when I go REALLY quiet on social media, as I can't post what I am working on and have no time for other conversations.
  8. I tend toward 12+ year, Scotch whiskies (Balvenie double wood is one of my current favorites, but there are so many that I seldom repeat a bottle as I try different ones), Irish whiskey (2Gingers is the current bottle on the shelf), Anejo or platinum tequilas (current one is Hussong's Platinum), and I am just starting to like some bourbons (Angel's Envy converted me). It sounds like I drink a lot, but typically only have a shot in the evening a couple times a week. I am not really much of a beer guy, but will drink a brown ale or stout if the social situation calls for it. Same with wine,
  9. So, after a lot of thought and a discussion with the client, I decided to also do the texture on the bottom of the blue's wings. It just looks like it is missing something. So I guess it is not done yet...
  10. My sword collection. Hard to choose a favorite, but probably my Edo period katana or the 1500's Javan kris. Sometimes my kids walk through our house humming the Adams Family theme song... I don't like strong smells; gives me a head ache. I typically use a simple Powder Fresh deodorant and actual cornstarch baby powder (after showering). Most products made for men make me want to vomit.
  11. Oooh, thanks for posting! I am very glad she is working out. We spend a lot of time planning and working on the sculpt to make them as useable and friendly as possible, but never quite know how they are really going to end up until they come in from China...they change things. I haven't received my giant box of Bones yet, so have not had a chance to try to assemble her myself, other than my initial 3D print. She may just be my ReaperCon entry this year; if I can get enough time to do her justice in August.
  12. My son's wedding band: My Tilley hat
  13. I only change my wash alcohol about twice a year, and I print several plates-full a week. I bet it is the water-washable not playing nice with the alcohol or other resins in that alcohol.
  14. Less the snowblower (that's kind-of fun) and more "don't want to be on a snow covered road with a bunch of idiots who think that they are invincible because they drive a truck/SUV", but yeah, that.
  15. Our restrictions are gone for the vaccinated. My work required us to be back a month ago. I am grateful for the increase work/home separation again. They are working on a plan to let us do some sort of hybrid model, which would be nice; as I would like to work from home on certain days (like when I need to do an all day casting burnout).
  16. I'd be hanging with @Corsair at the Resurrection Izzy Collier's artistic talent. I'd pump out enough concepts to keep me busy for the rest of my life. 1. I almost died from sepsis a month ago. While that seems like a strange thing to be thankful for, it really brought focus back into the rest of my life, giving me new life, so to speak. Sometimes all we need is perspective. 2. It rained a lot yesterday, hopefully saving a lot of farms around here. 3. My eldest graduated college with a 3.83, took the MCAT, got a job,
  17. Hold out for Reaper.* * It is possible that I may be a bit biased in that answer though...
  18. Sounds like the LCD died. You haven't had that very long. Might want to contact Phrozen. That thing is supposed to get 2000 hours.
  19. Thanks. I still have the Red and the Blue left to detail. I am trying to decide how to style/texture the wing membranes on them. What styling do you all like?
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