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  1. I just found something amazing in Nomad; it may not sound like much, unless you've sculpted in ZB a lot. In Nomad you can join a bunch of parts and they become one part for the sake of sculpting on them, moving them, sizing, etc... Then, you can separate them and they go back to being their original parts. They only truly join together when you Voxel Merge them into a unified mesh. This has always been a PITA in ZBrush; in Nomad is is a simple couple of clicks. The workflow implications are astounding. I'm still thinking of new and exciting ways I can use this in my processes.
  2. In order as best I can remember: Got out and did stuff, mostly depressing things in helping my in-laws transition to old age living and stuff. While sitting around at the nursing rehab home, I did get a lot done on my new project. I recently finished the last of my hot mini sculpture projects for Reaper and Dark Sword. My new project is an Asiatic dragon pendant I am designing for the Melo melo pearl my wife got at the Tucson gem show. The dragon will be cast in 18k gold. I am still trying to decide if I am going to add any other gems to it (leaning towards rubies for the eyes). Here is the pearl. It is about 12mm in diameter. (These are the pictures I used in Nomad to create the analog in Nomad that the dragon is clutching in the above picture.) I get up at 5:00 am on weekdays, 6:00 to 7:00 on weekends.
  3. Yes Whole Bean As long as is is a nice light or medium roast I am fine. Please don't burn the beans to death (looking at you Starbucks 😒).
  4. Optivisor with lights, as my eyes don't see close anymore. Beyond that, my paint journal where I record the colors I use because my brain doesn't do that well anymore. I do all home repairs/building myself, except for anything to do with Gas (other than simple hook-ups that is) or the roof (I apparently have developed a fear of heights somewhere in the last 15 years or so). Got up on the roof 3 weeks ago and had a total panic attack. Never felt like that before in my life. Not going back up there again.
  5. Great! I still have so much to learn about this program. I just figured out some stuff about the tool settings and tweaked my Sharp Crease tool into something that acts almost exactly like Orb Crack in ZBrush. I'm super pumped about that.
  6. Well, I just taught a class on it at ReaperCon, so I'd say I like it very much. 😁 I have moved all of my sculpting to it now, save for a few minor things that I do in ZBrush at the end of a sculpt (I could do these in Nomad, but need to use the PC anyway to print the models, so I might as well do the decimation with the routines I have set up in ZB). It was great using it at my artist station at ReaperCon. I used to need to carry and setup my laptop, Cintiq, display monitor, keypad, and all the cords. This took up most of my allotted space. This year, I just had my iPad and a portable monitor (so others could see what I was doing). That's it. And I could also easily take the iPad with me when I wasn't there, simply by disconnecting the monitor/charge cord from it. Absolute heaven! I have now learned how to make most of the brushes I was missing, with the exception of the rotational, multi model IMM brush that I use for pebbled scales. That's it, everything else in my tool box is now there and I am doing everything in Nomad. I might have to get a game or something so my poor Alienware doesn't get lonely in the basement by itself.
  7. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/103662-arakoth-the-ancient-reapercon-2023-entry/
  8. For ReaperCon this year, I painted the giant spider that I sculpted for Reaper for Bones 5. This spider has been a wild ride from inception to final paint. The Sculpting: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88957-the-making-of-arakoth-the-ancient/ The Painting: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/100752-arakoth-the-ancient-reapercon-2023-entry/ Photos: The Results: I won a gold medal in the Open category and the Reaper Gold Sophie in Open as well. 🤩 (This is the first time that the mini I painted doesn't get lost in the picture next to Sophie. 🤣)
  9. A good chunk of this is not the sculptor, but the art directors responding to sales numbers. They often demand high detail sculpts, mostly because high detail sculpts tend to sell MUCH better than low detail sculpts. So, if lower detail sculpts starts out selling the high detail ones, I guarantee that people like RH will start telling us to dial it back. I think there is a thing that when buying, you see the cool-looking detailed sculpt and are more likely to buy. Then a few months later you start painting it and get frustrated, but do you then change your buying habits or are you just as likely to be sucked into the next cool-looking, high-detail sculpt again?
  10. I'll be taking final pictures tonight and will post them in Show-off tomorrow. It's pretty easy. The carver works fairly slowly, if you don't crank up the heat too high. I's say it is less dangerous than a hobby knife. Just don't set the tip down on something flammable.
  11. Nope, these are available at Dark Sword Miniatures website under their Visions of Fantasy line.
  12. No, but then I seldom have time to play games at ReaperCon.
  13. Maybe, not sure what my wife's plans are yet.
  14. To see my friends, connect with people who like my sculpts, share my knowledge and learn from others, and strengthen my contacts and make new ones in the gaming community.
  15. And done! I'm not going to post final pictures until after the judging, but just remember, she's watching, always....
  16. Next week at this time, I will be checking into the hotel (we're going a day early so we can have dinner with some friends of my wife's).
  17. None of the above, but if I have to choose from that list I guess I'll take the biscuits, leave the gravy, and smash the fresh fruit into some sort of jelly for the biscuits. Why do so many breakfast options amount to some sort of grey sludge? Typically breakfast is a couple of eggs or something protein-based. I don't carb load in the morning.
  18. Well, I have finally reached a point with my entry and class prep that, while not done yet they are close enough that I am no longer anxious about being done in time and am instead excited about going. Yaaay
  19. Spent another hour adding complexity and lighting to the base. I forgot to take pictures. I want to add brightness to the light areas of the cephalothorax and legs, especially the face, spine tips, and legs; just little touches that will make things pop. I think I will also glaze in some deeper shadows in several places. Also, there are a few places on the abdomen that need a bit more lighting depth. I think I can do this all in about an hour or two, then call her done. I will say that I have passed the point on her that I am no longer anxious at how little time remains until ReaperCon and am now excited and can't wait to go.
  20. Past tense for the answer, since I am away from the forums on the weekend and just found this. My plans for the weekend were to spend it cleaning and doing house chores, and getting my ReaperCon entry done and classes prepped. What ended up happening was all of the above, plus I went to an estate sale with my wife where she spoiled me rotten and got me a full suit of reproduction Italian armor, 2 Arms n Armor swords (these are wickedly sharp and very well made), and an A n A axe as an early anniversary present. It felt like a lot, but we got it all for well less than the swords go for new. The armor is wearable, but I'll need to lose about 70 more pounds to fit...GOAL!!! This morning, coffee with creme brule creamer.
  21. I got the base paint to a point where I would need the spider to see what more was needed lighting wise. I finished a bunch of other tweaks on the spider as well, then assembled her. I have about 2 to 4 hours of painting left to pull it all together. Here she is as she currently sits:
  22. Typically 3 times, but it is highly situational.
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