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  1. That dragon looks great! I'm looking forward to the wash part as it will give me another color then red to work with lol. I think second coats are helping achieve a better red look too .
  2. Thank you all for the tips ! Next project that i do use red i will give the basecoat a try. Im so used to working with black primer before im applying my paints that things come out darker. Working with white things tend to be more vibrant (which can be a good thing)and I'm not used to working that bright lol. Silverane - I think I will have to try that mantra . I'll also have to try not getting hung up on little stuff . Again thank you all
  3. Thank you , i am very much a perfectionist at heart so it tends to lead to me over analyzing. I will give green a shot , any washes you would recommend?
  4. That gold trim stands out real well , really catches the eye !
  5. Excellent work on the stone and dragon !
  6. In some lighting it looks almost hot pink , and in sun light its more red and irs bugging me a tad. I never have had any luck with reds so this is my first all red project and I think I'm over-analyzing it.
  7. Took this outside today to show color in better light. I know I didn't get much more done today but I think I'm getting hung up on the color, and its causing some frustration. Feel free to leave a comment on here or even a suggestion on if I'm going about this right way, it very much appreciated!
  8. Amazing work , I am looking forward to watching this project unfold. The dragons wings just looks fantastic !
  9. Your frost giant looks amazing and I really am digging that base !
  10. This looking fantastic so far and I'm enjoying watching your project unfold !
  11. This us fantastic work ! I'm enjoying looking at how this is coming out. Just fantastic work !
  12. Some more progress today , thanks everyone who helped with telling me not to thin the first layer too much and to add more coats , the pinkish hue is starting to go away :)
  13. These look so fun to paint ! Thinking about trying them out eventually myself if I can track em down ! Fantastic work on all of them.
  14. Tue sparkle effect looks fantastic ! Excellent work !
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