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  1. That dragon looks great! I'm looking forward to the wash part as it will give me another color then red to work with lol. I think second coats are helping achieve a better red look too .
  2. Thank you all for the tips ! Next project that i do use red i will give the basecoat a try. Im so used to working with black primer before im applying my paints that things come out darker. Working with white things tend to be more vibrant (which can be a good thing)and I'm not used to working that bright lol. Silverane - I think I will have to try that mantra . I'll also have to try not getting hung up on little stuff . Again thank you all
  3. Thank you , i am very much a perfectionist at heart so it tends to lead to me over analyzing. I will give green a shot , any washes you would recommend?
  4. That gold trim stands out real well , really catches the eye !
  5. Excellent work on the stone and dragon !
  6. In some lighting it looks almost hot pink , and in sun light its more red and irs bugging me a tad. I never have had any luck with reds so this is my first all red project and I think I'm over-analyzing it.
  7. Took this outside today to show color in better light. I know I didn't get much more done today but I think I'm getting hung up on the color, and its causing some frustration. Feel free to leave a comment on here or even a suggestion on if I'm going about this right way, it very much appreciated!
  8. Amazing work , I am looking forward to watching this project unfold. The dragons wings just looks fantastic !
  9. Your frost giant looks amazing and I really am digging that base !
  10. This looking fantastic so far and I'm enjoying watching your project unfold !
  11. This us fantastic work ! I'm enjoying looking at how this is coming out. Just fantastic work !
  12. Some more progress today , thanks everyone who helped with telling me not to thin the first layer too much and to add more coats , the pinkish hue is starting to go away :)
  13. These look so fun to paint ! Thinking about trying them out eventually myself if I can track em down ! Fantastic work on all of them.
  14. Tue sparkle effect looks fantastic ! Excellent work !
  15. I will look forward to see your project unfold !
  16. It is a great model , excellent detail , and I have always wanted to paint up a dragon :). I agree it is a real fun experience so far. It's funny about the red though in some light it shows up really really red and in others it shows up almost pink. It's just odd or my eyesight is going lol. But I will try more coats as well , see if it shows up differently after that :)
  17. fantastic work ! Love everything about him , the rust look , the wings , the base , and the story as well ! excellent job !
  18. thank you for the tips ! I look forward to sharing and learning from everyone along with seeing everyone else's work ! it was very odd for me not to prime at first but I'm getting used to it now :)
  19. Hello everyone , I am new to the boards and just started out painting Reaper miniatures. I'm not new to painting though as I have dabbled in painting several Games Workshop lines before, but I am coming back after a long 10 year break to painting. So it very much feels like I have some relearning to do. anyways Monday I had started out on my first Reaper Mini project from the Bones line : the Young Fire Dragon. Taking my time with the project so far I have only accomplished the basecoat of Army Painter Dragon Red. On the white miniature it is turning out very bright red and in some lighting almost pink. I am hoping that when I ink it , it should take some of the brightness away and tone it down a bit. feel free to comment and let me know what you guys think so far :)
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