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  1. Thanks to reaper staff, fellow volunteers, and, of course, attendees for making this year's PAX West paint and take an enjoyable experience! To anyone I had the chance to chat with for awhile, feel free to get in touch to connect. Especially enjoyed catching up with Darsc. You're good people, Darsc.
  2. As I mentioned, I tried a more brownish toned solution just to experiment. After some different tries, I found I liked this combination: first drybrush - 29829 golden brown second drybrush - 29826 desert tan third drybrush - 29825 tusk ivory However, in the end, I prefer the grey-tone solution above.
  3. I've settled on using HD dirty grey (29835) for a first coat and then stained ivory (09142). I'm happy with the results. I also used spattered crimson (09277) on a few tiles to create a couple blood splattered walls/floors. I'll probably experiment with something a little more brown in the future, too. Happy painting, everyone!
  4. You mentioned thinking about a different color set after the fact. What color(s) were you thinking about? Happen to have any pics of the stone gray / dry bone ? To confirm, that's Stone Grey (9086) bone...? Bone Shadow (9058) Aged Bone (9059) Polished Bone (9060)
  5. What MSP colors would anyone recommend for painting Dwarven Forge's dungeon tiles? I know they sell their own paint, but I was interested in MSP choices. thanks
  6. Thanks for the ideas. Leaves me with somewhat the same question as water and matte medium, tho: how much of those additives makes for a good wash?
  7. I found a formula for washes ages ago, but haven't been very successful with it. Since then, I have been trying to discover my own variation, but haven't found the right combination yet. Mostly typically, my issue is that although the paint pools the way I want it, after it dries, it just looks like a messy smudge instead of remaining in the recesses they way I want. (Hope that description makes sense). (When I say formula, I just mean X drops of medium to Y drops of paint. Or X drops of msp sealer to Y drops of paint. Or whatever). So, I'm very interested to hear what others have done to get their washes to be well-behaved; specifically if you use MSP (since that's what I have access to). I realize that for many of you, its just second nature and you just thin the paint until it looks right and bob's your uncle. But maybe you can remember what you started with before you got it down? Thanks for your feedback.
  8. I think it was a valuable addition to the process. I only had to repeat it a few times and was growing tired of it, so its hard to imagine what it was like for you. We probably could have put signs on the tables, but then people tend to ignore signs. :/
  9. Hi Ian! I was wondering... I'm trying to get paint out of my bottle and nothing seems to be coming out. Do you have any tips? I was thinking about just squeezing as hard as I can. ... And where am I supposed to put my brush when I'm done?
  10. I just wanted to wave my hand to the other Pax Prime volunteers. Although I remember most everyone's names, I don't have a good mapping to their forum names. So maybe everyone can say "hi" back and I'll be able to figure out who's who...? Had a great time. Great to work with others passionate about Reaper. And I was super impressed to be with such a hard working crew. Also, if i should have posted this somewhere else, sorry about that.
  11. not positive what the top three are, but Boerogg Blackrime is definitely in there. I'll update this post with the other two when i figure them out. http://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/warlord/latest/14599
  12. Boy it looks terrible big. I replace the images with some smaller thumbnail-sized ones soon. Sorry about that everyone. :/ edit: done
  13. I hope they have fixed the glue issue that I experienced with the paint cases http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46294-reaper-paint-case-review/?hl=case
  14. When transitioning the giants, please leave some pointer from the old p65 sku to the new new product, since the p65 sku is now in print in Savage North books. If someone tries to find the product and they get the "this product is not found" we'll be hearing the old "this game is dead" tedium all over again. And change the digital profiles to the new sku. yadda.
  15. Many paint brushes for painting miniatures come with a little clear plastic tube that fits over the bristles to protect the brush. I was wondering if there were any way that I can purchase these separately. I lose them easily and would like to replace them. Also, they are perfect for another craft project of mine. Thanks for any ideas.
  16. The leathers are oiled leather (9110) and ruddy leather (9109), with a bit of a very thin mystery color brown wash. This wash was created with a unlabeled "sample" msp I received from the online store with another order. I wish I knew what it was, because I'm running low and I use it for lots of mixes. The wood is driftwood (9162) with a thin black wash. Driftwood is easily my favorite brown. The sword has only two tones, but they are on the cutting edge and the rest of the blade instead of blade/hilt. A bit of laziness to not differenciate the hilt color. I'll improve that with my next model. Good input, thanks. Also, creating some wear on the chain is a great idea.
  17. I was aiming for maybe a slight notch above tabletop standard. I'll admit the tone is fairly flat. There are some shadows in the fabric that the camera did not pick up, but the contrast is farily low. I should probably put this in a new topic, but here is a black orc also completed recently:
  18. I'm still learning, having only painted a few minis now. This one took me a few hours. Also learning a bit about photography and using my new light tent. thanks for having a look. (edit: attempted to use a thumbnail/link, but failed. direct link instead. can switch back to thumbnail/link if desired)
  19. I was equally impressed with the resin/metal combination figure that I have purchased from Reaper. I would be excited about that opportunity as well. Having said that, I have no reason to believe that i will not thoroughly enjoy the plastic version; I'm just curious about other mediums (since I am more familiar with them, yadda).
  20. Are there plans to release metal versions of some of the new scupts from the kickstarter. It seems that it would be challenging for the very large models. Just curious. Thanks
  21. Not sure. Might hold my groups of incomplete mini bits.
  22. Oh I see. I didn't carefully read the credit on the box. Wish I could edit the topic to be more clear. Thanks for the clarification ReaperBryan.
  23. I purchased two Paint Carrying Cases as a replacement for my Reaper Paint Caddy. I store my paints on a craft shelf where the Caddy was sticking out slightly, so I thought the Outrider cases would be a good substitude, despite requiring two of them to hold the paints that I was storing in my Caddy. I has already purchased and enjoyed the HD paint set which came in a similar case. On the positive, the cases are great. Solid and easy to use. I love the room for brushes and extras. They succeed in fitting on the shelf as I intended. On the other hand, I have two observations: (1) the glue that was used to adhere the top portion of foam to the bottom foam was not applied as carefully as it was for my HD set. The glue sticks to the paint bottles and now many of the dropper bottles have a sticky residue on the bottom where I inevitably get on my hands when shaking the bottles. Also, a couple of the droppers ended up being glued to the bottom of the case and took quite a bit of careful yanking to remove from the case. (2) The handles are incredibly comfortable to carry - except that it is difficult to carry more than one case in one hand. I intended to have 3 cases to carry to my painting sessions, but I'll have to rig something togetther with a One Trip Grip or something to manage this. Likely not a primary consideration for many that might be in the market for a case, but something to consider. Apparently, the cases are sold out at the moment, but I thought I would share these observations before I forget all about them. Case: https://www.reapermi.../sku-down/08706 Caddy: https://www.reapermi.../sku-down/09999 One Trip Grip: http://amzn.com/B000RZ6XL8 (edit: fixed caddy url) (edit #2: apparently this was post #100 for me. yay.)
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