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  1. Very sad news. That's a big loss. Mike's vision for an Egyptian-themed miniature line is one of my favorites in the hobby. When I heard a new kickstarter was in the works, I was really looking forward to seeing where he would take us. Rest in peace, Mike.
  2. I think $40 for the 4 resin Otherworld Monsters is a pretty good deal-- they were 48 British pounds when available from Otherworld in pewter. I would have prefered these to be released in metal, but I'm really happy that these sculpts are available again after going OOP in 2018. Glad also that that DragonBait is based in the USA-- shipping from the UK can be pretty high, and the US Customs office takes for freaking ever to process packages, especially here in NY.
  3. Sorry for the double post-- I search for this and it didn't turn up. One thing not mentioned in the other post: the Dungeon Monsters previously out of production from Otherworld. At $40 plus ship, that's a pretty good deal. I'm especially happy for the opportunity to get Pickford's Otuguh, which I missed out on the first time around. Here's a photo of the Monster Set:
  4. Just wanted to pass the word: Dragon Bait miniatures has a kickstarter up for 9 Fantasy Kung-fu style Turtles in 28mm. As an add-on, they are also re-releasing 4 out of production dungeon monsters in resin, formerly available in pewter from Otherworld Miniatures (John Pickford Otyugh and landshark, Andrew May Cockatrice, George Fairlamb Cerepod). Joe Corsaro from Dragon Bait has successfully completed three other campaigns--as a backer for his grunt goblins campaign I can say that the kickstarter was well run, delivered on time, and produced a quality product. Here's the link: https://www.kick
  5. I'm definitely more interested in seeing the action poses-- especially unusual ones-- than static ones. As a kid playing with Marx toy soldiers, the figures I loved most were the ones that told a story. The ones that capture someone in the act of doing something. This could be someone parrying an attack, or dodging a spear thrust, or sprinting forward in a charge, or fleeing, or pulling himself off the ground. These are things not widely available, unlike "man holding sword and shield with legs set wider than shoulders". Just my preference, of course. I know that tactical wargamers have differ
  6. Glad I found this forum! Thanks so much for your very helpful replies. I'm inspired! Qwyksilver: thanks for letting me know the source of that text-- I didn't realize Reaper had its own rules system. I'll have to look that up. Mad Jack: I really appreciate the explanation. I love your fluff about the tree growing up through the suit of armor and marching off for revenge. Great stuff! My own graveyard is a similar idea: on the site of a great battle, it contains tombs to memorialize the fallen. An evil warlock has animated the bones of these heroes and is using them as an army to attack
  7. A little background: In my D&D campaign setting, I have several golems. They're no longer serving their long-dead, original creator. Instead, they've "rebooted" and gravitated to areas appropriate to their composition (wood golem to a forest, mire golem to a swamp, ...) and function as fairly benign watchguards against those harming the environment. (the wood golem is the bane of lumberjacks clearcutting the forest, the mire golem attacks goblins torturing giant frogs for sport...) I picked up Reaper's lovely Spirit of the Forest mini for the wood golem, the cool Malifaux mire golem Bad Ju
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