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  1. Cheers! Thanks for all the feedback already. Lots of nuggets in there. For washes I've only been diluting the paint with a 5:1 ratio of water to paint. Sometimes it's hit, sometimes it's miss, seems to be more miss lately though. Is there a specific color/wash anyone recommends for the yellow to deep orange feather blend? I should just apply a different wash carefully to each color? My concern with the wings is after I've washed it then going back and applying a base coat, which I don't know how to do since this particular style is a blend, I would then be blending over the wash hence erasing the wash. Any tips on this?
  2. Hello all! I'm fairly new to the hobby (mostly play soccer & jog) but I picked up a Reaper Bones LtPK back in November and now I'm an addict. I need some advice for the griffin I'm working on. The wings are painted with a blend technique of light colors but I'm not sure what color to wash them or how (considering they blend). Maybe there is another technique I should try? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I applied a black wash to the griffon body and dark green feather (pic not show as It was done later) and it came out kind of 'eh'. I know I will have to go back and touch up the dark green feathers, that is not a problem, but the griffon's body (dark brown) now has black splotches on it. For the orange head I though about washing it in dark red or brown, and washing the yellow neck in orange or brown; and the light green I would wash with dark green. Any advice? Cheers!
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