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  1. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this forum! Things are getting busy for the next few days, since it looks like a trip to the factory will be in order, along with all the fun future stuff that will entail (and we will try to keep everyone posted!). So....here goes! Every tier $75 and above can be shipped internationally. The $75 tier already ships anywhere in a flat rate box. Everything else adds 1 lb per 10 tiles, and that's when shipping gets ridiculous. We did another add-on tier for the higher levels, so pretty much any increment anyone wants of the tiles (in
  2. Hey, this is Jerry, from GameNightLife. Mr. Baphomet69 has pointed me here. :) Hiya! We are, like he mentioned, adding international options for shipping every time someone messages us about it. (Also....did I just read that I need to add Sweeden on to the shipping options? :D ) And if anyone has questions, we have someone checking messages fairly often---just let us know if you have a question! Thanks so much for all the support---we really appreciate it!
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