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  1. viking_hank

    44037 Bergamot (Bones IV)

    I wish I could do OSL
  2. viking_hank

    female fighter with glowing sword

    Nice one.
  3. viking_hank

    77233, Kegg, Bugbear Hunter

    Love the skin tones.
  4. viking_hank

    Rocky Terrain

    I like them
  5. viking_hank

    Some Games Workshop Models

  6. viking_hank

    Sophie 2018

    Nice clean lines. Awesome color scheme.
  7. viking_hank

    Dark young and ooze

    Kinda hoping for more than 2 comments, guess everyone is on the fb site. Thanks for the input.
  8. viking_hank

    Dark young and ooze

    Reaper dark young painted lighter than most people paint it. I figured it would darken as it aged. I used washes and rosy skin. The shades and washes are citadel. The ooze is a reaper miniatures undead ooze from ks4. Contrast paint seems to work well on it.
  9. viking_hank

    01428: Frumitty

    Not my cup of tea, but fantastic work.
  10. viking_hank

    14212 Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord

    I love this. Did you undercoat the yellows with something?
  11. viking_hank

    44006 Garghuk, Orge Chieftain

    Man I thought mine was good, but yours is picture perfect.
  12. viking_hank

    14328 Olivia, Mercenaries Cleric

    Wonderful clean lines.
  13. viking_hank

    Linus, zombie

    Fantastic paint that really complements the base.
  14. viking_hank

    Ral Partha Sorceress with Wand by Dennis Mize

    I love the skin tones, and the graceful color scheme.