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  1. viking_hank

    01428: Frumitty

    Not my cup of tea, but fantastic work.
  2. viking_hank

    14212 Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord

    I love this. Did you undercoat the yellows with something?
  3. viking_hank

    44006 Garghuk, Orge Chieftain

    Man I thought mine was good, but yours is picture perfect.
  4. viking_hank

    14328 Olivia, Mercenaries Cleric

    Wonderful clean lines.
  5. viking_hank

    Linus, zombie

    Fantastic paint that really complements the base.
  6. viking_hank

    Ral Partha Sorceress with Wand by Dennis Mize

    I love the skin tones, and the graceful color scheme.
  7. viking_hank

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Bones 4 Frost Giantesses

    Stealing your color scheme.
  8. viking_hank

    Luke and Elise, zombies

    They look suitably dead.
  9. viking_hank

    Bones 4 Not-so-huge Mammoth

    Awesome job.
  10. viking_hank

    New stuff

    Thank you.
  11. viking_hank

    King in Yellow (not so Crimson Herald)

    I like the changes in color scheme. Very original.
  12. viking_hank

    New stuff

    The maggots are replacement from damaged goods in bones 4. (Reaper came through again) the ogre is the new ogre chieftain (bones black). Enjoy. CC welcomed.
  13. viking_hank

    Demon shield

    WIP. Two things, first I couldn’t resist. Second I can’t believe I am the only one to do this.
  14. viking_hank

    77377: Toad Demon

    Well done.
  15. viking_hank

    A “remorhaz” by WizKids, Nolzur’s line

    Great job on the eyes.