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  1. Nice clean lines. Awesome color scheme.
  2. Kinda hoping for more than 2 comments, guess everyone is on the fb site. Thanks for the input.
  3. Reaper dark young painted lighter than most people paint it. I figured it would darken as it aged. I used washes and rosy skin. The shades and washes are citadel. The ooze is a reaper miniatures undead ooze from ks4. Contrast paint seems to work well on it.
  4. I love this. Did you undercoat the yellows with something?
  5. Man I thought mine was good, but yours is picture perfect.
  6. Fantastic paint that really complements the base.
  7. The maggots are replacement from damaged goods in bones 4. (Reaper came through again) the ogre is the new ogre chieftain (bones black). Enjoy. CC welcomed.
  8. WIP. Two things, first I couldn’t resist. Second I can’t believe I am the only one to do this.
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