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  1. A friend found a mini at a yard sale and knows I play D&D. he gave me a mini of a giant, one of the pre painted things. every once in a while I run into a player that knows everything. when this happens they get the giant vampire, or is it the vampire giant, I forget well here it is. hope you enjoy it.
  2. sorry for the wash out on the camera, still trying to master a phone that is smarter than I am.
  3. Trying to post this with my phone. Hope I get this right
  4. I was not trying for anything specific. just trying to bring out some of the awesome detail on the mini. thanks
  5. thanks for the advice I am planning to move the wings lower, I just need more putty. (I am out) I am still checking through my bits and pieces for a giant sword for him, I agree about the weapon change. and yes the wings came straight off the vulture demon (painted it and it came out horrible, so bad I don't ever want to chance it again. it might ruin the balance in the universe as we know it.
  6. painted black, washed in grey, and dry brushed in gold. any suggestions feel free to comment.
  7. the Goldar mini looked great as a human, but I was looking through an old copy of one of the monster manuals and paused on the planetars and figured I would try to modify it a little. please tell me what you think.
  8. I have started displaying my minis on a shelf in my cave. hope you like them. thanks to DM Scotty for the back ground ideas.
  9. now I have to buy one, and I am totally ripping off your color scheme. awesome job!
  10. i have seen these in a dungeons and dragons setting, but can not remember the correct name for them can you help me?
  11. really really good. love the horns.
  12. all too often when people paint minis we tend to take ourselves way too serious, sooo with that in mind enjoy the great grape ape (77260 ape demon). sorry lost some of the details in the paint scheme. still working on it.
  13. thanks for all the comments, and I agree I about the back ground. I am setting up a cardboard box painted egg shell to fix this.
  14. Thanks but I have to admit I was tired of the color blue by the time I was done
  15. this is my first large miniature (if there is such a thing) please forgive the harsh lighting. I chose black and blue as a color scheme to get away from oranges and reds (I seem to paint a lot of orange and red demons). thanks for looking. anyone that can give me tips for painting the lava/magma on the base please chime in.
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